a love affair

I was packing my lunch this morning, before I left for work & noticed that my 18 pack of eggs was down to 2. My 18 pack of eggs that I just started using 6 days ago.


"Hi, some days I'm FashionablyFit, other days I'm GrosslyGargantuan, but on both days, I'm addicted to eggs."

Luckily, Matty knew about my torrid love affair with eggs prior to marrying me.

Not only am I out of eggs (1 left in the carton after I packed the 1 for breakfast)...BUT we're also out of these:

Um, those are pretty AH-MAZING. We bought a bulk pack at Sam's Club...and they are all gone :( Apparently I had devoured half the box & poor Matty had only had 2. (In my defense, I was taking 1 every day for lunch). Regardless, he hid what was left.


On top of that he lectured me that I needed to finish my bulk pack of Larabars. And then proceeded to tell me that for every 2 Larabars, I can have 1 Clif.

Until the other day...I went in the Larabar box to begrudgingly get 1, lo & behold, he had mistakenly placed 1 of the Clif's in there. It was fair game. I bi-passed the Larabar for the Clif.

It was like finding a $20 in a pair of just washed jeans.

I know I have discussed addictions before....and maybe this just further reitterates that I have an addictive personality...BUT are there any food items that you are just utterly addicted to?

Cynthia Sass had an interesting article about food addictions & the science behind it. Plus some added tips to avoid the triggers...if you want to check it out.

On my "splurge days" my food of choice is pizza.
Especially from this place

So spill it...good or bad...do you have any food addictions? Does anything in particular trigger it, like watching TV, seeing an ad, running, etc?


fitRN said...

Back to Nature, Nantucket Blend trail mix.... I could eat the entire bag. I had to stop bringing it to work because on stressful days I would devour a package!

Peanut Butter in my oatmeal..... um, amazing.

Cheat day... used to be brownies, but running makes me crave salt... so ditto on the pizza!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I love pizza, I don't know why but I am always craving it lately! lol
Since I gave up meat for Lent, I have been eating a lot more eggs and also boiled eggs in my salads or just for a snack, yum! I completely understand your addiction!

Anonymous said...

My trigger food is graham crackers. I eat those and I want everything sweet in the house. Now, if you put frosting on those graham crackers. All bets are off! I could rub that stuff all over my body. Sooooo good.