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wine, dine, & rock n roll

I did my "easy run" yesterday - 4 miles at a 10:15 pace. (I was supposed to do them at a 10:30 pace, but I'm a nar nar & couldn't quite nail down that pace.)

I really, really, REALLY appreciate all your input from yesterday on the half's. Surprisingly, I'm leaning more towards the Wine & Dine...I think I would be okay with it being at night. I've been doing 90% of my runs in the evening, so hopefully I'll be okay.

The only thing I'm a wee bit worried about: my bedtime.

I am normally out cold by 10pm. (If not before...I've been known to narc out at 7pm)

Hopefully I won't be the ding dong that falls asleep at the 5 mile marker. (You'll know where to find me, Matt, if I never cross the finish line!)

Per your suggestion, I checked out the OUC half...& the only thing with that is, it's scheduled 1 week before the inaugural Rock n Roll half in Miami.

I'm not Skinny Runner who can bust out 2 fulls in the same weekend...I have to choose, one or the other...& this is only halfs! It really stinks, because the Rock n Roll half in Vegas is also 1 week before the Miami one...and that one would be A-MAZ-ING

Have you ever run a Rock n Roll half or full?

My next "planned" run, according to this training plan is tomorrow. I'm inner battling right now because I really need to do some strength training today, but I also really need a manicure. My cuticles are all kinds of jacked.

Oh the turmoil.

Do you use certain training plans for races?

The one I'm using is one I found in Runner's World mag a few months back.


I have to do it...

Dancing With the Stars results were last night...

Kendra Wilkinson & Lousi van Amstel

I liked Kendra ~ I was sorry to see her go.

But I'm super glad that these cool cats are still on...

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

I really have no clue who Chelsea is, except that she's an actress & she was on a Disney show (according to articles). 

Sorry, I don't really venture away from the ABC channel...they currently have all my favorites (with the exception of Criminal Minds).

Either way, her & Mark are such an awesome duo.

backstreet's back...

NKOTB & BSB were on the results show for Dancing With the Stars last night. I really impressed Mattpew with my ability to remember all the words to the songs they sang last night (I Want It That Way & Step By Step).

I thought it was perfect to have the boy bands on well as Hanson... since the theme was guilty pleasures.

Who wants to go to the NKOTBSB concert with me?


Chris & Cheryl were voted off...
they fought a good fight.

And in other news: YAHOO had another interesting headline that I had to read..."New Eating Disorders: Are They For Real?"

To sum it up - -> picky eating in adults is now called Adult Selective Eating; and "an obsession with healthy eating" (from article, not my words) is termed Orthorexia.

More on Adult Selective Eating from the article:
...researchers don’t know if adult picky eaters just haven’t outgrown childhood patterns or if their eating habits are a new twist on obsessive compulsive disorder. Some may be “supertasters,” with an abnormally acute sense of taste that turns them off certain foods. Many appear to have had unpleasant childhood associations with food.
...the focus isn’t on losing weight. Instead, sufferers increasingly restrict their diets to foods they consider pure, natural and healthful. Some researchers say that orthorexia may combine a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder with anxiety and warn that severely limited “healthy” diets may be a stepping stone to anorexia nervosa, the most severe - and potentially life-threatening - eating disorder.

If you read the article, comment & tell me your thoughts on it...I'm interested to read other opinions.
It's worth reading the article if you're interested. It's a fairly quick read.
More on Orthorexia from the article:

thunder + hail = typical summer evening

Typical summer time weather in Florida. The forecast says 20% chance of rain, but once 4pm hits, that percentage goes to 100%.

And then you see tweets like these:
Storm Team 8 WFLA-TV Dime sized hail reported around Hillsborough in Tampa. Hail also possible south of Temple Terrace east of 275. #weather #flwx

24 minutes ago · via TweetDeck
Luckily I got my run in...on the TM since it was already really grey on my way home from work. I opted for only 2.4 miles today (stopped when I heard the rumbling outside). I have a 10K Wednesday, and I'd really like to finish in well under 1 hour. I finished up my workout with a core circuit from the Women's Running magazine. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of difficulty! The moves by themselves were not hard, but combined in the circuit, it was really good!

I was supposed to go root on Matty at his softball game...but due to the dime sized hail and inclement weather...GAME WAS CANCELLED. Shucks.

What are you doing tonight?
I'm not gonna lie....I'm really looking forward to Dancing With the Stars.

1, 2....

Yesterday was a "2 BIC" kind of day

That would be BIC bands. I sported 2 yesterday ~ all day. Yes, all day. We have inventory this week, so it makes my desire to look "cute" at work that much less. Monday through Friday I put in about a 2 in effort on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being, all hands on deck, 100% effort was put in). Unless I have to go see a customer, the public really doesn't see me, so I don't see the point. Plus it makes it that much easier for me to work out as soon as I get home. But on Saturday & Sunday ~ WATCH OUT. Full force effort on those days.

Dexter was ready to camp out by the treadmill as soon as I got home. He has his ridiculously sweet moments, like these, but then he can be an absolute terror. It's our own fault ~ we named him Dexter.

He's a great treadmill buddy ~ he laid there throughout my 4 mile run. (He absolutely stinks as a running partner though.) I hit a wall at 4 miles for some reason & couldn't run any more. A half marathon seems more & more unobtainable on days like these. The first part of my run was great though. My speed was good & my leg felt AMAZING. No more sharp pains from the strain. At one point I was having a problem with motivation, but then I pictured that I was racing Kara Goucher & totally smoked her. Ha, and then I got to laughing picturing ME racing HER. Insane.

What do you do for motivation? Do you have any mantras you repeat to yourself?

Matt had a scrumptious salad waiting for me after I showered...and then we sat down to watch some amazing television.

I indulged. I love that show. I caught up from Monday night's episode just in time to see the results of who was voted off. I'm sad to report that my favorite, professional (girl) dancer, Lacey was voted off ~ I still have no earthly clue who this Mike guy is that she was paired up with.

I was super bummed. Matt even said "AW" after they announced it on the show. Sad day. Hopefully my other favs last a bit longer.

Do you watch DWTS? Please make me feel better by saying "YES" or by offering up an equally indulgent show.

I'm really procrastinating about this whole 'inventory' thing. Counting is not my idea of fun. I'm sure bossman appreciates that I'm blogging rather than counting. Off to the grind.