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Athleta IronGirl 5K ~ Recap

womp womp...that was my alternate post title.

Matty & I left the house this morning at 4:30am, to meet my fellow IronGirls, Shannon & Nickie, in order to carpool over to Clearwater. We arrived at dark o'thirty, scored an AH-MAZING parking spot right by the expo area, and then got geared up in the parking lot. Ding dong over here, your's truly, popped her zip tie that I was supposed to use to attach my chip to my shoe. So for the next 20 minutes we were on a hunt to find IronGirl personnel. Luckily we hit the jackpot & found a nice gal that gave me 2! Score! I used both.

And then we stood in line for 40 minutes in order to use the potty. WOW.

Matty & Shannon's hubby, Dave decided to be spectators today...which totally scored them brownie points. So I was able to get a pre-race photo with my hubs...

and then us girls...

So I'm pretty sure that popping a zip tie prior to a race start, is a bad omen. Kinda like breaking a shoelace. This race was just horrible for me.

pre-race confidence...

ready to get the show on the road!
I had already decided that the 3 of us needed to be as close to the front as possible, to avoid having to dodge the walkers. We were super close...and at first I was worried we were too close & would end up pacing the 6 minute milers. Once the race started though, I realized we were fine in our placement...but there were STILL WALKERS that we had to dodge! That's where I exerted a ton of energy, speeding up, slowing down, and weaving in & out. There were no designated corrals for the 5K (at least that I saw) I'm thinking that maybe if there were, this whole problem could have been avoided?

Either way, by mile 2, my bladder decided it needed to potty again. So I ended up walking (bleh), with intermittent sprinting the entire mile. By mile 3, I seriously thought I was going to wet my britches. I was so bummed when I crossed the finish line. My goal was to beat my ESPN 5K time & I ended up finishing in 29:30, womp womp.

Shannon & Nickie however, totally rocked the race!
check out Shannon, aka Speedy Gonzalez, in the blue top & black shorts

I'm super proud of them...Shannon was 26:43 and Nickie finished at 31:54. Nickie completed the Gasparilla 8K back in February, and didn't feel like she could do better than a 12 minute mile ~ she totally blew it out of the water today. Congrats girls!!!

We took a final race picture with our medals...

& my pastey white self stared longingly at the beach...

while the guys reminded us that it was time to LEAVE and get BREAKFAST!
So we made a quick dash through the expo area...

and then ignored all the traffic rules in order to go PIG OUT at a random restaurant we found...

it definitely hit the post-race munchies spot...and I MOST DEFINITELY consumed more calories than I expended.

t minus 2 hours, 30 minutes...

I thought I'd start sampling some of the goodies from my IronGirl race packet before Mattypoo got a hold of's choice was:

I still am unsure how I feel about them. They tasted good...but their not my first choice in snacking options. I think it's the fact that it's dried fruit...I've never been much of a fan. The label boasted "with Yogurt & Whole Grain Oats"...maybe that's what threw me off ~ I was expecting more oats. These were more reminiscent of yogurt covered raisins, but with apple.

So, Ideeli had a Max&Cleo sale today. Naturally I found a gown that I was dying to buy...I was coming up with reasons in my head to justify the purchase. All of them were pretty legit too.
And then I got busy at work.
The sale started & I missed out on this gown...
womp womp

At least I have dinner to look forward to! It's date night!!!!

I have to run first though...before I indulge. Although, while I was perusing OnDemand for a workout yesterday, I noticed they have some dance workouts. Maybe I'll take a stab at one of preparation for my debut on Dancing With the Stars!

Countdown to the weekend is on!