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a retraction

I have a retraction...

I did not go to the dentist this morning.

But, I wasn't lying when I said it. It's just the whole "dark cloud that looms over my head" thing.

yup, a self portrait

So I was on my way to the dentist, and then BAM!

Rear ended.

Which really stunk because I was so looking forward to a deep teeth cleaning.

I called Matty...told him "I'VE BEEN IN A WRECK!". He then proceeded to tell me to hang up, call the cops, and then call our friend who happens to be our insurance agent...and then of course he mentioned he'd be "right up there".

I have such a sweet husband. It's cool if I brag on him a bit, right? He came up to the sight of the wreck & waited with me til it was all said & done - since he could clearly tell how shaken up I was. He went with me to the ER (just to get checked out - no ambulance required), and kept me entertained the entire time - since I'm a child & everything. 

He's the best. 

And please don't read all that as me trying to say "we have a perfect marriage".

Feel free to brag about your spouse / significant other in the comments!

So now I'm super sore. Which really stinks. The adrenaline is all gone & now I'm left with aches & pains.

No Physique 57 today...sad day. Luckily today wasn't a running day - I'll probably be even more bummed tomorrow if I can't run.

Another unplanned rest day.

That's okay though...I plan on spending some quality time with them...

and these ones too...

and a whole bunch of QT with these two...

my handsome men

Are there any reality tv shows you currently tune into?