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Thursday Arrivals!

This week has F L O W N by! I can't believe it's already Thursday! That means almost down to only 1 week left of P90X! YAY!!!

I've only logged 6 miles this week ~ but my minutes per mile have been improving: 8:00, 8:45, and 8:30

Well the UPS man had a delivery for me today

I ship most everything I order online to my job. So when packages arrive, they are a nice "pick me up"! Sure, Starbucks up the road would do the trick as well...but some days, I really despise driving.

So the big box was from HauteLook - one of my online shopping communities (invite only) that sells designer goods (apparel, accessories, home goods) for a discounted price. I've been working on decorating our I ordered 3 sets of canvases. Only 2 arrived though - which was really annoying.

Turns out that I'm not going to receive the third one...which really stinks. HauteLook sent me an email alerting me that the manufacturer didn't pull through with the order (HauteLook doesn't stock goods...they just coordinate sells & the manufacturer ships). So HauteLook refunded me the third canvas, & then gave me a $20 credit! I thought that was great customer service!

The smaller box was from Nordstrom. I had to order in a pair of shoes that the store here didn't have stock first pair of TOMS!

My fashionable friend Emily had hers on the other day, they were super cute...and I kept thinking about them the next day. (That happens to other people right???) So I caved & ordered a pair - little did I know though, these Classic Glitter Slip On's come in several colors: black, silver, gold, nude, and pink! Emily had on the gold ones, which I loved! I'm a sucker for glitter & comfy shoes. I opted for the nude shade...I figured Matt would be more likely to hold my hand in public if I didn't have on the silver ones (which were my other choice)!
Don't they look super comfy?!?

Nordstrom has quite of a selection of TOMS for men & women. Plus the shoes support a great cause ~ for every shoe purchase, TOMS donates one pair to a child in need.