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summer reading....

The term "summer reading" brings up oodles of painful memories from elementary, middle school, & highschool days! Anyone else share in that?

My how times change when you age!

I've always loved reading but as the years pass, there is less & less time for it! (At least in my opinion)

Enter my current read: The Compound Effect

I was recommended this book by a friend & fellow "Stella & Dot" gal. I used to 'up my nose' at anything that may closely resemble a "self help" book. I only wanted fiction.

Nowadays, I seem to gravitate towards the self help titles :) ha, there's a very good chance many facets of my life need improvement!

I'm about half way in to this book & find much merit in what the author is saying. While I originally picked this up for the sales aspect & growing my business, I am finding it so relevant for nearly every aspect of my life.

For instance, Darren Hardy mentions the power of writing down goals and also keeping logs on what you're doing to achieve said goals. No it's not some genius is one of those points that is a no brainer. Like it was staring you in your face the entire time.

Plus it gave me an excuse for new notebooks :)
Hello, May Designs!

the "Get it Together" one is just lined paper inside
the "Fashionably Fit" one is an exercise log & meal tracker

Perhaps the most resounding thing that has stuck out to me thus far in The Compound Effect is that small changes over time produce huge results. The author gives the example of reducing caloric intake by 150 calories each day - while that caloric deficit will not produce immediate changes in physical appearance, over the course of 18 months however, the author noted a 33 pound reduction in weight!

Slow and steady.

I know that's where I often lose hope. We live in a society where instant gratification is important. We have fast food chains, email, text messaging, etc. Most people start a new workout regimen & give up on it 2 weeks later if they have not seen a 20 pound weight loss or a 6 pack develop.

It's definitely mind over matter. It's a work out in itself just trying to retrain your mind! Forming good habits is the key to achieving any goal. Want to lose 10 pounds? Start writing down what you eat & drink every day. Every little thing. You'll be surprised to see where you are wasting calories, and perhaps that you are eating more than you thought you were!

Keep in mind, comparison is the thief of joy. Let's stop playing the comparison game & just figure out how 'you' can be the best 'you'!