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Ha, no idea how to title this blog...

Once I got home from work yesterday, I decided to get in one last run before the race tomorrow. I ran 3 miles at an easy pace ~ and then scurried to take a shower so we would be on time for our dinner date to Island Way!

found this online - day time shot of the restaurant & marina area...

Matt and I met up with our married friends Emily & Casey, and Shannon & Dave before we headed to the restaurant. On the way there we scoped out the race route for IronGirl...which looks a millions time better than the last route. (I last ran it in 2007).

Once we made it to the restaurant...we had a little photo op time:
Me & Shannon (who's also running IronGirl)

Matteo & I

Emily & Casey

Shannon & Dave
And then this cute one ~ when Shannon tried an oyster for the first time :)

So my plan this morning is to cross train ~ but our dirty laundry is really inhibiting that ~ and the dishes that I let mound up in the sink. And I'm pretty sure Matty is going to be asking me any second now to go help in the yard. I guess weed pulling could be a weird cross training??? Or just a horrible bargaining chip in order to get sun on my pastey white self.

FYI Ideeli has a sale on Rock & Republic jeans this morning...and some super cute dresses in a spring dress sale - spotted some ECI dresses for $39....
RueLaLa is having a Prada sale.

Do you have a race this weekend? Are you resting today or cross training today?


Anonymous said...

I did a 5k walk this morning with friends and then ran a 3 miler when I got home.

Shawn said...

Saw you feature on SR..congrats!