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get it right, get it tight

I'm now beginning week 7 of my 12 week program. My goal was to give you these updates more regularly, but let's face it, between work, the baby, & everything else - I've had zero time to blog :)

With that said the program is going well....I just am not seeing fast enough results. (In my opinion). Why can't these results happen over night???

My total weight lost since the day I gave birth is now 34 pounds. Since I've started the program, I've lost 10 pounds. The workouts have been increasing in intensity, and every 2 weeks they change. It's a really neat program, and I'll do a FULL review (and give you the NAME of it) once my 12 weeks are done.

Even though the scale hasn't been my BFF - my clothes are definitely fitting MUCH better! Woop woop!

I still think it's ridiculous that I'm putting so much 'weight' into what that dang scale reflects :)

What do you think about the number on the scale? Do you agree that we as women tend to put too much emphasis on what it shows?

eat, poop, sleep. life is good.

Today's blog title brought to you by: my son, Beau

So, if you can't already tell, I had the baby. He arrived April 14th...11 days before his ETA, which was so great. I wasn't "one of those" that just adored being pregnant. Please don't judge.

I'll spare you the details, but the delivery was nothing like I imagined. Then again, I'm not really sure what I was thinking it would be like?

Life with a newborn is crazy. Sleep is something unheard of.....and the discovery of how much I can get done on few hours of sleep has been a little mind blowing. As the little man approaches his 2 month mark, I'm finally feeling more like "ME".

I saw the following on Facebook this morning, and I had to share....

This is just what I needed to see today.

I implemented the "get my body back" program a little over a week ago. I want to be transparent with those interested, because a lot of what I have been told & read, I feel like wasn't the "truth". I appreciate the fact that Kelly Ripa has no problem sharing about her weight gain during pregnancy and the fact that it took her a year to get it all off.

I'll be the first to tell you to have realistic being 'real' I'd like to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 1 year; but I'm making it a goal to be as close to it as possible when my son turns 6 months old. That's a little over 4 months away. Realistic? I have no clue.

I will say that I think as women, we do put too much emphasis on the number that the scale shows. I'm guilty of that....clearly, I'm discussing losing weight.

Perhaps it would be better to say, "I'd like to fit in my favorite pair of jeans again".

In being transparent with you, here's where I stand:
I gained 50 pounds with this pregnancy
4 days after giving birth I had lost 20 pounds (hello water weight! my son only weighed 6lbs, 15oz)
For my 6 week check up, I had lost another 5 pounds
Last week I resumed working out and lost another 5
Grand total so far: 30 pounds lost, and I'm nearly 8 weeks post partum

Like I said, I don't know what's realistic. Every BODY is different. Maybe in being transparent with you, I can help someone achieve their health goal.

I leave you with this....a little something that has been making smile....

my little man & I, on my 1st Mother's Day