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here's your sign

I'm pretty convinced I was in fact drop on my head as a baby.

I'm in week 2 of half marathon training, and I just jumped in to the schedule. I didn't really read the descriptions of what my runs entail, except for the time & mileage.

This morning I had a 45 minute, easy run. Oh, I totally rocked the easy part. Especially since last night's sushi was not sitting well. I always over eat when it comes to sushi.

I got a wild hair today & read away.

My plan has what's called "easy runs" - & yes, I've been wondering what the heck an "easy run" means. Do I walk? Do I jog? What should my pace be? What should my breathing be like? Ya da, ya da, ya da. So I read up on the "easy run" description today.

Here's what it says:


Sorry Coach, but the last time I could do that was 5th grade.
Surely she meant 50 states.
But even then I forget the little ones. Like Texas.
Porkchop on the other hand, is a walking globe. He can tell you north of, south of, east of, west of, & then how to get to Russia.

PTL it's Friday. My brain can rest after trying to recite all 50 capitals.

sunday fashion post

Dress: Nine West via Ideeli
Shoes: DvF via Nordstrom

I really need to work on my posing.
And ignore my man calves.

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i'm not a wilderness girl

Since I'm laid up at home, I figured I'd watch a movie from my between pain med induced naps.

So I made some coffee using our *new* non-carafe, coffee maker! (Those darn carafes are too easy to break...not that I would know or anything.)

Today's movie of choice:

If you haven't seen it - you must. Even if it's only to see a buttload of celebrities in their "pre-glam" stage (i.e. Tori Spelling as a brunette).

I've decided that there are some important life lessons to draw from this movie:

#1 - Clothing items are made to sell, not made to fit your body. Therefore alterations are a great investment!

updated uniform

#2 - You can be as nice as possible to someone & no matter how nice you are, they will just NEVER like you. Get over it. There's a buttload of other people that DO like you & want to be your friend.

"Those little bimbesses are really starting to bug me!" - Velda Plendor

"Look, they're dragging something." - Frances Temple
 "It looks like an animal." - Annie Herman
"Oh, it must be Velda." - Frances Temple

#3 - Being a mentor is so rewarding. invest in someone else's life besides your own.

diamond appraisal
"Maybe we aren't robust mountain women. I'm going to show you girls how to survive in the wilds of Beverly Hills." - Phyllis Neflar

#4 - Don't take yourself so seriously. Dance around, get crazy, make people laugh.

#5 - Be sure to dress for the occasion.

don't wear a fur coat camping
but do wear an indian head-dress and turquoise when discussing american indian heritage

#6 - It's okay to consider staying at Holiday Inn or the HoJo, "camping". Yes, stars are pretty, but if you're sleeping under them, you don't see them since your eyes are closed. So why not be comfortable & just sleep in a bed?

"Is this what you call roughing it!?" - Velda Plendor
"1 bathroom for 9 girls, yes!" - Phyllis Neflar

#7 - "We don't need no stinking patches." - Rosa
Medals, maybe...but patches, no.

when forced to turn in their "non-wilderness patches"

#8 - "In the wilderness of life, you can never be too prepared" - Phyllis Neflar

#9 - Everything is negotiable.

"you know, it's  missing a bead" - Phyllis
so the sales clerk knocks off $600

#10 - Have faith in yourself & prove them wrong.

"Phyllis, I can't let you take the girls out there alone!" - Annie Herman
"Why not?" - Phyllis Neflar
"Because you get lost in your walk in closet." - Hannah Neflar


My fingers are crossed that tomorrow I'll be able to run. Today was the first of my half marathon training, where I've had to miss a day of running.

I'm done with being sore & lazy.

i've lost my mind

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's hair appointment...

Enjoyed some coffee, in a cute mug...

indulged in celebrity gossip...

and for your viewing pleasure, had a little photo shoot under the dryer.

my hair barely fit...

i was catching major radio waves with all that foil

mom always said i was "special"

For modelling jobs, please contact me at

I know you're just dying to know how I changed up the do...but you'll have to wait. I get weird looks from my coworkers when they hear the camera shutter sound. I think they're on to me. 


I escaped the fluorescent lighting...

The new do ~ shorter & highlighted.
The end.