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the big 3 oh

Today is the day I turn 30. Yikes!

When did this happen? Am I now 'officially' an adult? Part of me still feels like that scared, shy 16 year old. 

Regardless, here's 30 reasons why I think my thirties will totally trump my twenties.....

1. No more school - as much as I LOVED learning (yes, totally a nerd over here) - I detested the whole process. Absolutely, an unnecessary stress. 

2. I am in better shape than I was in my twenties....with the exception of age 20, 25, & 28. 

3. I am married to the love of my life - no more of the Rachel & Ross saga!

4. Carrying over the 'marriage' thing - we are past the first 5 years of marriage! (That first year was awful!)

5. The fear of childbirth has been overcome! Now it's on to the "forgetting" part. 

6. Did I mention I have the cutest toddler ever? :)  

7. I have a job I like, that pays the bills, & allows me to work from home. 

9. I get to work from home to spend time with this little man. 

10. We no longer have a dog. Sorry, sounds heartless, but that dog was a ton more work than a child. It's okay for you to not to agree

11. I've learned the importance of TRUE relationships....the ones where it's a 2 way street, you give & take, they give & take....and it's heartfelt. 

12. I've learned how some people will just not like you - they feel justified in their mind - and that's okay....but I've learned the importance of standing up for myself & not allowing them to treat me like dirt. 

13. Shorter hair is MUCH better for me.

14. Realizing that all those non-existent spring breaks or summer vacations were worth my while. 

15. I take more pictures. Instagram & Drop Box are my must haves!!! 

16. I spend much more time in growing my relationship with Christ. (Check out Beth Moore if you're looking for some amazing studies!!!)

17. Finding that amazing mascara that is only $7.99 a tube versus the $25 / $30 per tube price I was paying! 

18. I have some awesome friendships.

19. It's now totally "okay" for me to be in bed by 9pm. I'm old, right!?!?!

20. I understand the whole "leading by example" thing.

21. I've learned that "comparison is the thief of joy"

22. This will be the decade that I finally compete in a race farther than a 5K (that virtual 10K I competed in doesn't count)

23. It's now socially acceptable for me to go to Target in yoga pants, a ball cap, and not a stitch of makeup on, with my toddler in tow. 

24. I'm thismuch closer to retiring. 

25. This will be the decade that I get to travel to Hawaii (if I say it, I have to do it, right!?)

26. I no longer have to pretend that I like shopping at Forever 21....or H&M. Sorry, but I don't. 

27. I'm heading in to this decade with more confidence than I have ever possessed before. (Not in a "conceited" or "I'm better than you, mentality"....but in a "I know who I am" mindset.)

28. I've realized how important my parents are to me, and how blessed I am that their marriage has survived all these years.

29. My perspective on life & what's important is more where it should be....and my focus isn't glued to stressing over things I can not change.

30. While I am not wanting to celebrate this birthday, because frankly, let's face it - I don't want to be old....I am excited over what is to come. It's all about perspective, right?