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tamra's OC wedding, finale

What did you think of Tamra's wedding??? I thought it was beautiful!! I loved the decor, though a bit over the top at times, I thought it was gorgeous! Loved the floating cake idea :)

This scene at The Pretty Kitty cracked me up! MattyB actually watched this episode with me. I had to endure through his commentary :/ he can't stand these shows.

This necklace is the Fiona Bib by Stella & Dot!

It took me awhile to figure it out....but it appears that Tamra is wearing it flipped with the pave' side down.

There's versatility for ya ;)

Oh, Gretchen....I do really like her. I may be the only one, but I like her.

So these earrings are not Stella & Dot, but we have 2 pairs that look identical!

Want to know how you can get FREE Stella & Dot accessories!? 
Host a trunk show.
Seriously, it's that easy.
Email me, let's chat ;)

tamra's OC wedding, epi 2

I think it's safe to say that Tamra loves her Toy Burch jewelry, and that Heather loves her Chanel jewelry. Yes, I'm jealous.

I spotted no Stella & Dot - but in case you were loving anything you saw, here are some alternatives ;)

So during the cha cha lessons, Tamra had on some prominent chandeliers.
These were really reminiscent to our Seychelles earrings

Available in Pink:

 and available in Blue:

Tamra kept rocking these large statement necklaces....

So naturally, here are some alternatives:

tamra's OC wedding, epi 1

I have been late posting this - - but better late than never ;)

While I am still bummed over Gretchen & Tamra not being BFF's anymore, I was excited to see how her wedding details unfolded.

Tamra rocked some Stella & Dot - which made me even more excited!

So I doubt that this is S&D, but the necklace that Tamra is wearing in this scene 
looks just like the Pippa

 And then Tamra was rocking this ring....
which I'm sure is not S&D, but it looks super close to our Camilla Ring,
(which is probably a fraction of the price of hers) :)

And during her meeting with her wedding planner, she was definitely wearing S&D!

Her necklace is not, but her bracelet is!

The bracelet is the Petra

Here's an alternative to her necklace, the Palladian