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A little bit of this & that

My CEP compression sleeves arrived yesterday so I was really wanting to try them out today...
Ignore my grandma knees...

I had to look up their instructional make sure I put them on correctly. They were feeling not so "compressive" (hmmm, not sure if that's a word ~ but it works!)
My "why aren't they feeling 'compressive'?" face

And I wanted to try out my new garb that I got with the Nike giftcard from FitSugar...

Look who figured out how to use the camera timer!

At this point Matteo was yelling out "dork!" & clearly I figured out how to use the timer, but not properly since it went off as I was walking up to it...

I ran 5 miles ~ focused more on my speed & throwing in a hill ~ rather than on distance. I wanted to maintain 8:45 at least....but was closer to 9:15. I have IronGirl coming up & I'm still not 100% sure that this insane bridge is not part of the race anymore ~ hence why I wanted a hill in today's run.

Back to the compression sleeves...I really liked them. I am actually stretching as I blog so I still have them on & they really feel great. I was really worried at first that I had purchased the wrong size since they didn't feel as tight as I expected....but once I started running, I really felt them. I guess my calves turn into man calves as I start running. pain during, especially out of my left calf...didn't feel my strain at all!

In other news: Check out this strawberry!
It was HIS idea to take the picture....

AND ~ we finally have our front entry way like 90% done!!!!


Ta da!

Replacing that rug is the only thing left to do! I've had no luck in finding one that I like AND that Matt approves of. We got the bench & the mirror online...the signs, the table, and the lamp post are from Bealls Home Outlet...and the coat rack, planter fillers, and lamp shade are from Ross ~ which we went there last night.

Matt's so stylish! (Note the shoes!!! His new Sperry's!)

Happy Saturday! Off to a cook out!