style watching & spotting, week of 1/20

Apparently our new spring line has been an absolute HIT with fashion editors, stylists, and celebrities! Here's what I've spotted this week!

If you ever spot a piece email me

There were several spotted on GMA this week....

Lara Spencer was wearing our new Sardinia pendant necklace on Monday!

And then Catherine (with her boo Sean) wore it Wednesday!

...with the matching bracelet!

Lara rocked our gorgeous Fleurette necklace today, over brown!!! Love this piece!

In the glossies, Real Simple boasted the Nancy Studs as a "real steal" of a deal!

And for all you 24 fans out there, Mary Lynn Rajskub was recently spotted wearing our Selby Fringe Earrings & Milana Tassel bracelet while announcing the return of the show at a Television Critics Association panel in LA!

One of the most favorite parts of my job is being able to boast these style spottings & publications!

add some perf to your accessories

Perf as in perforations!

I got to listen in to the design inspiration & design techniques used for our spring line. The spring line has some beautiful pieces that I can not wait to share with you - so I thought I'd dedicate a post each week to the design behind pieces from this new collection.

Today, it's our perforated pieces. Normally the perforation technique is reserved for high end couture because of it's requirement to detail & it's tedious handwork. The following pieces were designed after our Avalon necklace.

Our design team took this pattern & hand stamped it onto a tote & a clutch.

The Avalon Tote......

This Avalon tote comes with a detachable linen pouch. Here are some inside shots of the bag....

The Shift tote also features this fabulous perforation.....

An extra cool detail here is that the front pocket detaches! 
It is a CLUTCH!!!
Last but not least, this technique is also featured on the Double Clutch....

This clutch is awesome. It boasts 2 zippered pockets, with one that includes credit card slots.
It snaps closed & when you open, you are greeted with a little mirror and "Hello Gorgeous"!

Here's a quick inside peek....

For all the design behind these pieces, they are at an affordable price!

Which one is your favorite!?

new year, new you, new me

I love that every year is the chance to start a new 365 page book (with the occasional extra page thrown in every 4 years).

While this post is on the 14th of the month - not the first - I'd still like to take the time to relish in the fact that it is a NEW year.

We rung in the New Year with our 'chosen family' - a term we so lovingly use to refer to our friends. A night of pajamas & games & babies. Gone are the years of those glamorous New Year's Eve events.....

Wait. When did that ever happen???

So to make it official, I'm sharing with YOU my 10 goals for the year....

1. A monthly date night with my MattyB
2. A promotion with my company (I've been thisclose for 6's going to happen!)
3. De-cluttering my house - - why on earth do we have 6 suitcases when we really only ever use 2???
4. Standing up for myself & my family of 3 - if you are poison to us, sorry but you're "outta here"
5. Potty training Mr. Beau.....ugh, kinda dreading this one!
6. Praying MORE - my first step was getting this book - I'm ashamed to admit my prayer life is lacking
7. Ridding my house of processed food - - MattyB & I did this back in 2011 & it was amazing. Between then & now, we of course have backslidden & now it's time to crack the whip!
8. Saying 'no' to more of the things that really don't matter, and 'yes' to more of the things that do! (Amen?)
9. Getting happy & positive - such a weird one, I know, but am I the only one that finds that it takes a million nice things/compliments to elicit happiness and one negative person/comment to steal all the joy?
10. Running again. I miss it. I miss the medals. It's time.

Have a tip? Word of encouragement? Want to share yours??
Please leave a comment & do so!
Happy New Year! Make it your BEST yet!!!