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wine, dine, & rock n roll

I did my "easy run" yesterday - 4 miles at a 10:15 pace. (I was supposed to do them at a 10:30 pace, but I'm a nar nar & couldn't quite nail down that pace.)

I really, really, REALLY appreciate all your input from yesterday on the half's. Surprisingly, I'm leaning more towards the Wine & Dine...I think I would be okay with it being at night. I've been doing 90% of my runs in the evening, so hopefully I'll be okay.

The only thing I'm a wee bit worried about: my bedtime.

I am normally out cold by 10pm. (If not before...I've been known to narc out at 7pm)

Hopefully I won't be the ding dong that falls asleep at the 5 mile marker. (You'll know where to find me, Matt, if I never cross the finish line!)

Per your suggestion, I checked out the OUC half...& the only thing with that is, it's scheduled 1 week before the inaugural Rock n Roll half in Miami.

I'm not Skinny Runner who can bust out 2 fulls in the same weekend...I have to choose, one or the other...& this is only halfs! It really stinks, because the Rock n Roll half in Vegas is also 1 week before the Miami one...and that one would be A-MAZ-ING

Have you ever run a Rock n Roll half or full?

My next "planned" run, according to this training plan is tomorrow. I'm inner battling right now because I really need to do some strength training today, but I also really need a manicure. My cuticles are all kinds of jacked.

Oh the turmoil.

Do you use certain training plans for races?

The one I'm using is one I found in Runner's World mag a few months back.


I have to do it...

Dancing With the Stars results were last night...

Kendra Wilkinson & Lousi van Amstel

I liked Kendra ~ I was sorry to see her go.

But I'm super glad that these cool cats are still on...

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

I really have no clue who Chelsea is, except that she's an actress & she was on a Disney show (according to articles). 

Sorry, I don't really venture away from the ABC channel...they currently have all my favorites (with the exception of Criminal Minds).

Either way, her & Mark are such an awesome duo.