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POPSugar box for June

I am the utter WORST with remembering what I've signed up for and when "free trials" or what have you, run out. Hence my love / hate with POPSugar's Must Have box.

I love the idea behind it though. And I'm rather addicted to gift opening :)

So now is about time I started posting my love / hates on here for you all to either concur or argue.

Here is the Must Have box for June!

Every box comes with a little booklet explaining the enclosed goods....

Duh, I hope I "enjoy" too! :)

First up, a Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf

I did a little research to see the value of the scarf....according to their website this scarf retails for $62

I am actually really digging the scarf. The stripes are navy, and the "orange" is more of a coral color. It's not quite as big my other scarves, but I still think it will be a fab piece for the summer!

Next up: Juice Beauty products

The two little packages are a tinted moisturizer in 2 different colors. One for you, one for a friend. 
They are sample size.

That box is a moisturizer, and from what I found on their site, it's a full retail size. 
It retails for $65 

Next: Addicted to Sweat, fitness dvd

This is Madonna's trainer.
On their site it says "Addicted to Sweat is inspired by workout regimen that I do consistently to take care of my mind and body. My trainer Nicole and I have created this program that has helped give me the body I have today" - Madonna
Notice the number 4 on the dvd? Yeah it's a 4 disc series. 
The 4 disc collection is $29.95 whereas 1 dvd alone is $19.95

I'm interested to see what it's about.....

Next: Revenge Wears Prada!!!!


I'm actually really excited about this because the day before my box came in, I was thinking that I really wanted a good fiction book & had just seen this book on Amazon. 

The only catch is that I never read the Devil Wears Prada. I did however see the fab Anne Hathaway version. 
Am I missing something important by not having read the book?

Seriously, tell me.

Next: Quench Mints

This actually really sweet! The sales of these "Quench" products  goes toward funding this project for clean water for a person in need for 1 year. See more:

You can get 12 tubes of these mints for $21.48
So that's $1.79 per tube

BUT this Project 7 place also has all these other lines that benefit other causes!

Check it:
Heal the Sick (people with Malaria)
Save the Earth (planting fruit trees) 
House the Homeless (food, education, and health care for orphans)
Feed the Hungry (meals in American communities)
Teach Them Well (schooling in Africa)
Hope for Peace (counseling for children of war)

Go read their mission!

Next up: FIT popcorn 
(Biggest Loser approved) 

I have not tasted it. I have no opinion!

I did look up the brand's website. I think it's great that this is gluten free!
You can get a case of this popcorn for $34.95 (6 bags worth).
So $5.83 a bag.

There were also promo codes for some online shopping with Juice Beauty & Gorjana Griffin. 

Total value of the products:  $180
Cost of the box: $39.95

See subscription options HERE