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new year, new you, new me

I love that every year is the chance to start a new 365 page book (with the occasional extra page thrown in every 4 years).

While this post is on the 14th of the month - not the first - I'd still like to take the time to relish in the fact that it is a NEW year.

We rung in the New Year with our 'chosen family' - a term we so lovingly use to refer to our friends. A night of pajamas & games & babies. Gone are the years of those glamorous New Year's Eve events.....

Wait. When did that ever happen???

So to make it official, I'm sharing with YOU my 10 goals for the year....

1. A monthly date night with my MattyB
2. A promotion with my company (I've been thisclose for 6's going to happen!)
3. De-cluttering my house - - why on earth do we have 6 suitcases when we really only ever use 2???
4. Standing up for myself & my family of 3 - if you are poison to us, sorry but you're "outta here"
5. Potty training Mr. Beau.....ugh, kinda dreading this one!
6. Praying MORE - my first step was getting this book - I'm ashamed to admit my prayer life is lacking
7. Ridding my house of processed food - - MattyB & I did this back in 2011 & it was amazing. Between then & now, we of course have backslidden & now it's time to crack the whip!
8. Saying 'no' to more of the things that really don't matter, and 'yes' to more of the things that do! (Amen?)
9. Getting happy & positive - such a weird one, I know, but am I the only one that finds that it takes a million nice things/compliments to elicit happiness and one negative person/comment to steal all the joy?
10. Running again. I miss it. I miss the medals. It's time.

Have a tip? Word of encouragement? Want to share yours??
Please leave a comment & do so!
Happy New Year! Make it your BEST yet!!!

kickin' off december

Yeah, 24 days until Christmas. Crazy!

But that means I get to decorate & use my favorite coffee mug!

MattyB let me change up our decor this year - and I even got to make my first wreath.

Our theme is now "rustic". I like how the wreath turned out! And FYI the "twiggy wreath" is called a "grapevine wreath". Thanks lady at Michael's for educating me!

I'm not 100% happy with how our Christmas tree turned out, which kinda stinks because Matt also informed me I'm not allowed to change the theme. Ever.

Ignore the messy tree skirt....

haha, my attempt at a burlap ribbon tree topper!

glitter poinsettia ornaments :) 

that top ornament is an owl - and of course a reindeer to complete the woodland animals

totally rustic star


Do you change your theme every year?
We had a turquoise & gold theme since 2008 - - which was a carryover from my apartment living since 2006. We ere overdue for a new theme.

the big 3 oh

Today is the day I turn 30. Yikes!

When did this happen? Am I now 'officially' an adult? Part of me still feels like that scared, shy 16 year old. 

Regardless, here's 30 reasons why I think my thirties will totally trump my twenties.....

1. No more school - as much as I LOVED learning (yes, totally a nerd over here) - I detested the whole process. Absolutely, an unnecessary stress. 

2. I am in better shape than I was in my twenties....with the exception of age 20, 25, & 28. 

3. I am married to the love of my life - no more of the Rachel & Ross saga!

4. Carrying over the 'marriage' thing - we are past the first 5 years of marriage! (That first year was awful!)

5. The fear of childbirth has been overcome! Now it's on to the "forgetting" part. 

6. Did I mention I have the cutest toddler ever? :)  

7. I have a job I like, that pays the bills, & allows me to work from home. 

9. I get to work from home to spend time with this little man. 

10. We no longer have a dog. Sorry, sounds heartless, but that dog was a ton more work than a child. It's okay for you to not to agree

11. I've learned the importance of TRUE relationships....the ones where it's a 2 way street, you give & take, they give & take....and it's heartfelt. 

12. I've learned how some people will just not like you - they feel justified in their mind - and that's okay....but I've learned the importance of standing up for myself & not allowing them to treat me like dirt. 

13. Shorter hair is MUCH better for me.

14. Realizing that all those non-existent spring breaks or summer vacations were worth my while. 

15. I take more pictures. Instagram & Drop Box are my must haves!!! 

16. I spend much more time in growing my relationship with Christ. (Check out Beth Moore if you're looking for some amazing studies!!!)

17. Finding that amazing mascara that is only $7.99 a tube versus the $25 / $30 per tube price I was paying! 

18. I have some awesome friendships.

19. It's now totally "okay" for me to be in bed by 9pm. I'm old, right!?!?!

20. I understand the whole "leading by example" thing.

21. I've learned that "comparison is the thief of joy"

22. This will be the decade that I finally compete in a race farther than a 5K (that virtual 10K I competed in doesn't count)

23. It's now socially acceptable for me to go to Target in yoga pants, a ball cap, and not a stitch of makeup on, with my toddler in tow. 

24. I'm thismuch closer to retiring. 

25. This will be the decade that I get to travel to Hawaii (if I say it, I have to do it, right!?)

26. I no longer have to pretend that I like shopping at Forever 21....or H&M. Sorry, but I don't. 

27. I'm heading in to this decade with more confidence than I have ever possessed before. (Not in a "conceited" or "I'm better than you, mentality"....but in a "I know who I am" mindset.)

28. I've realized how important my parents are to me, and how blessed I am that their marriage has survived all these years.

29. My perspective on life & what's important is more where it should be....and my focus isn't glued to stressing over things I can not change.

30. While I am not wanting to celebrate this birthday, because frankly, let's face it - I don't want to be old....I am excited over what is to come. It's all about perspective, right?

breaking the mold

I'm in direct sales

Going in to my business, I knew that there was such a stigma regarding direct sales. Most related to MLM (multi level marketing) and scheming people. That "only the people at the top make the money" or that "only those that were with the company at the very beginning make money".  (How is that any different than major corporations?)

Any of this sound familiar?

While this may reign true for various companies that sign on "distributors" and have "automatic shipments" each month.....where you have to have a "right leg & a left leg".....this is not the case for my business. 

Where people get turned off with what I do is the "home party" aspect. This is not your great Aunt Tilda's tupperware company. 

How am I different?

I offer a service. I offer you the chance to get your girl friends, family, coworkers, etc. together & shop in the comfort of your own home. I offer you the chance to be styled one on one. You can try on anything without having to wait for a jewelry case or display case to be unlocked. I sell quality items that would cost twice as much if sold in major retail stores (think Nordstrom, Saks, etc). 

I am offering you the opportunity to earn literally hundreds in free product - plus the ability to buy at half off. Wine, your favorite girls, and fabulous accessories - who wouldn't enjoy that??

I know that having a home party trunk show is not everyone's cup of tea. Just like I'm not on board with every direct sales company. 

All I ask is that people change their mind sets about direct sales. Do you realize my business has provided many women the financial freedom to quit their full time job? On top of that, many of us that are mom's are able to stay home with our kids, set our schedules to the kid's needs, and still bring in an income? 

Buying from brand ambassadors is just a way of supporting your local market. You're helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get braces, a car to get repaired, or a family to go on a vacation. 

Just like buying from local produce stands, you're supporting your local farmers. 

What are your experiences with direct sales?

Would you ever consider selling?

Have you ever hosted a direct sales company in your home?

can life BE any less crazy?

Instagram is so much easier to do on a regular basis than blogging! Life has me crazy busy!

Half marathon training is done bi-weekly. Ha :) I was able to run 2 miles the other day with B in the jogger...until he got all fussy & had his fill.

My treadmill and I have not rekindled our love yet.

In more important news: Beau is turning 1 in 2 weeks.
Speaking of, Beau is pronounced "Bo".....not "Bew".

Little man & I have become more adjusted & settled into my work schedule. Working from home is not easy. I don't know who ever said it was, but they need to be punched.

I think that there is this misconception that moms working from home have all this extra time for grocery shopping, cleaning, social life, working out, etc. It's rather frustrating. I don't have the time during the day to put on deodorant, needless to say socialize! (Ha, good thing the half marathon training isn't in high gear with me not sporting deodorant!)

Regardless, consider this a public service announcement. If you're one to presume that a gal working from home, should have all the time in the world to have her home looking like a Pottery Barn ad, her kid looking like a Gymboree model, and herself looking like she walked straight off the runway.....please come back down to earth.

fitness & fashion thursday

While Kristen has been running around on Rob, I've been trying to get my ish together!

First thing is first....for all of you that are pregnant, will become pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant....take maternity leave! I know that this lady says she's not, but let me just say, "been there, done that, & suffered the repercussions!"

The first few weeks after having Beau (our 3 month old son), I was still on some what of an adrenaline high. Sleep was pretty non-existant, but I didn't care. I was totally enjoying the new life we were blessed with, and felt like since he's sleeping so much, I can do work. No.Big.Deal.

So that's what I did. I had Beau on a Saturday, went home from hospital on Monday, and Tuesday I resumed working. Yes, from my home, but nonetheless IT WAS WORK.

It was around or right before his 2 month mark that the reality of everything set in. When I say I had some dark days, I HAD SOME DARK DAYS. I know PPD is a serious subject with women, and I'm not sure that I definitely battled with it. I didn't miss being pregnant by any means, but I was very down in the dumps. I was a huge, explosive, ball of emotions. Anything & everything set me off and I would cry relentlessly. Thankfully my mom understood...MattyB on the other hand, tried to understand, but bless his heart normally was just on the receiving end of my outbursts & unexplainable crying.

Hormones. They make the world go round.

So after that brief explanation, here's the deal on fitness & fashion as it relates to Thursday :)

Fitness wise, I'm still hanging tough with my 90 day program. I'm presently on week 8 & the set of workouts that I'm presently doing are my favorite. It's weighted plyometrics, weighted cardio, and other strength training moves - - a BUTT-TON of planks! 1 more month to go. I will say, I've pretty much abandoned the diet portion. It was getting a little too difficult trying to plan out everything. Excuses, excuses.

Where I stand: I'm down 34 pounds from my highest poundage mark during pregnancy. So pretty much from the day I gave birth :)

Fashionably speaking...I'm fitting into more & more of my pre-pregnancy clothes! Hallelujah! I've also taken on a new little business adventure. So remember how I just told you that I was having some pretty gloomy days? I realized that taking time for ME was a NECESSITY. Yes, my workout time is "me" time - but honestly, it's never uninterrupted. So, I thought back & realized that one of the happiest times in my life was when I worked for this cute little boutique called "The Pink Cabana". (Sadly, they've since closed up shop)

It didn't make sense for me to go out & find a boutique to work for part time....hahaha, I barely have time to wash hair! But what did make sense was Stella & Dot. I'm now an independent stylist for them! It's my own little boutique....kinda :)

they have the BEST packaging. seriously.

I post regular pictures on my Facebook page & Twitter if you want to see more of the line! Like this one....

love their bracelets.
And celebrities love the line. I think you will too! Check it out.

Serenity Necklace

Bahari necklace & Serenity Stone earrings

You can shop my boutique at any time....but if you're interested in earning free jewelry - let me know! You can host a trunk show - a VIRTUAL one!

this is how we do it

Half way through the week, & I've only worked out once. YIKES! Sunday was a rest day. Monday I did the Physique 57 Volume 2, 57 minute workout & followed it up with a 3.6 mile run. Tuesday was a hair appointment & then dinner with Matty's my evening workout didn't happen.

I think I have had the goal of 4am workouts since 2009, but it has only happened ONCE. That's a whole different topic - fitting in an early AM workout. Do you do early AM workouts?

To be honest, I physically feel crappy about only having worked out once so far - but I don't feel "guilty" about it. I love working out & it makes me sad when I have to miss a planned work out. But dang it, my schedule through the week is insane.

A typical day for me?
Wake up anywhere from 5am to 5:15am (depending on my ability to open my eyes)
Get to work by 6am to 6:15am (depending on the wake up)
Leave work by 4pm
Home at 4:30pm (contingent upon several things)
Workout from 5pm to 7pm (dependent upon what time I'm home & plans for the evening)
I try be in bed by 10pm at the latest - but normally I fall asleep on the couch in order to spend some QT with Matty. (So from 7pm to 10pm, I shower, make dinner, watch a little TV with Matty or watch a movie).

So all of that would be a typical day. But now, because of the car wreck - I'm in physical therapy. So that pushes my workouts back to 6pm since I've been going after work, 2 or 3 times a week.

I know there are so many women out there that work full time, have kids (perhaps with special needs), are a care taker to a family member, manage a household, AND still find time to workout. How do you do it?

Others of you that perhaps don't have kids, may be continuing your education & are saddled with that, along with work. How do you do it?

It just becomes taxing after awhile, mentally & physically. Especially when I don't have time to clean the house or do the laundry.
Do you think I could write off a maid as a work expense?
I hate having to save everything to Saturday. Sunday is church in the morning, & up until here recently, we were doing a Bible study on Sunday evenings.

In my opinion, my schedule is ridiculous & it's really not conducive to me seeing much of Matt Monday thru Friday. His work schedule is opposite of mine. I'm lucky if he's home from work by 7pm. He starts his work day later than me (as does most of the world), so he is able to stay up later at night than me. I'm one that requires sleep - I can't operate well with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep.

And then there's the whole thing about allowing for emergencies to arise throughout the week, or unexpected family plans / friend plans. I still try to be sensitive to those things.

How do you fit in your hobbies & interests?

This isn't a "woe is me" post by any means - but I definitely would love to hear back from YOU on how you maintain a marriage, household, & active lifestyle - pretty much your time management skills!

i'm not a wilderness girl

Since I'm laid up at home, I figured I'd watch a movie from my between pain med induced naps.

So I made some coffee using our *new* non-carafe, coffee maker! (Those darn carafes are too easy to break...not that I would know or anything.)

Today's movie of choice:

If you haven't seen it - you must. Even if it's only to see a buttload of celebrities in their "pre-glam" stage (i.e. Tori Spelling as a brunette).

I've decided that there are some important life lessons to draw from this movie:

#1 - Clothing items are made to sell, not made to fit your body. Therefore alterations are a great investment!

updated uniform

#2 - You can be as nice as possible to someone & no matter how nice you are, they will just NEVER like you. Get over it. There's a buttload of other people that DO like you & want to be your friend.

"Those little bimbesses are really starting to bug me!" - Velda Plendor

"Look, they're dragging something." - Frances Temple
 "It looks like an animal." - Annie Herman
"Oh, it must be Velda." - Frances Temple

#3 - Being a mentor is so rewarding. invest in someone else's life besides your own.

diamond appraisal
"Maybe we aren't robust mountain women. I'm going to show you girls how to survive in the wilds of Beverly Hills." - Phyllis Neflar

#4 - Don't take yourself so seriously. Dance around, get crazy, make people laugh.

#5 - Be sure to dress for the occasion.

don't wear a fur coat camping
but do wear an indian head-dress and turquoise when discussing american indian heritage

#6 - It's okay to consider staying at Holiday Inn or the HoJo, "camping". Yes, stars are pretty, but if you're sleeping under them, you don't see them since your eyes are closed. So why not be comfortable & just sleep in a bed?

"Is this what you call roughing it!?" - Velda Plendor
"1 bathroom for 9 girls, yes!" - Phyllis Neflar

#7 - "We don't need no stinking patches." - Rosa
Medals, maybe...but patches, no.

when forced to turn in their "non-wilderness patches"

#8 - "In the wilderness of life, you can never be too prepared" - Phyllis Neflar

#9 - Everything is negotiable.

"you know, it's  missing a bead" - Phyllis
so the sales clerk knocks off $600

#10 - Have faith in yourself & prove them wrong.

"Phyllis, I can't let you take the girls out there alone!" - Annie Herman
"Why not?" - Phyllis Neflar
"Because you get lost in your walk in closet." - Hannah Neflar


My fingers are crossed that tomorrow I'll be able to run. Today was the first of my half marathon training, where I've had to miss a day of running.

I'm done with being sore & lazy.