oh, i've missed you

Where has 2011 gone!?!

And why have I not posted anything for months??

For those reading for health & fitness tips - sorry for the slack. I always thought I'd be one to exercise the ENTIRE time of being pregnant. The whole nausea / puking thing really threw me for a loop though. I'm happy to report though that the nausea has subsided. HALLELUYER.

Well, I say it subsided - yesterday the puking portion reared its ugly head & I hacked up lunch.
You.are.welcome for that mental image.

When I do decide to exercise lately, I've been doing the walking thing on the treadmill. I normally crank up the incline from 5% to 10%, and walk anywhere from 3.5mph to 4.5mph. I have incorporated a little of the Physique57 workouts, like the Arms & Abs dvd (minus the abs), the Thigh & Seat dvd, and the volume 1 of the full body dvd. I would LOVE to be doing prenatal yoga, but my procrastination has yet to find an instructor.

So as of tomorrow, I will be 22 weeks. We found out that our little bambino has a winkie :) Which Matteo was super stoked about having a son (even though he refuses to admit that he was pulling for a boy). We recorded a video to announce the sex to our family & friends....

And here's the announcement picture...

that's a fishing pole....get yer mind outta the gutta!

2 weeks ago I had a pretty big scare with the pregnancy - something turned up in the sonogram & it caused my normal doctor to send me to a high risk. I hated it. I dreaded going. I contemplated even cancelling the appointments. (Yes, appointments....2 of them, one day after the other).

I was beyond relieved to hear that everything looks great though. What turned up in the sonogram the week prior had already started to go away & fix itself! Such an answer to prayer. And I even got to have a 4D sonogram....covered by insurance! Holler!

So now I'm working on registering for the baby supplies...I would LOVE any suggestions of items from you parents out there of items that you found so useful with your kids. All of that stuff just feels like such a foreign language.

I have yet to purchase any maternity clothes. I think I'm in denial...
My mom did however get me some belly bands to wear with the pants that do not fasten. Which speaking of that - my jeans today, yup I've definitely fastened them using a hair tie. What, what!
I've found that most my tops still fit fine - my bump isn't huge yet....I feel like if anything I look more like I've just put on weight rather than being pregnant.
I did however, purchase a new top several weeks back. Ideeli had a Hale Bob sale....so I bought a new black sequin top. With Matteo & I now working together, my shopping is not so secret anymore. When the package arrived he saw it, opened it....and the following conversation took place:
Him: What's this?
Me: Duh, a top. What does it look like?
Him: What's it for?
Me: Just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I can't sparkle. A pregnant gal needs sequins too!
Him: (just an eye roll, a sigh, & then walks away)

Pregnant Me: 1
The man behind the bump: 0