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total recall

I was a narnar on Friday & left my camera cord at work. So, plan to see a part 2 of this post.

Saturday was the endurance run for my training plan. 7 miles was the target. I ended up running a little over 8 miles.

Dexter was a super sideline cheerleader for me & slept the ENTIRE time.

Thanks buddy.

My hip flexor area is still bothering me - so the pain was sporadically slowing me down. Plus, I've got a lot of junk in the trunk & I'm just not fast with the load.

According to Nike+ my average minutes per mile was 11:33 & I finished in 90 minutes. (That does include all my water & potty breaks though - I let the timer run & didn't pause).

After my run, I decided to take Dexter out for a short walk. I'm not sure how this happened, but I got lost in our neighborhood.
Yes, I was dropped on my head as a baby.

So once I finally navigated in the right direction, that's when I noticed Dexter was struggling a little bit. He then decided he had had enough, & just laid down in someone's lawn. I finally coaxed him to get up, but I was really thinking that I should probably carry him back home.

But I didn't.

We got back to the house & he collapsed on the cool floor.

It was super hot out & all, but for a hyper dog, he's super out of shape. Matt thinks he's just designed for short bursts of energy, not sustained activities. It was a 2 mile walk, so I really thought he'd do just fine. I will say it SO helped his temperment the rest of the day.

Lesson learned.

We attended a wedding Saturday afternoon....& I finally got the chance to wear this dress:

Dress: Walter via Ideeli
Shoes: Preview International via Nordstrom Rack
Bag: Carlos Falchi via Rue La La
Bangles: Cara Couture via Nordstrom

close up of the extras :)

satan reincarnate

Thanks to all you fabulous people that have purchased from the garage sale :)
Hope you enjoy your goods!

I detest packing. Well, I detest packing but UTTERLY detest unpacking.

There, that's better!

For the past day I have been walking past our luggage & randomly dropping in clothing items as I see fit.

yes, the polka dot pants are matt's

It has to get done tonight....because tomorrow we leave for North Carolina! Woohoo!

We're headed up to visit Matt's gramma & grandpa. I'm super stoked to vacay. Since they live on top of a mountain (yes, Will Ferrell they do!), Matt agreed to do some hiking & trail runs with me!

So all you wilderness girls, got any tips for me???

Dexter is headed to stay with gammy & grandpa (my parents) while we're away. He got all handsome at the groomer yesterday so I *attempted* a photo shoot.

Yes, I'm officially diagnosing him with ADHD. Either that or he just hates me. Probably both.

make that a double please, barista

Tired doesn't even begin to describe it. Another exhausted Monday morning.

Dexter got all handsome this weekend...
...& he still would not sit still long enough for a picture. I took him to the groomer Saturday while I was baby shower-ing. I always just want to cuddle with him after he goes to the groomer...he smells amazing, (minus his breath), and he's so soft. He is just not a cuddler. It's really frustrating.

We spent our Easter afternoon at my grandmother's, eating way too much & playing SkipBo. And Matteo getting in touch with his barista side, learned how to use a Keurig.

In case the Easter Bunny brought you some dinero in those eggs, here are some sales of note for today:

Ideeli: Betsey Johnson
Gilt: Tibi, Denim Shop (featuring various brands, I'm assuming)
Hautelook: 7 for All Mankind (men & women's)
RueLaLa: Tom Ford, Tea Forte (all tea products in honor of Mother's Day), Shade of Grey (home decor items in, you guessed it, shades of grey)
theFoundary: serving pieces

Let me know about any amazing purchases or great finds!

Did anyone else over eat this weekend???

1, 2....

Yesterday was a "2 BIC" kind of day

That would be BIC bands. I sported 2 yesterday ~ all day. Yes, all day. We have inventory this week, so it makes my desire to look "cute" at work that much less. Monday through Friday I put in about a 2 in effort on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being, all hands on deck, 100% effort was put in). Unless I have to go see a customer, the public really doesn't see me, so I don't see the point. Plus it makes it that much easier for me to work out as soon as I get home. But on Saturday & Sunday ~ WATCH OUT. Full force effort on those days.

Dexter was ready to camp out by the treadmill as soon as I got home. He has his ridiculously sweet moments, like these, but then he can be an absolute terror. It's our own fault ~ we named him Dexter.

He's a great treadmill buddy ~ he laid there throughout my 4 mile run. (He absolutely stinks as a running partner though.) I hit a wall at 4 miles for some reason & couldn't run any more. A half marathon seems more & more unobtainable on days like these. The first part of my run was great though. My speed was good & my leg felt AMAZING. No more sharp pains from the strain. At one point I was having a problem with motivation, but then I pictured that I was racing Kara Goucher & totally smoked her. Ha, and then I got to laughing picturing ME racing HER. Insane.

What do you do for motivation? Do you have any mantras you repeat to yourself?

Matt had a scrumptious salad waiting for me after I showered...and then we sat down to watch some amazing television.

I indulged. I love that show. I caught up from Monday night's episode just in time to see the results of who was voted off. I'm sad to report that my favorite, professional (girl) dancer, Lacey was voted off ~ I still have no earthly clue who this Mike guy is that she was paired up with.

I was super bummed. Matt even said "AW" after they announced it on the show. Sad day. Hopefully my other favs last a bit longer.

Do you watch DWTS? Please make me feel better by saying "YES" or by offering up an equally indulgent show.

I'm really procrastinating about this whole 'inventory' thing. Counting is not my idea of fun. I'm sure bossman appreciates that I'm blogging rather than counting. Off to the grind.