jewelry gift round up

These are stylist links, it will link back to my stylist website. If you already have a stylist that you love to work with, please take note of the names of the pieces & use your stylist's link. 

I have some gift ideas for you for the ladies in your life! Know their style? Use these handy guides to pick out a Stella & Dot piece that is sure to delight!

Here's the good news! Shop TODAY (December 20th) and you are guaranteed delivery by Christmas with no added cost! (Tomorrow begins the need for expediting!)

Happy Shopping!

techie gift idea + huge savings + a giveaway!

First thing - - in no way am I a "techie"....but I have a few ideas for those of you that are looking for something to gift this holiday season from the Microsoft Store!

I work from home the majority of my week, with my 2 young boys (who are 4 & 2). I need portability. I can not be tied to a desk for all 8 hours of my work day. So for me, laptops & tablets are the way to go. 

Microsoft Store recently launched their new Microsoft Surface Pro - - and in my opinion, really brings the portability that I need. 

I especially love that they have a portable docking system to really turn your tablet into a desktop!

I have been wanting to take my scripting up a notch & do some digital works. The Microsoft Store has a Surface Pen to let me do this! 

It comes with 4 different tips to take you from fine point to bold. 

And check out the Surface Dial! Put this directly on the tablet to adjust volume, change color, or turn your entire drawing! How cool is that? 

Until December 24th, you're able to save $150 on the Microsoft Surface Pro! Fellow bloggers, this may be right up your alley with blogging on the go! I know that my fellow WAHM's would love my fellow working moms who travel. 

Microsoft offers free shipping & returns. Plus there is an extended holiday return & exchange, for purchases made from November 11th thru December 31st. 

Even if Santa doesn't leave this for you under the can get your own! Enter the giveaway below to win a $500 Microsoft Store gift card!

(Giveaway open to US ONLY, 18 years and older, Giveaway runs from 12-9, 2016 to 1-6, 2017 11:59 PM EST.  Giveaway will be one $500 Microsoft Store gift card)  

 This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me. Hosts for this event are 

i'm going "there" - - - > bra-blems!

Sorry, this one's for the girls....

Ladies, we have ALL had "bra-blems". You know, those bra problems. Too loose, to gappy, too tight, not enough support....which one do you loathe the MOST?

For me? It's the bra lines. I hate seeing any kind of lines through clothing! What's the point of wearing a bra that digs in to your back fat? Yuck.

Third Love has the remedy, and is not keeping it a secret. In fact, they have this handy guide, that I think you should print out & keep for reference!

Ladies, it is time we make sure those under garments are properly fitting! "Quad boob"??? No thanks!

If you're ready to up your game, take advantage of this exclusive offer from ThirdLove....
all of my readers get 15% off with promo code TLBBOCT16
You can use that promo code on any of their bras!
Check them out:

I would love to hear form you! Sound off in the comments....what's your biggest bra-blem? 

beth moore's new study: entrusted

A little back story...before I tell you about this launch team I'm on....when I had my first son, (who is now 4), my world was rocked. As I'm sure every other woman has experienced with their first child! I was working full time, trying to be a mom, and still trying to be a loving wife! Needless to say, it felt like efforts were getting nowhere, the baby blues had beyond set in...and I was just done with life.

It was then the love of God helped my mind refocus. I have been a Christian for many years, but the importance of daily time with God, in His Word, had not been a priority. I shifted my priorities, and realized making Him number one on my "to do" list will cause the other things in life to fall in to place. I started doing Beth Moore studies, on my own. I did jump in to a few studies with my church's women ministry as well. But I spent more time studying on my own.

Fast forward to today....and 2 kids. I now have such a passion for women's ministry - specifically young moms & working moms of preschoolers. Life is tough. Raising toddlers is no joke. But putting yourself on the backburner is not the remedy to "getting through" everything. If you're not healthy, how can you raise healthy kids? If you're not focused on your relationship with God, how can you teach your children to be? Questions I battle every day.

So when the opportunity came up to help launch Beth Moore's new Bible study, Entrusted, I jumped on board!

Here is a video with some teaching snippets, and Beth explaining the study & what it is about.

Here is a quick video on the study, and how it will be formatted....with different options to suit you.

I can not wait to jump in to this study. I'm currently walking through the Armor Of God study by Priscilla Shirer, and facilitating a discussion group with some fellow women whom I love, at my church. I plan on jumping in to the Entrusted study once we break.

So tell me, are you going through a Bible study? Looking to start one? 

stella & dot: fall launch

*Please note, this post contains links which will direct you to my Stella & Dot boutique. If you already have a stylist you work with, consult with him / her for as how to change your stylist setting back to them.*

The fall line from Stella & Dot just are my top picks for updating your accessories wardrobe!

3 in 1 versatility
"Semi-precious amethyst, sun stone, rose agate, and grey agate beads create a beautiful stationary strand. This versatile piece mixes the movement of a vintage gold tassel with a beaded strand. Wear all together or each strand separately." - Stella & Dot

If you don't own ear climbers, you need to get a pair stat!
They have become such a "go to" piece for me. 

"Our Gilded Path Ear Climber lines the earlobe with vintage gold and a pop of jet black pave." 
- Stella & Dot 

3 in 1 versatility

"Semi-precious amazonite pendant hangs from a shiny silver delicate chain. Wear alone as a feminine pendant or together as a set." - Stella & Dot

If the idea of stacking bracelets causes you stress, mainly in having to figure out what to stack, how to stack, and what piece to get....this bracelet is for you! It's the layered look, but only 1 bracelet!

"Semi-precious hematite, metallic, and shiny silver beads or shiny gold coil wrap bracelet with alternating beads add dimension and interest to this coil wrap bracelet. Finished with delicate mini tassels." - Stella & Dot

What do you find yourself in need of when it comes to your accessories? Gold earrings? Rings? Bracelets? Black bag? Sound off in the comments!

beat the heat: style roundup

Florida is not know for it's "four season" weather. We have hot, hotter, and hell. In July, there is no point in wearing make up...unless you like it melting off.

Since the heat is so bad, the a/c units are kickin' it over time trying to cool us sweaty pigs off. But, we all know what happens when you're dripping with sweat, and you go into a building that is 70 degrees, or under.

You end up freezing!

So, here is my round up for how to beat the heat via your accessories....

Evy's Tree Hoodies

These have become my FAVORITE hoodie. I retired my PINK least wearing them in public...and have now been rocking the Evy's Tree brand. Yes, the price point is higher, but the quality is TOP NOTCH. Store one of these in your work bag / car / backpack, for those days when you will be inside after battling the heat. They are SUPER light weight, and come in such fun colors & designs!

You have a dress code everywhere you go - - so while you want to be naked because you can not fathom wearing any clothing in this 110 degree weather, it's pretty much frowned upon everywhere. (Well, with the exception of certain zip codes that have the "free spirit"'ll have to find those on your own.)

Here's where Kaiya Designs comes in. They have the most comfortable clothing. The pants are my favorite. They look like you bought them at a high end store, but they feel like yoga pants! The material is very light weight & breathable. (I even wore a pair to Disney World!)

The clothes can literally be for casual or dressy occasions!

And the best part? You can customize your inseam on the pants, length on blouses, and sizing on jumpsuits/rompers!!! (Tell Marcy - the designer, I sent you!)

I wear these for Pure Barre, but I LOVE these for layering outside of working out, as well! They are light weight & breathable. A MUST for Florida heat!

You need a dressy, non-flip-flop, shoe. Sorry, welcome to the real world. Luckily, these sandals are dressy enough for work, but also easily dressed down for play. (And they are on sale!!!)

Okay - now here are my 2 cents for the guys. My guys LOVE their Under Armour gear. 
Here are their top picks:
1. For my "big guy", he loves his UA pants
2. The 2 littles LOVE their tshirts
3. The 2 littles also wear the UA shorts a TON!
4. The 'big guy' swears by UA underwear....
    but I was recently told by ESPN radio to check out 
Tommy John the men's underwear company...found them on sale HERE
(if you miss the sale, you can receive 15% off your first order by signing up for emails on the TJ website)

What is "your go to piece" for tackling the heat? 

my latest obsession....

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed a ridiculous amount of scripting posts. I have taken up this movement on 'hand lettering'.

And I'm pretty obsessed.

It has been such a relaxing outlet, and it has allowed me to really put to memory scripture in the Bible!

Here are some of my recent attempts ;)

And perhaps my favorite one....

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250 classes DONE!

I did it....250 Pure Barre classes in the books! (Catch up on my 100 class post here)

Top (similar)

The community that my studio provides is hands down amazeballs! My girl, Kristen, brought in juice & champs...mimosa time!

For which Christina popped the bottle towards the wall....just missing our kick butt teacher, Amanda 

Cheers to 250!!!!

So an update on where I'm at today versus where I was back in July when I hit 100. 
1. I can do a full on split!
2. I have gained 2 inches in my biceps....not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing ;)
3. I have lost 1 inch off of each thigh
4. My endurance during class has drastically improved - I can hold positions longer, push through the shake & the burn, and I can tell when my form is not correct.
5. I have definition in my legs and stomach that I have never seen before. 

I am comfortable in my clothes again. I am comfortable wearing shorts & skirts again....and can finally rock a tank top without feeling ridiculously self conscious. 

Am I where I want to be? No. 
Am I giving myself grace? Yes. 

I am still doing my 5:30am workouts at the studio. I will be incorporating their new PLATFORM class beginning this month! The extra cardio will definitely help maximize my efforts & bring about more changes. 

Pure Barre fits my life right now. I know many other ladies out there that choose to workout at home, and at this stage in my life, it's not in the cards. When I'm home, I'm focused on the boys & my job - - - Murphy's Law reigns true in my household. My body is finally accustomed to my 4:40am that 21 days to a new habit business is not accurate for me!

So tell me, do you barre? What's your choice of workout? Home or studio / gym?

i see me + jeepers it's january blog hop!

jeepersjanuaryhop2 (2).jpg

Here's a FUN giveaway hop for you! Hosted by: The Mommy Island & The Kids Did It

I have the cutest giveaway for you all with kiddos in your lives! The sweet people over at I See Me reached out to me in regards to there "Who Loves Me?" book....not only did they send me one for my cute boys, but they also are giving away one!

My bff & her son love them as well....

But enough about that....

I See Me has some of the cutest themed personalized books out on the market. Not only do they offer books, but they also offer....

(inside is chalkboard for super cute messages!)

My boys loved their new book, "Who Loves Beau & Brooks?"

We read it after bathtime, before bed the other night. Of course Brooks' attention span is non-existent, but he recognized the familiar names!

(pajama party!)

Now it's your turn to win one! One lucky reader is going to receive the Valentine's Day edition of the Who Loves Me? book!

Shopping for Valentine's Day!? Get your orders in by February 2nd to ensure delivery! Don't forget to use your Ebates!

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