preggo workouts & preggo eating

Well ALOT has been happening in my world - none of which involve running or fashion, sadly.

I've developed new cravings: french toast & strawberries.
The cream cheese craving is still holding strong!

I'm not a food blogger, so that's all I'll write about concerning food....except to say that I tried out this recipe I found on Pinterest the other night. YUMMO!!!! Anything with cream cheese & extra cheese is decadent.

And in true "Nicole" fashion, I was missing a few ingredients, so I had to fudge a bit on the recipe. (Like instead of using RITZ crackers, I smashed up croutons.)

Sooooo the Man Behind the Bump & I did our maternity pictures this past weekend. A friend of ours just started a photography business, and was looking to expand her portfolio. You can read about the session here if you're interested. Don't want to bore you with maternity details....

One of this bigger hurdles I had during this pregnancy was trying to find pre-natal workouts. Since no longer running, and now eating ridiculous foods....I could totally "hear myself getting fatter". You know you love Tommy Boy!

So I stumbled upon this:

I've really been enjoying it. Surprisingly!!! I didn't have high hopes for it - mainly because I felt like it would be "too easy" and that I wouldn't get a good workout. Regardless, the dvd has five 10 minute segments to choose from, all incorporating Pilates moves. You can do all of them for a full body, 50 minute workout - or break them down based on your needs for the day.

If you're in the market for a prenatal workout - or even post - it's a keeper. I have yet to get annoyed with the instructor - the cueing is great, but keep in mind since you're only working in 10 minute segments be prepared to quickly go from one exercise to another. Be sure to have all the gear you need in close proximity as there is like zero time for set up. (You'll need 2 pillows, a mat, and a light set of weights.)

The workouts definitely get my heart rate up & on the buns workout, I can feel the burn :)
Love that feeling!

As a side note, I've taken such a hiatus from my love of fashion.

It's become so unbearably depressing to shop. I'm now having to clothe such a larger body and having to cope with swelling appendages. Who knew that "foot overhang" existed?

The swelling is so bad in my feet that TMBTB (the man behind the bump) had to CUT OFF MY TOE RING!!

I'm 31 weeks, and today sporting a pair of my non-maternity True Religion jeans. It may sound silly, but I find solace in being able to still fit in them. Granted they are not buttoned - but eh, potato / potahtoh.