fashion & fitness friday!

It's been a bit longer than a hot second that I've done this kind of post!

First things first - fashion.

My ensemble for this Fabulous Friday:

Top: Daytrip via Buckle
Cropped jeans: Miss Me via Buckle
Shoes: Naughty Monkey via Buckle
Necklace: Dot Bloom via Stella & Dot

I've been doing an obscene amount of shopping at Nordstrom & Buckle as of late. Nordstrom will always be my true love, but Buckle was this hidden nugget that I just recently found courtesy of the bestest Erin. I would always just walk by the store front, judging it, & assuming that they would never have anything I like. 


Don't you just love it when you're proven wrong? 

Tell me, I know you can relate! Have you ever judged a store only come to find out that you actually REALLY REALLY like it? 

In other news, I've reversed my cardio & weight training. Meaning, I'm now devoting 3 days a week to weights & 2 to cardio. 

I'm kind of liking it.

Weight days consist of circuit training with a heavy weights. I go through 5 exercises doing 10 to 12 sets, then repeat the circuit 3 times. I do my abs on these days as well. (You know, that set of muscles buried deep under layers of insulation?)

Cardio has been mainly HIIT. Sprints on the treadmill mixed with walks, all done at an incline of 8% or 10%.

Making an escape from the FL to head to the west coast today!!! Super excited!!!

What are your plans this weekend!?

breaking the mold

I'm in direct sales

Going in to my business, I knew that there was such a stigma regarding direct sales. Most related to MLM (multi level marketing) and scheming people. That "only the people at the top make the money" or that "only those that were with the company at the very beginning make money".  (How is that any different than major corporations?)

Any of this sound familiar?

While this may reign true for various companies that sign on "distributors" and have "automatic shipments" each month.....where you have to have a "right leg & a left leg".....this is not the case for my business. 

Where people get turned off with what I do is the "home party" aspect. This is not your great Aunt Tilda's tupperware company. 

How am I different?

I offer a service. I offer you the chance to get your girl friends, family, coworkers, etc. together & shop in the comfort of your own home. I offer you the chance to be styled one on one. You can try on anything without having to wait for a jewelry case or display case to be unlocked. I sell quality items that would cost twice as much if sold in major retail stores (think Nordstrom, Saks, etc). 

I am offering you the opportunity to earn literally hundreds in free product - plus the ability to buy at half off. Wine, your favorite girls, and fabulous accessories - who wouldn't enjoy that??

I know that having a home party trunk show is not everyone's cup of tea. Just like I'm not on board with every direct sales company. 

All I ask is that people change their mind sets about direct sales. Do you realize my business has provided many women the financial freedom to quit their full time job? On top of that, many of us that are mom's are able to stay home with our kids, set our schedules to the kid's needs, and still bring in an income? 

Buying from brand ambassadors is just a way of supporting your local market. You're helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get braces, a car to get repaired, or a family to go on a vacation. 

Just like buying from local produce stands, you're supporting your local farmers. 

What are your experiences with direct sales?

Would you ever consider selling?

Have you ever hosted a direct sales company in your home?