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SheRunsLA 10K - recap

I'm a misinformed ding dong. As I mentioned before, I thought this race was starting at 4/27/11 at 4pm no, that would be 4pm PST.

womp, womp

So naturally, I started getting really aggravated when I synced my run & it didn't automatically apply. And then I saw the time difference...

However, the great people at Nike+ recommended I contact the info email address & explain the problem. I did, they of course put me at ease explaining they could fixed everything.

Naturally, I have a dark cloud that looms over my head & my run still didn't appear. So today, I re-ran the 10K.

This was my first 10K...I'm super proud to have finally done something other than a 5K....even though this was only a virtual 10K. And hey, I ran it twice!

Prior to the race, the organizers sent out a "challenge" email associated with the race. Challenging me & others in my area / region, to run the race in the shape of the letter "R". I opted to not partake in the challenge for a few reasons:
  1. I could not get Nike+ website to cooperate when I was trying to use the map feature
  2. In order to start at my house & run the required distance in the shape of the letter "R" is impossible. The letter "S" however IS possible...& I didn't want to be the only tard monkey running an "S" route.
  3. Mattpew had meetings today, which meant he couldn't stay & work from home = Dexter in his crate for 8 hours. I felt guilty coming home, letting him out, and then crating him again so I could leave & run an "R".

So I chose to run an "I" and used my TM ~ me being a tard monkey was inevitable. I embraced it & ran my "I" as best as I could. Luckily I just synced my run, not my route :)

I had a great supporter....

The race route entertainment was superb....

I didn't get anxious over the issue of "will there be port-o-lets or not??"...because I had one right down the hall...

And I even got some well wishes from Mr. Bass on my way out of the potty...
:) Matt had the decorating decision when it came to the guest bath...
so it's all "bass fishing" themed. Mr. Bass here keeps our TP safe

I ran this race without receiving a finisher's medal. That right there is a big deal folks.

Yesterday my time was 54:29, today my time was exactly 1 hour. Can I just take the average please?  I really wanted to be under 1 hour.

Either way, it apparently wasn't fast enough for Dexter...
I get my best sleep during movies, he gets his best sleep next to the treadmill
Post race, I indulged in a bowl of cheerios with honey drizzled on top; while the chicas that did this race in LA got to enjoy a Michael Posner concert! 

thursday randomness...

Today is my Friday! Can I get a hal-le-lu-yer!?!?

In other news: I'm a ding dong.

The SheRunsLA 10K was scheduled to start yesterday at 4pm. So I ran at 5pm & then synced my ipod to upload my run to the challenge on Nike+

womp, womp.

The 4pm start time was PACIFIC TIME. I'm East Coast.

So, I've got another 10K scheduled for today. I'm taking it as a sign that I really need to increase my mileage!


Do you have a gym membership?

I used to have a gym membership, but cancelled it right after Matt & I got married.

I'm really missing it now.

The days that I should cross train, make me miss group fitness. That's the only reason I want a gym membership.


Yesterday was Admin Professionals Day

I think my job title is still up for debate. Some days I'm an "office manager", other days I'm an "administrative assistant".
Regardless, I got a nice card & gift card from boss man, aka "dad".

Did you receive anything?


PopSugar is having this giveaway...where the only requirement is to let them know your all time, top 10, favorite stars.

Details here

I did it! Could be my only chance to ever score a Chanel bag! (Unless Matt gets a wild hair...)

Other items up for grab: Hermes Kelly bag, Hermes cuff, Rolex

What top 10 did you pick!? (If you chose to participate, of course)

My picks:
1. Jen Aniston
2. Jen Garner
3. Bradley Cooper
4. Adam Sandler
5. Heidi Klum
6. Matthew McConaughey
7. Courtney Cox
8. Sandra Bullock
9. Sarah Jessica Parker
10. Victoria Beckham

Apparently you can do various lists for additional entries!


More importantly, for those of you that may have experienced the deadly weather yesterday in Alabama, I hope you made it through safe. Friends of ours in Tuscaloosa spent the day in their bathtub, due to the tornadoes. I couldn't imagine.
My prayers are with you all!

technology hates me

Does anyone else have issues with their ipod?
I just synced my run for today....4.56 miles & went to review my mileage for the month. It only logged today's run for this week.


I ran 2.4 yesterday, & it's not showing up.

It could be operator error...but honestly, it's the same routine after every run.

I just hope it doesn't do this tomorrow. I have the 10K...

Yes I have until 4pm on April 28th to sync it...but I only have a small window of time where I'm able to run.

Is anyone else planning to run this event?

Speaking of - my shirt arrived...

And if you're in the market for new running tops - these Nike tops are great. Super comfortable & great fabric.

I'm off to entertain Dexter until Matteo arrives home from work.
I have a weird hankering for sweet potato - - - dinner is planned!

Do you ever get weird cravings after a workout?
I always crave milk after a long run.