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some newbies for friday

I took yesterday as an "unplanned rest day".
So no workouts.

Yesterday was also filled with some NEWBIES!

NEWBIE #1 - a baby

Matteo called to tell me that my SIL had her baby! I figured I could take a "rest day" to go meet the little guy...

Garrett Alexander

By the time we got home, I was too hungry to run.  
So Matteo made dinner....while I shaved my legs.

Eating & shaved legs are more important, right?
Don't judge.

NEWBIE #2 - a guest post
For those of you interested in fashion & shoes...I did my first *guest post* on a fabulous blog yesterday! Angie at The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About is turning 30 & asked that I do a post geared towards shoes - specifically a hot 30 list. If you'd like to check it here!

NEWBIE #3 - nutrition tips
More importantly - have you checked out the
new MyPlate vs. the old MyPyramid?

so last year...

ta da!
Incase you ever want to read up on the Dietary Guidelines, it's really informative at 112 pages long.

My opinion? I feel that the MyPlate is a much better visual representation of portion sizes when comparing the different food groups. Granted, individuals need to have an understanding of what exactly a portion size of what they're eating, before they can go "comparing".

Read more here:

Because I'm are some Handy Reminders regarding portions & measurements:

photo courtesy of manitoba healthy living

And another option for visual imagery:

photo courtesy of diets in review

NEWBIE #4 - a race

I registered for my first 1/2 marathon yesterday! Granted, when the race does roll around, it probably won't be my actual first marathon, since others are on my radar for the end of this year. But nonetheless...I registered for one.


NEWBIE #5 - a few votes

I got some more likes on my shoes video!

I could really use a BUTTLOAD's my competition.

Please help!


And that concludes the Newbies for Friday - normally my Thursdays aren't so thrilling.

Enjoy your Friday! Halleluyer it is the weekend!

babies, babies, babies

Saturday's post that I was too exhausted to post on Saturday:
7 miles on TM

My MIL & I threw a baby shower today for my SIL, Jen!! It was such a sweet time, and she got some great goodies for little Garrett.

And I learned a fun fact! (No, not how babies are conceived...I know the stork brings them!)

BUT that, every daughter / granddaughter that my MIL has, has the middle name "Nicole"! How crazy is that!? There's 1 daughter, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 1 granddaughter. So pretty much Matt's single brother will know he met "the one" if her middle name is Nicole. (Jarrod take note!) I'm just the odd ball that goes by their middle name.

So back to the shower...I used my decorations as gifts to Jen. Aren't I practical?

Here's her clothesline for baby Garrett:

 And the diaper cake:

The top lollipop was a onesie, and then I wrapped up 2 more onesies, each like a piece of sit on the side of the cake:

Me, MIL, SIL, Gramma, and SIL's little sister

The shower seemed like a success!

I'm really getting in to the whole "diaper cake" thing! They make great gifts - not only because of the diapers, but also because of all the other baby necessities you can use on it.

Here's one the my friend Erin & I made for our friend Veronica:
Front shot

Side shot

Close up of lollipop toppers

babies v. weddings

Last week was a horribly, stressful week. I finished Friday off with a half day at work...then headed home to "de-stress" by working out.

Friday's workout: legs & back circuit, abs, 3 miles

Then Matthew & I met up with our fab friends Emily & Casey for a tastey meal at Seasons 52! As our waiter informed us, "Seasons 52 prides themselves on the fact that each meal is 475 calories or less". I'm pretty sure I worked out in order to eat that evening. It was delicious!

I needed to get a longer run in this today was the day. Ran 7 miles this morning...first half was at a faster pace than the last half.

Then we headed to Bville for a wedding!

Last year was the "year of weddings"...

Wedding #1
Brittany's wedding...bridesmaid in this one...we picked our attire (just had to stick with chocolate brown)
 so I went with Marc Jacobs dress, Steve Madden shoes
(Ideeli purchase)

Wedding #2
Mindy's wedding...I wore a Walter dress, Betsey Johnson belt
(a Bluefly purchase)

 Wedding #3
Amanda & Tom's wedding (Tom was in ours)...I wore a Betsey Johnson dress & jewelry
(a Rue La La purchase)

Wedding #4 
Betsy's wedding celebration (her wedding was in the Bahamas)....Betsey Johnson dress (how appropriate)

Wedding #5
Erin's wedding...bridesmaid in this one...she picked our dresses, we picked our shoes

our "prom" pose...

Wedding #6
Ashley's wedding...I wore an ECI dress (an Ideeli purchase)
Our infamous "married couples" picture...we did this at every wedding, it's now a tradition

And then I had 2 friends that had babies in 2010.

This year though....babies are beating weddings. I have several friends/family members that are expecting, bringing the score to:
Babies: 5
Weddings: 2

One wedding was Susannah & Philip's outdoor wedding. We had super crummy weather this past week (fitting for my horrible week) I was getting nervous for her. But hallelujah, the rain quit yesterday, and today was aboslutely PERFECT Florida weather!

We missed out on a pic with the gorgeous bride & groom...
but here's Matteo & I

It was a little windy...pardon my unruly & uncooperative hair.
Hale Bob dress
(Rue La La purchase)

The ceremony was so pretty, except for these furry, ugly caterpillars that were literally raining down from trees. Huge distraction for me...especially since one bounced off of our friend's head & onto my dress. And then somehow Matthew got some random smutz on his trousers...yours truly had to get it off for him. There was no tasteful way to do was just not in a good place on his rear, and there wasn't a bathroom to escape to. It's the random things in life...