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we are F A M I L Y

I recently took a significant PLUNGE into the WAYYYY deep end of the pool.....

I decide to add on my business adventures: KEEP Collective AND EVER Skincare


Because I'm crazy.
And because I really believe in the mission that Stella & Dot has. Stella & Dot is now a family of brands, appealing to a much broader audience.

I have had an amazing response to KEEP Collective and this business lets my creativity soar. Customers are able to design their own pieces, in a sense. Everything is a la carte. You begin with a base piece, and then add these charms called "keys".

I LOVE executing ideas for customers - so if you have ANY - please email me!!!

So sure, you can see why I'd jump in to KEEP, but why EVER???? Well two big reasons....
1. my skincare regimen was not existent - I was in need of a new regimen
2. me & MattyB have been "cleaning up" our eating habits, and every household product we it was time I implemented that with my skin!

EVER Skincare is totally botannically based. Seriously, stop reading, go to your cosmetics / skincare products & read the ingredients in them, then google them. Kinda scary huh????

I love this video....take the 5 minutes & please watch it. Then email me that you did & what you learned.

I believe in this product & so does the company....there is a 45 day money back guarantee!!!!!

Email me for an introductory offer. I'm offering such a sweet deal because I want you to clean up your skincare graveyard ;)

fashion & fitness friday!

Happy holiday weekend FRIDAY!!!! Can I get a WOOP, WOOP!?
So stinkin' excited for the weekend to be here.

For the fashion aspect of today's post....I have been living in my barre gear lately. Like dirtball, head to work, straight after class (even though I go home first to get the boys). So a few "staple" pieces to at least make me look presentable:

1. Zella sweater - - > this sweater is SOOO lightweight. Just gives you that coverage to make you feel like you aren't showing everything. Plus it has thumbholes. Thumbholes just make any outfit complete ;)

2. On the Mark necklace - - I live in this necklace....literally. I wear it with everything. I think it's a mixture of how cute it is but also the meaning of the arrow. It's always a great reminder to see when I look in the mirror at barre class.

3. LTB bracelet

(Shoot me an email if you want more info on this bracelet!)

For the fitness aspect of today's post...I was recently asked to share more on my fitness regimen by Petro over at ETB Fit.
ETB is just starting up....I invite you to go check out the philosophy behind the brand HERE.

What foods do you eat pre-workout?
Well, when I've been "good" & prepped my meals, I normally 'eat on the go'. I have a 15 minute drive to my Pure Barre studio at the ungodly hour of 5am. Since I sleep until the very last minute, I have to have food that is literally grab.and.go! So my 3 go to items are: hard boiled eggs, almond butter quinoa bars, & english muffin with almond butter. I am normally famished come the middle of class, so even if I'm not "hungry", I normally force myself to eat something during my drive.

What do you listen to during your workout?
Whatever the Pure Barre mix is for the day!!! If I'm lucky to get a workout in at home with my animals kiddos, I normally am not able to wear I listen to them playing, or screaming, or crying.....

How do you switch up certain routines daily / weekly to stay motivated?
Motivation has not been an issue for me lately. The variety of Pure Barre workouts has been amazing. It's entirely different from when I ran 24/7....and did the occasional Physique 57 workout or Ballet Physique. The camaraderie at the studio, encouragement by the instructors & just the FUN of the workouts, keeps me so motivated & interested in the workouts. Plus no 2 workouts are exactly the same. Even if I went every day Sunday through Saturday, not one of the 55 minute sessions would be the exact same. Variety is the spice of life ;)

What do you eat or do after your workout to make sure you got the most out of your workout?
I recently discovered the importance of this!!! I am so happy to share :) So as soon as I get home, I make a PWO shake. I am totally addicted to the CLICK brand's Caramel one. So yummy!!! I just put 12 oz of water in my shaker, 2 scoops of the mix & shake, shake, SHAKE! I used to mix it with Almond Milk, but I prefer the water. I also recently started using BCAA's. I haven't quite found a favorite though....the ones I have tried are wayyyyyy sweet, so what should take me minutes to drink, takes me an hour :/ I'm currently using THIS brand.
So I drink my protein shake while I'm making my breakfast. I am a creature of habit, my breakfast is always 2 eggs & lots of spinach! I can go through 2 cartons of bulk spinach in a week, easy. Along with an 18 pack of eggs. MattyB on the other hand, thinks it's ridiculous :)
I also take my multivitamin.....which I loathe taking this is huge. I was introduced to the FitMiss brand by the fab Kate Horney - so I take their vitamins. FitMiss also has their own protein shakes....I use their Chocolate flavor one to annihilate my sweet tooth. It's awesome for making a brownie batter shake & a chocolate mug cake.

Something to have to enjoy your workout. If you don't enjoy it, you won't stay motivated....especially if you are not seeing any "results". Speaking of results....stop letting the scale determine those results! Take your measurements....notice how your clothes fit....and even pat yourself on the back if you made the choice to NOT have a coke today. It's small changes over time that make lasting results! There is no quick fix. It's hard work & determination!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my progress check in. But here you go if you missed it ;)

I would love to hear from you! Share your Friday-YAY with me! Results? Workouts? Cute new outfit? Spill your guts in the comments!

can you KEEP a secret?

Have you heard about KEEP Collective?

From the fabulous CEO of Stella & Dot, Jessica Herrin comes the latest & greatest in personalized jewelry!

Affordable pieces to customize & share your story.

How does it work?

Then just add "keys" that you love, or keys that share a story.

Have a "theme"....

Or just brag on those you love...

These make great teachers gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts.....seriously, any occasion.

Best yet? You can earn free products!!!

Head over to and check out the new line!

So what would you design? Bracelet? Necklace?

What keys are your favorite!?