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it IS a Good Friday!

I normally don't post about food - but my lunch the past few days has been nothing short of yummy. I branched away from the eggs for lunch (don't worry though, they're still in my breakfast), and have been creating wraps.

Wednesday's wrap...cut up like sushi :)

So the picture doesn't do it justice...but it was super yummy!
Canned tuna (drained), greek yogurt, Lousianna hot sauce, and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow's garlic & herb cheese (you could really use any flavor - I decided I wanted to have KICKIN' breath) - - mix it all together & shmear it on a whole wheat wrap. Delish. (I also had some strawberries incase you were dying to know).

I devoured my lunch Thursday before taking a picture of it - BUT it consisted of hummus & spinach leaves all wrapped up. I chose peaches instead of strawberries as the side item.

And today? Well it's chicken with another wedge of that yummy Laughing Cow garlic & herb & some more spinach! Strawberries on the side of course.

I'm ecstatic it's Friday. It's been a long week. And I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow with my M-I-L for my S-I-L! 

Have any weekend plans??? Are you on Spring Break?? (I'm jealous if you are.)

I think Spring Break should be a recognized holiday week by ALL. Except for the mall. I'd want to shop while I was holiday-ing :)