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Fashion Rules PAR-TAY

So I've been out of commission the past week as far as running goes. I logged a whopping 4 miles. Apparently I had a muscle strain from the ESPN race (which, b-t-dub, that recap & pics are "soon to come"). So the strain started the day after race & really started kicking in 2 days later. I pushed through the pain at first but then it just got ridiculously painful & I figured that the shooting pain up my leg was no good. Hence began my "RICE" evenings. I still did P90X with the hubs though. I had to do some sort of exercise...
On the plus side it freed me up to attend a super fun fashion party with my fellow fashionable friend Betsy!

It was a fashion show at Neiman's to benefit the Ryan Nece Foundation. We got there just in time to see the show ~ we ran fashionably late of course :) (Har, har, har)

After the show, we headed down to the Chanel boutique to shop, I mean drool. Then we had the most fun idea ever: let's go to the SHOES!

And so began our play time in the shoes ~ I'm pretty sure, even though Bets' "shoe guy" was there & condoning what we were doing ~ the people on the other end of the security cameras were not pleased. But come on...they were Louboutins :)

Betsy in the dominatrix black, and me in Glenda the good witch's sparkly blue (NO those are not the proper names)

I was really diggin' the blue ~ but they didn't have my size :(
Yup that's the only reason I didn't get them ~ nothing to do with the price tag of course!

Think I should send this shot to Christian Louboutin??? I'm thinking it may very well land me that amazing modeling career I've always dreamed of!

I can be normal:

In other fun news, I got a FedEx package the other day & in it was this cute little guy:

A miniature shoe box with this AMAZING thing inside:

Ha, I was pretty stoked ~ I had won a Nike gift card thanks to FitSugar!
How long was it in my posession before I used it!?!