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new to 'accessorizing'? start here

I was browsing through updated information on my site and came across a 6 to mix boutique.

I thought it would make a great post for anyone 'new' to the world of accessories - or for anyone that finds the whole idea of 'accessorizing' overwhelming.

Step 1: Find a good statement piece
This could be a statement necklace or a statement bracelet. Something that is BIG and BOLD. Something that makes a statement. The great thing about statement pieces is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. They can be paired with your LBD for a cocktail party, or paired with your tshirt & jeans.
Here are some ideas for you.....
The Sutton necklace. I did a post about the ways of wearing this necklace HERE.
Versatility is always a plus when making a purchase!
The Mae necklace. A total steal at only $49.
Wear it alone OR pack a bigger punch by layering it with the Somervell & Christina.

The Kahlo Bracelet. Mixed metals? Yes please!
LOVE this piece.

The Petra Bracelet. So sparkly & shiny.
Screams rocker glam chic.

Step 2: An arm party makes anything better
Stacking bracelets is another way to make a statement - but perhaps in a more subdued way. Different strokes for different folks. I love layering bracelets and have found that depending on the occasion, I'm more apt to stack my wrist versus wearing 1 large statement piece. (Why wear 1 when you can wear 5?!)
How do you know which bracelets to stack? If you like 'em, stack 'em! Anything goes.
Here are some ideas.....
Opt to stay with gold tones
(L to R)

Stay sparkley
(L to R)

Flash some rose gold hues
(L to R)

 Mix your metals
(L to R)

Step 3: A little sparkle can go a long way
Invest in a sparkle piece. Big sparkle or little sparkle, you really can't go wrong. Sparkle can be dressed up or down, and really is a must have piece in any jewelry box.
Here are some ideas.....

Step 4: Get an everyday piece, like a keepsake
If you come from a long line of women that love jewelry, chances are good you already have a delicate cross necklace from your great grandmother, or maybe a set of pearl earrings from your mom. Maybe your were gifted a keepsake piece from a relative, for a special occasion? These are great pieces to wear every day. 
Here are some ideas....

Initial Charm

I am a huge fan of keepsake necklaces! They make such a great, thoughtful gift. 
Commemorating a birth, a marriage, a graduation, a birthday, or any other monumental occasion in life. 
Check out all the charms & create your own with this easy step by step guide HERE.

Step 5: Be sure to have some essential pieces that are silver or gold or both!
An essential base is always good. Simple pieces that can in essence, go with any outfit. Yes, the keepsake pieces can serve for this....but here are few other pieces.

 Valor Pendant

Step 6: Get a reliable 'go to' stud
Seriously, as of late, I wear studs every day. Mainly because I'm on the phone so much there is no "clanking" of my earring hitting the phone - but more so because my toddler can not grab hold of them and YANK.
These first two are my 'go to' ones. 

So, did this help you formulate any kind of ideas? 
Feel overwhelmed, or underwhelmed? 
Let me know if you have questions!

In the mean time, here's a chance to WIN some of these pieces.....the giveaway for that gift certificate ends the 9th!!!! ENTER HERE