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ripped like ripa

Training Run Recap:
Saturday - 8 miles, 10:10 pace
Monday - 5 miles, 10:00 pace

Ha, I'm totally killing the 10 minute pace that the plan is telling me to stick to! Actually it's supposed to be 10:30 pace, but whatevs. It just seems like I should be running faster.

My Physique57 goods arrived today!

Super excited to try out those workouts.

My goal is to look like Kelly Ripa in 30 days....

Totally kidding...I don't look good as a blonde.
(Haha, as if that's the only reason I wouldn't look like her)

Don't worry...I understand the fundamentals of "realistic goal setting".

Try any new workouts lately?

In case you missed it, this past weekend was Matty's 29th birthday.

guess who likes to fresh water fish!?

Those gift bags are "HIS" gift bags. Literally, when I bought them (a pack of 12, have you) he said "these are mine", "my gifts go in them". Ha, I remember using 1 as a gift bag for someone else & when he saw it, he instantly corrected me on my error.

I LOVE giving gifts. I think giving gifts is my love language.

Gary Chapman has a book called the 5 Love Languages - where you can learn which language most makes you feel loved & the one that you most often use to show love to someone.
There's a quiz that you can take to discover which love language makes you feel loved, here.
So like I said, I show love by giving gifts, but I feel loved through words of affirmation.

Pretty much I need you to tell me the extent of my awesomeness in order for me to understand that you do love me.
Just kidding.

Do you ever take online personality assessments?

crappy miles & a kettleball

Yesterday's run...was dreadful.

It was a 'mile repeats' run: 1 mile warmup, 1 mile @ 8:25, .5 mile recovery, 1 mile @ 8:25, .5 mile recovery, & 1 mile cooldown.

Here's what actually took place:
1 mile warmup
.75 mile @ 7.2mph - - > look at ipod to check my pace & see that it's reading "10:00/mile"....I then start cursing the day it was created.
Hop off treadmill to get other ipod...oh, yes, I DO have a dark cloud over my head...the other ipod is DEAD.
Back on treadmill for .5 mile recovery while trying to correct the ipod's calibration.
.5 mile @ 7.2mph - - -> super frustrated that I can't get an exact judge on my pace.
1.5 miles @ 6mph - - > which my ipod interprets as 11:34/mile

Needless to say, I want to get all Office Space on my ipod & destroy it with a baseball bat.

We'll see how today's "easy run" goes.

I love how Dexter looks at me when I start yelling at the ipod nano.
"mom, you're crazier than me"

After the horrid excuse for a run, I opted to do Jillian Michaels' Shred It With Weights dvd
You have the option of using a kettleball or a dumbbell. I chose to use my new 5lb kettleball. I think 8lbs would have been better for me, but whatevs.

I did Level 1. Both Level 1 & 2 are 30 minute circuits (25 minutes of hard work, 5 minutes of warmup / cooldown).

It's circuit training but with bursts of cardio. Plus the weight training moves are pretty explosive...meaning it's not just a bicep curl or overhead press, you're literally swinging that kettleball around.

The house made it out alive after the workout. I feared a bit for the television at times, but alas, I gripped that kettleball like there was no tomorrow.

I'm interested to see how much more advanced Level 2 is.

Have you tried this dvd before? Or do you ever incorporate kettleballs?


So, have you heard about the summit?

Is anyone planning to attend????

I fell asleep during Modern Family last night...which led to me sleeping through Cougar Town.

I hate when that happens.

my brain is working overtime

Training run: easy run, 5 miles, 10:00 pace

It was such a weird run. My ipod was not working properly (surprise there) so my mileage according to it was 3.5, while my treadmill showed 5.01 miles. Ree-donk-ulous.

I don't know what's worse...trying to calibrate my ipod so it doesn't show 6 miles at a 6:52 pace...only to end up with it showing 3.57 miles at an 11:02 pace. Um?

My mind has been racing with many other questions for the past weeks. We've had a lot on our plates, both with family & work.

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

Why do some people make it their goal to make other's lives more difficult? What's the purpose of someone giving me a hard time over something so inconsequential? Or why purposely bully someone? Is it just to make yourself feel better?

Why can't I just 'let things go'...why do I have to hold on to everything?

If the Lord calls us to forgive & forget, then why do I have this impeccable memory?
Granted, it can be for my protection at times...recognizing potential problems based on past incidences. But for those people that I love that have hurt me in the past, why can't those incidences be erased from memory?

Why do I always end up comparing my fitness level to other's? My body isn't made to do what the finest runners bodies can do. So why do I continually compare?  

Why do I look in the mirror & always find a flaw? Will the day ever come that I can look in the mirror & be at peace with what I see?

With that said, why do I always compare my body to a celebrity's body? Or a friend's body. Or some random woman I see in a store.

Why when I show emotion, am I labeled as  "emotional" or "too sensitive"? Sometimes a girl just needs to cry. Sometimes a good cry can fix everything. It's like magic tears.

Why wasn't it my accomplishments & hard work that earned me a managerial position? Why do people always assume it's because "daddy runs the company"? Or in the case of many other women, it's because "they slept their way to the top". Can't a woman be successful?

Why am I so stubborn when it comes to asking for forgiveness, or admitting I was wrong?

Why is my brother considered "disabled", and me "normal"...when his outlook on life is one that everyone should strive to have. Maybe I'm the "disabled" one & he, along with every other person that has a "disability", are actually "normal". What is "normal" any way?

What's the purpose of worrying? It won't fix anything & it definitely can't prevent something from happening. So why waste the time & energy?

And for the love of Pete, why on earth does someone cut me off / pull out in front of me, to then do 10 mph under the posted speed limit? Seriously?

I could just have way too much going on in my life right now. I could just be bearing the burden of some things that those I love are faced with right now. Or I could just be further reiterating that I'm a girl who thinks WAY too much.

Either way...I need to make it a goal to abandon negative thinking as far as my fitness & body goes. I need to let go of things more & realize that life on earth isn't forever. I need to make it easy to say "I'm sorry", and I need to practice forgetting past hurts.  

shake what yo mamma gave ya

Workout: distance run, 8 miles, 9:54 to 10:15 pace

I opted to get my run in this AM before our Mother's Day festivities began. I knew I'd have zippo energy once we returned home.

We attended service at my parent's new church, per mom's request :) did the family thing there. Then MattyB & I went to our church for our "newlywed" class ~ where the topic was personalities. We did personality quizzes...I'm melancholy/phlegmatic, Matty's sanguine/choleric. Literally, complete opposites.

Paul Abdul, yes, you are correct - - > opposites DO attract.

Afterwards we met up with the fam, for brunch at The Tampa Club.

MIL, grandma, mom

We kicked off brunch with gifts. Practicality was the theme this year, so they each got a personalized Tervis Tumbler with lid.

mimosa anyone?

YAY, buffet!

ralphie & grandma hogging the omelet station...

skrimps - and downtown Tampa Bay

and appropriately named, "sexy grits"

and this magnificent beauty greeted you in the rotunda

Yes, I went and filled my plate 3 times.
Don't judge me.

Once I finished filling the gifted tumblers with "sexy" grits (since doggie bags are not an option)...we headed downstairs, without falling, for some photo ops.

Matty & his mama

Take 1...

Take 2...

a little somethin' extra for you...i promise i have 5 toes
the shoes are just worth a closeup

What I'm Wearing
Dress: Mimi Chica (Nordstrom Rack)
Belt: Betsey Johnson (Nordstrom)
Shoes: Betsey Johnson via RueLaLa (see shopping site tab for invite)
Polish: Mimosa by Chanel (Nordstrom)

As I predicted, I have no energy. All that eating really took a toll on me :)

For all you moms, hope your day was filled with love & appreciation!

short & sweet, with a shout out

I'm a "half is glass empty" kind of gal, so I'm super bummed that the weekend is almost over.

Yesterday, I did my 4 mile, easy run, at a 9:54 pace...even though the plan said 10:30 pace. Oops.

Last night Aunt Suz (Matt's aunt), had us over for taco night & games. I killed the guacomole. I could have licked the bowl clean...but I feared emberassing Matt. I know Aunt Suz wouldn't have judged me though :)

Today was an 'easy peasy' day - - which to me, means rest day, no workout. I finished up my chores around 9am, and then met up with Erin for a mani/pedi, and then we came back & layed out at my pool. (Where, by the way, I had the RUDEST encounter with a grumpy old man. Literally. Some people just WANT to make your life difficult.)

We're off to meet up with friends & NOT eat bat at this place...

They really do serve bat - the winged kind, not the wood kind

But before I go, I have to give a shout out to my girl, Emily.

She's doing the "couch to 5k" training program. Yesterday was her longest run to date. A full 20 minutes...

And she completed it!!!


Enjoy your Saturday night & be a "glass is half full" kind of person.
You have a whole evening & full day left of "weekend-ness"!

running issues

Yesterday was my tempo run:
1 mile warmup, 10:00 pace
3 miles, 8:54 pace
1 mile cooldown, 10:00 pace

I felt absolutely craptastic afterwards.

Does that ever happen to you?

I ate plenty throughout the day. At 3pm (ish) I had a Luna Bar, and then I ran at 4:45pm. By that time I had about 1 liter of water to drink (drank that throughout the course of my work day)...a little less than where I'm normally at, at that time of the day.

Immediately after my run, I felt fine. Great actually! I stretched for 10 minutes, and that's when the crud-factor set in.

I was exhausted & just wanted to sleep. By the time Matt got home I had developed chills & was ridiculously lightheaded. Once I showered & had milk, I started to feel better. So it could have been a "refueling" issue, & I just didn't do it quick enough?

I didn't do anything different than I normally do yesterday - except that it was my first tempo run. Normally I would just try & run all 5 miles at my goal pace or faster, without the mile warmup/cooldown.

hmmm, maybe I'm going about this all the wrong way?

Today I'm supposed to run 4 miles at an "easy pace". I'm sure I'll be fine, I'm not even worried about feeling cruddy after.

Do you ever experience anything like that? Have you been able to narrow it down to certain causes?

cinco de mayo

We had our Mexican meal 2 nights ago, or else I'd definitely be noshing on something Mexican themed for dinner. I made something on the lines of an open faced quesadilla bake?

I really don't know what to call it, but it was good.
Cooked 2 chopped up chicken breasts with rosemary/garlic, and 2 tsp EVOO
Heated up some black beans on the stove while the chicken was cooking
Once everything was heated/cooked, I layered all my ingredients in a pan like this:
2 whole wheat soft taco shells on the bottom (side by side)
Layer of salsa
Layer of chicken
Layer of 2 more shells, side by side
Layer of black beans
Shredded cheese sprinkled on top
Baked it for 5 minutes at 400*, then another 5 minutes at 350*

I consider it a good meal when:
1. Matteo goes back for seconds
2. Matteo asks "is there enough left for lunch?" as opposed to "you'll eat this for lunch tomorrow, right?" (the second question pretty much implies, "it's on you babe to finish this hot mess or toss it")
3. Matteo says "this has good flavor" (he says that I'm hard-to-please, but he's just as hard-to-please when it comes to food)
4. Matteo doesn't eat a bowl of cereal right after dinner or at any other point that evening

So, if you're going Mexican tonight in honor of the festivities, here are some helpful tips:
**Guacamole ~ even though avocados are a great source of good fat, they still have to be consumed in moderation. Don't eat all the guac! (preaching to myself here)
**Chips ~ if you can't skip them, be modest & pick a number in your head of how many you'll eat. Stick to that number (like 12, 14...not 50)
**Watch out for the taquitos / flautas / chimichangas, since they tend to be deep fried
**If you're a sucker for sour cream (like me), try using Greek yogurt instead
**Try sticking to black beans as a side item & skip the rice, especially if you're craving chips


I opted to take a rest day yesterday rather than do any circuit trainings. So instead, Matteo & I went up to Dick's Sporting Goods, Ross, & TJ Maxx.

I don't know what it is, but the fishing section of Dick's Sporting Goods, really makes me want to take a nap.

Anyone else?

Matteo picked out more fishing lures...(as if he needs more)
those are all unopened packs on the wall...
and he says I'm a collector...

I love that he's so passionate about fishing :) makes me feel better about myself with my crafting supplies.

Once he decided he had found the best deals - we headed over to TJ, to get our Maxxinista on. I found kettle balls for $5.99 & $9.99! Ross was kind of a wasn't the right day to find any treasures, for me at least. Matteo always finds great deals there & walked away with some goods.

Find any great deals lately on fitness equipment, clothes, etc?

Today is my tempo run...followed by a kettle ball circuit (maybe). I really want to try them out today, but who knows how I'll feel after the run.

wine, dine, & rock n roll

I did my "easy run" yesterday - 4 miles at a 10:15 pace. (I was supposed to do them at a 10:30 pace, but I'm a nar nar & couldn't quite nail down that pace.)

I really, really, REALLY appreciate all your input from yesterday on the half's. Surprisingly, I'm leaning more towards the Wine & Dine...I think I would be okay with it being at night. I've been doing 90% of my runs in the evening, so hopefully I'll be okay.

The only thing I'm a wee bit worried about: my bedtime.

I am normally out cold by 10pm. (If not before...I've been known to narc out at 7pm)

Hopefully I won't be the ding dong that falls asleep at the 5 mile marker. (You'll know where to find me, Matt, if I never cross the finish line!)

Per your suggestion, I checked out the OUC half...& the only thing with that is, it's scheduled 1 week before the inaugural Rock n Roll half in Miami.

I'm not Skinny Runner who can bust out 2 fulls in the same weekend...I have to choose, one or the other...& this is only halfs! It really stinks, because the Rock n Roll half in Vegas is also 1 week before the Miami one...and that one would be A-MAZ-ING

Have you ever run a Rock n Roll half or full?

My next "planned" run, according to this training plan is tomorrow. I'm inner battling right now because I really need to do some strength training today, but I also really need a manicure. My cuticles are all kinds of jacked.

Oh the turmoil.

Do you use certain training plans for races?

The one I'm using is one I found in Runner's World mag a few months back.


I have to do it...

Dancing With the Stars results were last night...

Kendra Wilkinson & Lousi van Amstel

I liked Kendra ~ I was sorry to see her go.

But I'm super glad that these cool cats are still on...

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

I really have no clue who Chelsea is, except that she's an actress & she was on a Disney show (according to articles). 

Sorry, I don't really venture away from the ABC channel...they currently have all my favorites (with the exception of Criminal Minds).

Either way, her & Mark are such an awesome duo.