oh, i've missed you

Where has 2011 gone!?!

And why have I not posted anything for months??

For those reading for health & fitness tips - sorry for the slack. I always thought I'd be one to exercise the ENTIRE time of being pregnant. The whole nausea / puking thing really threw me for a loop though. I'm happy to report though that the nausea has subsided. HALLELUYER.

Well, I say it subsided - yesterday the puking portion reared its ugly head & I hacked up lunch.
You.are.welcome for that mental image.

When I do decide to exercise lately, I've been doing the walking thing on the treadmill. I normally crank up the incline from 5% to 10%, and walk anywhere from 3.5mph to 4.5mph. I have incorporated a little of the Physique57 workouts, like the Arms & Abs dvd (minus the abs), the Thigh & Seat dvd, and the volume 1 of the full body dvd. I would LOVE to be doing prenatal yoga, but my procrastination has yet to find an instructor.

So as of tomorrow, I will be 22 weeks. We found out that our little bambino has a winkie :) Which Matteo was super stoked about having a son (even though he refuses to admit that he was pulling for a boy). We recorded a video to announce the sex to our family & friends....

And here's the announcement picture...

that's a fishing pole....get yer mind outta the gutta!

2 weeks ago I had a pretty big scare with the pregnancy - something turned up in the sonogram & it caused my normal doctor to send me to a high risk. I hated it. I dreaded going. I contemplated even cancelling the appointments. (Yes, appointments....2 of them, one day after the other).

I was beyond relieved to hear that everything looks great though. What turned up in the sonogram the week prior had already started to go away & fix itself! Such an answer to prayer. And I even got to have a 4D sonogram....covered by insurance! Holler!

So now I'm working on registering for the baby supplies...I would LOVE any suggestions of items from you parents out there of items that you found so useful with your kids. All of that stuff just feels like such a foreign language.

I have yet to purchase any maternity clothes. I think I'm in denial...
My mom did however get me some belly bands to wear with the pants that do not fasten. Which speaking of that - my jeans today, yup I've definitely fastened them using a hair tie. What, what!
I've found that most my tops still fit fine - my bump isn't huge yet....I feel like if anything I look more like I've just put on weight rather than being pregnant.
I did however, purchase a new top several weeks back. Ideeli had a Hale Bob sale....so I bought a new black sequin top. With Matteo & I now working together, my shopping is not so secret anymore. When the package arrived he saw it, opened it....and the following conversation took place:
Him: What's this?
Me: Duh, a top. What does it look like?
Him: What's it for?
Me: Just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I can't sparkle. A pregnant gal needs sequins too!
Him: (just an eye roll, a sigh, & then walks away)

Pregnant Me: 1
The man behind the bump: 0

the trifecta

Chris at RunHundred shot me an email about the monthly list he puts out. Chris comes up with a list of the top 10 workout songs for each month, and includes the bpm's so that YOU can determine what's best for your workouts! Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Here's what is showcased for October:

Rihanna & Calvin Harris - We Found Love - 128 BPM
Dev - In The Dark - 125 BPM
Afrojack & Eva Simons - Take Over Control - 128 BPM
LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It - 129 BPM
Chris Brown & Benny Benassi - Beautiful People - 129 BPM
Shortee & Faust - Friday Night Special - 133 BPM
Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne - Motivation (Rebel Rock Remix) - 130 BPM
Britney Spears - I Wanna Go (Oliver Remix) - 129 BPM
Young The Giant - My Body - 130 BPM
David Guetta & Usher - Without You - 128 BPM

You can log on to the website & from their vote on songs you WOULD or WOULD NOT workout to.
Best yet? It's FREE! Go check it out NOW :)

Thanks for the email, Chris!


In other news: I started a Baby Jelly Beans website for my little bambino(a) on the way. That way you guys don't have to grow tired of me talking about the pregnancy :) You can check it out HERE if you're interested!


Did anyone else read this article!?!? I'm absolutely KICKING myself that I went ahead & withdrew from my half marathons that I'm registered for....based on my doctor not clearing me for them. What the heck!? This lady finished a FULL! Why can't I do a HALF!? So annoyed.

Matthew & I celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary on October 11!
It made me think back to our honeymoon & how much FUN it was!

we went on a Royal Carribean cruise to the Bahamas & Coco Cay

we also invited our bridal party & their significant others along!

amanda, me, erin, nickie, & melissa

the boys played in a dodge ball tournament...
while us girls literally held our breath to pose with the scuba diver in a tank @ the Atlantis Hotel.
the picture that started it all....the ORIGINAL prom pose photo

beautiful scenery, the love of my life, & great friends, made for an AMAZING honeymoon!

I know, it was totally NOT traditional. We got TONS of sideways glances when we told people that friends were going on our honeymoon. But it was SUCH a great time! And Matty & I did get plenty of "our own" time....even though the pictures showcase us with our friends more than anything :)

What was your honeymoon like!? Where did you go???

The friends that were able  to go on the cruise were only half of our bridal party.
Here's the whole army:
12 on my side

11 on Matt's side (2 MOH's walked with the BM - best man, not bowel movement)
How many were in your bridal party!?

don't worry, i'm still alive & kickin'

Every time I logged on to Blogger to catch up on my blog readings, I contemplated posting....but normally something prohibited me from actually doing so.

Alas though, here I am. Posting again.

I hate that I've not had any fitness or nurtition posts. I don't want to change the direction of my blog ~ but I'm going to have to tweak it just a bit. So while you won't see any more "half marathon training" weekly recaps...you will see how I'm trying to "stay fit" being knocked up & all.

"Stay fit" is a very loose term these days, FYI.

My fitness regimen has been on a HUGE hiatus....luckily, FitSugar posted this article about the benefits of taking a break from exercising. Ha, sure they intended it as a day break...not a 4 week hiatus.
Potato / puh-tah-toe.

Thought I'd share what they had to say with you, incase you too are feeling like you're in a slump, don't have the time, etc.
Plus misery LOVES company.


While I've not had an "intense workout" since the day before I found out I was prego...I still like this point.

Oh I have perfected the art of vegging on the couch....incase you were wondering, nausea still blows.
And I'm able to tune out just fine watching Theresa, Jacqueline, Caroline, the Manzo boys, & Melissa tear it up on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

This one really hits home. I've had 0 energy to prepare any meals yesterday - for all you that have been pregnant or are pregnant, and still managed a household normally KUDOS TO YOU! I've not been keeping up on the wifely duties...especially after a long day at the office. MattyB has been SUCH a trooper though. I had a weird craving for Cracker Barrel's biscuits & gravy the other night, so we ordered take out. (NEVER do I crave any sort of that....so this is all new to me.) Speaking of cravings, what the heck is up with cream cheese??? I could literally slather that on anything.

I promise to eat right in the 2nd trimester....
We'll see.....

Okay so I can't do this....well, I suppose I could, but it's not advised...so I'll just live vicariously through you all & you just tell me about all your vino times.

and last, #5:
Ha, my last "mental health day"...I took off work to go to the OB for 3 hours What the Hades is up with these long appointments???  I also forgot to bring a snack during this appointment, so famished does not even begin to describe how I felt afterward. I also had to drop by Wally World (aka WalMart) to pick up some crafting supplies, so I did what any other girl would do. I found myself a bag snack size Snickers as soon as I got there, and then walked around the store eating them.
Don't judge. You would have done it too.

So there you have it. You'll eventually see some workout posts, but for now you'll have to deal with me & my reasonings for not :)

Oh, and you'll definitely be seeing some fashion posts...as soon as I don't feel fat in EVERYTHING.
Good ghord.

Thanks for not giving up on me!

i AM excited.....BUT not about this...

Thank you all for the well wishes!!! I really appreciated all of your comments!

I am a HUGE fan of change. I love it. Especially changes to my hair. And I love changing up my workouts.

But, I do NOT love the changes that are happening to my body.

I understand, I understand....it's all for an AMAZING thing. Have some faith that I won't be a horrible mom.

But seriously....I am over it.

Exhibit A: Nausea
Why, why, why? What is the point?

Exhibit B: Tummy
I'm in the awkward stage where it just looks like I've added on a copious amount of LBS, not that I'm growing a CHILD

Exhibit C: Exhaustion
I was a grandma before the pregnancy, going to bed at 9pm (or earlier, if I was lucky). But NOW? Falling asleep about 8pm, sleeping a solid 9 hours at least, every night. Sure it's nice...but I still WAKE UP TIRED!

For all of you that have experienced any of this, HALLELUJAH.
For all of you that never experienced nausea, this is me sticking my tongue out at you & rolling my eyes.

I had to miss a fun filled evening last night, in celebration of Fashion's Night Out, because I was too nauseated. Contrary to what MattyB says, the one who I blame for all of this, it is not JUST A MENTAL THING. Nausea blows.

I also did NOT get clearance from my doctor to continue training for my half marathons...& she definitely didn't clear me to actually RUN them, so that's mullah down the 'ol dumper.

As if I could even run right now! My last run was the day before I found out I was preggo - going on 2 weeks ago.

I did however manage to squeeze in 5 workouts between this week & last week. All Physique 57 workouts. I was fine during them...but here's the pain in the butt part: if I worked out in the evening, I barely woke up in time for work the next day because I was so tired; and if I worked out in the morning, I was nauseous for the following 5 hours.


To sum up my ramblings: so long half marathons that I'm registered for, hello pudgy belly, exhaustion, and nausea.


Life is crazy. Just insane. & God totally has a sense of humor.

But first, let's look at some celebrity pics...(humor me...you know you are JUST as interested in celebs as I am)
beyonce showing off her baby bump @ the vma's

jennifer garner, with cute daughter violet, is pregnant with baby #3

hilary duff is pregnant with her first

alyssa milano just had a baby boy on august 31st

tori & dean are going for #3!
It must be in the water.

Those are my sonogram pictures from last week.
7 weeks prego today. (I had another sonogram done today...the heart beat is up to 135bpm)

half marathon training recap, week 2

Training week #2 is done-zo.
I feel good about it, mainly since I didn't miss any scheduled runs. I tried working at a faster pace & feel like I accomplished it (somewhat). My hip flexor (specifically the iliopsoas) is still causing me issues while I run, but that's the only pain.
This week I rotated running in the early AM with running in the evening after work. I'm still partial to evening runs, but it's not really conducive to my new work schedule. I did notice that my early morning runs, while I felt alert & ready for work, after a few hours I started feeling a bit nauseated. I did eat breakfast & replenish fluids...so this week I plan to tweak some minor things & see if that helps alleviate the discomforts.

Here's what week 2 looked like:

Monday - easy run, 45 minutes
I pulled a "two-fer"...I didn't wake up in time do all the run before work, so I did 3 miles in the AM & 1.5 miles in the PM.
3 mile run @ 6:18AM, splits: 10'10, 10'21, & 10'14
1.5 mile run @ 5:55PM, 10'02 pace
(I went over the 45 minute mark...womp, womp)

Tuesday - moderate pace, 45 minutes
I tried to incorporate a little speed, by bumping up the speed .4 to.6 mph every .75 miles.
4.77 miles @ 5:58PM Splits: 10'40, 9'58, 9'57, 9'52
(I also had a 2 minute walk & cool down included in there...so the total run time was 45 minutes, but total workout time was 49 minutes)

Wednesday - easy run, 30 minutes
I did not want to run today. I hated this run.
2.92 miles @ 6:20PM, average pace 10'21

Thursday - rest
My goal on rest days is to do either Physique 57 workouts OR P90X's Cardio X workout. Epic fail.

Friday - easy run, 45 minutes
4.1 miles @ 6:23AM, Splits: 9'58, 10'33, 11'27, 11'49
This run was re-donk-u-lous. I was full from an endulgant sushi dinner the night before, & the bowels kicked in. TMI?

Saturday - easy run, 8 miles
I had to break this up into 2 back to back, 4 mile runs. My iPod decided to stop working after the first 4 miles. Womp, womp.
4.02 miles @ 9:15AM, Splits: 11'19, 10'50, 11'29, 11'20
4 miles @ 10:15AM, Splits: 10'39, 11'55, 10'55, 10'19

Total mileage: 24.35, average pace 10'39
My goals for week 3 are to continue to work on speed, but also bring back Physique 57 workouts.

here's your sign

I'm pretty convinced I was in fact drop on my head as a baby.

I'm in week 2 of half marathon training, and I just jumped in to the schedule. I didn't really read the descriptions of what my runs entail, except for the time & mileage.

This morning I had a 45 minute, easy run. Oh, I totally rocked the easy part. Especially since last night's sushi was not sitting well. I always over eat when it comes to sushi.

I got a wild hair today & read away.

My plan has what's called "easy runs" - & yes, I've been wondering what the heck an "easy run" means. Do I walk? Do I jog? What should my pace be? What should my breathing be like? Ya da, ya da, ya da. So I read up on the "easy run" description today.

Here's what it says:


Sorry Coach, but the last time I could do that was 5th grade.
Surely she meant 50 states.
But even then I forget the little ones. Like Texas.
Porkchop on the other hand, is a walking globe. He can tell you north of, south of, east of, west of, & then how to get to Russia.

PTL it's Friday. My brain can rest after trying to recite all 50 capitals.

total recall part 2

Continuing on with the fact that I forgot my camera cord at work....here's my Sunday Fashion Post!

Dress: Hale Bob
don't remember if it the dress is from Billion Dollar Babes, Ideeli, or Rue La La
Shoes: Naughty Monkey via Ideeli
Bag: Carlos Falchi via Rue La La
Bangles: Cara Couture via Nordstrom

Cara Couture bangles are my favorite....they are affordable & you get so many! I've been really into gold lately....as if you couldn't tell. 

total recall

I was a narnar on Friday & left my camera cord at work. So, plan to see a part 2 of this post.

Saturday was the endurance run for my training plan. 7 miles was the target. I ended up running a little over 8 miles.

Dexter was a super sideline cheerleader for me & slept the ENTIRE time.

Thanks buddy.

My hip flexor area is still bothering me - so the pain was sporadically slowing me down. Plus, I've got a lot of junk in the trunk & I'm just not fast with the load.

According to Nike+ my average minutes per mile was 11:33 & I finished in 90 minutes. (That does include all my water & potty breaks though - I let the timer run & didn't pause).

After my run, I decided to take Dexter out for a short walk. I'm not sure how this happened, but I got lost in our neighborhood.
Yes, I was dropped on my head as a baby.

So once I finally navigated in the right direction, that's when I noticed Dexter was struggling a little bit. He then decided he had had enough, & just laid down in someone's lawn. I finally coaxed him to get up, but I was really thinking that I should probably carry him back home.

But I didn't.

We got back to the house & he collapsed on the cool floor.

It was super hot out & all, but for a hyper dog, he's super out of shape. Matt thinks he's just designed for short bursts of energy, not sustained activities. It was a 2 mile walk, so I really thought he'd do just fine. I will say it SO helped his temperment the rest of the day.

Lesson learned.

We attended a wedding Saturday afternoon....& I finally got the chance to wear this dress:

Dress: Walter via Ideeli
Shoes: Preview International via Nordstrom Rack
Bag: Carlos Falchi via Rue La La
Bangles: Cara Couture via Nordstrom

close up of the extras :)

half marathon training, week 1 recap

Here's the full run down for my first week of HMT (half marathon training) :)

The plan I'm following has minute goals M-F, rather than mileage goals. Saturdays are the only days with specific miles to run.

Monday: 45 minutes @ an easy pace = 4.2 miles, 10'37 average pace
mile 1: 10'23
mile 2: 10'12
mile 3: 10'38
mile 4: 11'06

Tuesday: 45 minutes @ a moderate pace = 4.3 miles, 10'36 average pace hahahahaha i shaved off a second!
mile 1: 10'22
mile 2: 10'50
mile 3: 10'35
mile 4: 10'27

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 30 minutes @ an easy pace = 3 miles, 10'09 average pace; threw in a Physique 57 workout as well
mile 1: 10'02
mile 2: 10'20
mile 3: 10'04

Friday: REST

Saturday: 7 miles @ an easy pace = 8.1 miles, 11'30 average pace, followed by a 2 mile walk with Dexter
mile 1: 11'38
mile 2: 10'05
mile 3: 10'53
mile 4: 11'31
mile 5: 11'11
mile 6: 11'57
mile 7: 11'08
mile 8: 13'28

total mileage for week: 21.68

It was difficult trying to get back on a training plan. I like the regimen of having a plan, but I hate the feeling of guilt if I miss a scheduled run.

I also find it difficult to adjust to the "minute" goals, rather than have set mileage.

It also really bugs me how much pain I feel when I run - and it's never consistent.

I'd really like to focus on improving my speed & endurance over the weeks to come. I'm not fast. I don't know if I will ever be able to maintain an 8 minute mile for more than 1 mile. It seems so unachievable!

How's your training going?
If you're not presently training, do you have any fitness goals?

who gets to be the butt?

This week I restarted the half marthon training. I'm using a program from the Women's Running Magazine. Instead of having mileage goals this week (with the exception of the endurance run, which is tomorrow), it was all time goals.

Their schedule for me this week:
M - 45 minutes, easy run
T - 45 minutes, moderate pace
W - 30 minutes, easy run
Th - cross training
F - 45 minutes, easy run
S - 7 miles

I changed it up a bit:
W - Rest :)
Th - 30 minute run, Physique 57 30 minute advanced express workout
F - Rest :)

And tomorrow, will be the 7 miles definitely, but I may squeeze in a few more miles. We'll see.
How's your training!?

My friend Erin is having a baby girl, due in November. Matt had bought me a Cricut a few months back, so naturally I wanted to make her baby shower invitations. The theme is punk baby / glam rock....so I adorned the invites with this:
kinda hard to see but the hairbow is glitter cardstock

 "Girls Rock" in the same paper as the hair bow
 I've also been spending a ridiculous amount of time on Etsy looking for baby goodies for Erin's girl. Good grief that site has everything! I found this little treasure today:

intended for twins :)
my only question though is:
who gets to be the butt?

Somehow I drifted over to twin stuff ~ I think it would be so cool to have twins! My mom is an identical twin.
Any twins in your family?
What is / was your timeline for children?
Matt & I said 5 years. We're approaching 3 years. With many of my friends being pregnant & having babies this year....I'm hoping that 5 year plan will go away :)

re-kickin' it with the training

First & foremost - THANK YOU for all the sweet comments & birthday wishes! Ralphie had a big smile on his face as he read all of them.
And thanks to Paula for pointing out that I failed to explain where the nickname "porkchop" came from :)
To sum it up: Ralphie used to be ridiculously thin - homeboy could eat ANYTHING & never gain an ounce. He lived off of french fries, Kraft singles (yes, he'd eat those like no one's business), Cheetos, & spoonfuls at a time of peanut butter. (Hmmmm...this may explain why I was a hefty-sak growing up - I thought I could eat all that too...)
So anyways, as it normally happens, once you reach a certain age all the health choices you made at a young age start to catch up with you. At around 20, this happened for Ralphie. And the cruel sister that I am, made it known to him by calling him "porkchop".

Don't judge me. He calls me an "idiot" in sign language.


On to other goodness....it may have been the fact that we've been watching Mad Men lately, but I felt the need to rock a pencil skirt to church yesterday:

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Black via Ideeli
Cami: White House, Black Market (BEST CAMI EVER!)
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom
Bangles: Tasha via Nordstrom

Shoes: Betsey Johnson via Rue La La

Do you watch Mad Men?
Matt & I just started watching the past seasons - we're pretty addicted.

This morning, I officially "re-kicked-off" half marathon training. New plan & new running time! I get to run in the mornings now since my work hours changed. No more evening runs - unless I hit the snooze button. 
Today: 4.2 miles, "easy pace"
Saturday I ran 8 miles at about an 11:30 pace.
I'm a speed demon, I know.
(please pick up on the sarcasm)

porkchop's birthday

Today is my brother's 24th birthday.

If you had told my mom 24 years ago that he would live to see this day, she would have probably not believed you.

Ralphie was born 3 months prematurely. My mom's water broke at 4 months, & in hopes of delaying labor, the doctors put her on bed rest until the 6th month of pregnancy. (After suggesting to her that she go ahead & terminate the pregnancy). It was that 6th month that Ralphie was delivered.

Due to his being premature, his lungs were not fully developed, so he was put in a high frequency ventillator. that breathed 900 breaths per minute into his little body. At the time, the ventillator was still only a "trial" method - there were only 7 in the nation, 1 of which happened to be at the hospital that my mom delivered. The doctors forewarned my parents that 13 babies had been in this machine, Ralphie would be the 14th & that the 13th baby had died.

Ralphie survived the ventillator, but not without my parents getting several calls on seperate occasions during the middle of night from the doctors, telling them to "come down to the hospital & say goodbye", that Ralphie had taken a turn for the worst.

After being on the ventillator for 7 days, Ralphie was moved to an incubator that breathed 90% per oxygen into him. It was made known to our parents prior to - all the complications that could arise. It caused a bleed in Ralphie's brain, which ultimately led to him having cerebral palsy. Ralphie underwent 14 head surgeries by the time he was 12.

after one of the surgeries - he bounced back really quickly - normally asking for french fries

He has a shunt on the left side of his head, that controls the cerebral fluid. When barometric pressures drop, Ralphie normally experiences severe headaches. They aren't as debilitating to him now as they were when he was younger.

Ralphie's 80% deaf without his hearing aids in & he's 20% deaf with them. He is fluent in sign language & at first, opted to teach me only the words that make him laugh, like 'fart'. He has since changed his mindset after realizing that I'd only finger spell words to him since I didn't know the signs.

Ralphie is able to walk, he's not confined to a wheelchair. He has orthotics on his legs, which aid in stabilizing him enough to walk. His calf muscles are under developed - he's the epitome of "bird legs". His upper body however, definitely makes up for it. His right arm is freakishly strong & he will arm wrestle you til the world's end. His left arm is severely effected by the cerebral palsy, so he has no function in it, except to latch on to your hair & not let go!

Ralphie may not be "normal" in society's eyes...but let's be honest - what is "normal"? Ralphie's outlook on life & his love for people is admirable. He sees nothing but a person to love in everyone. He will talk your ear off & ask you a ridiculous amount of questions, to find out everything he can about you. And when he sees you again - 6 years later - he will remember EVERYTHING & repeat it all back to you. (The good and the bad).

He loves to dance & has been known to get his groove on doing the sprinkler.

ralphie breakin' it down at our rehearsal dinner

His best friend is his service dog, Gracie.

He is a walking almanac when it comes to sports. It's ridiculous how much he knows about stats, players, and their personal lives.

me & ralphie with ARod & Bernie Williams

So in this picture, Ralphie is telling Randy Johnson that he should have been a basketball player because he's so tall. (Um, Ralphie I think he did just fine with baseball.)
Notice my dad (behind Ralphie) & Jason, the PR guy by Randy, are laughing.
Randy is not.

I'm totally blessed that I married a man who has the patience for Ralphie. 
ralphie's first fishing trip with matt

There was no doubt in Matt & I's minds that Ralphie would be in our wedding.
all the handsome groomsmen with my handsome groom

A gratuitous amount of pictures - an "over the years" montage if you will......

shortly after he came home from the hospital

not sure if i was the one feeding him - but if i was, GUARANTEED i was feeding him a bite & then me a bite

Easter Sunday '89

crimped hair & shoulder pads....the good 'ol days

shortly after, dad got rid of the go cart - there's a good chance i dumped my brother out of it while i was driving.

all of us in vegas for christmas 2009

 Given that Ralphie will always be dependent on my parents - it's really great to see that it doesn't effect his disposition. He's able to look at the positive side of things in his mind. He works with my dad & I. He "runs" with my dad (my dad runs, Ralphie rides his 3 wheel bike - but he calls it running). If there's something he wants to do, he does it. He's never let his cerebral palsy limit his desire to live.

He's an inspiration.
Jeremiah 29:11

Happy 24th Birthday, Porkchop!