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scavenger hunt

Totally posting just about Stella & Dot right on though, especially if you're in the market for jewelry!

People's Style Watch has posted a holiday gift guide of sorts, and included Stella & Dot. In that posting there is a 50% off promo code.

I can't just give it to here to find it!

Here are the pieces you can score at half off with that promo code....

Sierra - hands down one of my most favorite pieces...the metal is more bronze.
Sierra Necklace


LIMITED EDITION - Fatima Necklace

Limited Edition - Aphrodite Necklace

Indira - fun fact, Lindzi wore this on the Bachelor Pad :)

Indira Necklace

Mischa - I'm not sure that this picture does this necklace justice. I'm sure it's amazeballs in person.
LIMITED EDITION - Mischa Necklace

Stevie - perhaps named after the Fleetwood Mac singer? Either way, rock goddess necklace.
Stevie Necklace

Alexandria - another of my absolute favs!
Alexandria Necklace

So here's how it works....go HERE (opens in new window)

Log in to your account or create an account. Super easy.

Add the necklace of your choice to your shopping bag (you can get 1 of each if you want...just no duplicates)

Enter the promo code PEOPLESD

Depending on when you see this....there is a special for Monday only....get this bracelet for $9.95
Hematite Cupchain Bracelet

The discount for the bracelet is applied at checkout :)

Happy shopping!

i shop on any day ending in "y"

Cyber Monday. No different than any other day. Except if you do not normally shop online & this is the one day out of the year that you actually DO!

I prefer shopping online. No crowds. No sales people. Just me, in my jammies, with a cup of coffee.


Since the hubs has been known to sporadically read my blog...I can not say what deals I scored today. Hello, Christmas gifts!!

Here some places I do recommend you checking out....

Victorias Secret - use FREE50 for free shipping on $50, use MONDAY for an extra secret rewards card (yes, that's going on right now), and use PINKSPOT for a free mini dog. (Does anyone else collect these gosh darn things!? I'm a sucker for freebies.)

Ideeli - (invitation link under my "shopping site" tab) shipping for 30 days, once you place your order.

RueLaLa - just check out the sales

Ettika - I have a minor obsession with their bracelets. Nobody understands though.

Stella & Dot - add $50 to your cart, get the hematite cupchain bracelet for $9.95
Today Only! Spend $50 and get this bracelet for $9.95 - Shop Now! Double wraps, instantly creating the layered look. Hematite Cupchain Bracelet Regularly $59. *Click here for details.

flash sale - don't miss out!

Stella & Dot has started doing these FLASH SALES. I love them. And I want to share the joy with you.

So here you go.

It lasts for 48 hours - so act now if you're interested! HOLLA!

After the Rain bracelet - on sale for $31.60 down from $79

Cora Chandelier earrings, on sale for $34.50 down from $69

And finally, Cleo Fringe earrings on sale for $29.40 down from $49

Shop all the pieces here:

Happy Shopping!

stylin' for a steal

Well hello!

Yes, I'm still alive! I haven't drowned in baby drool & spit up just yet!
P.S. if you're contemplating mommyhood, the adventure is worth it. The love I have for Beau is just amazing & indescribable!

So even though I've not been acing the whole "fit" portion of my blog - I've been totally rocking the "fashionable" portion! Holla! (please say that the way Heather would).

I scored some awesome pieces at Nordstrom Rack this weekend - you can now shop them online through the Nordies main site! None of the pieces I purchased are still available online - BUT I did see these & I think they are so darling.

patterned on the front & the back - the back has an exposed zipper
shop it:

DVF blouse
shop it:

I also had some major scores on Ideeli!
Sequin skirt for a holiday party!
W118 by Walter skirt
Retail tag said $198
I paid $49.99

 And I can not leave out the awesomeness of Stella & Dot steals!!!

The Zoe Report recently featured the Chantilly Lace Cuff as the "parallel universe" item for those of that can not afford (nor bare) to drop $1000 on a Givenchy Lace Cuff.

The Chantilly Lace Cuff was designed off of an actual piece of lace!!! Our designer, Blythe Harris, picked up lace swatches while traveling in Paris & brought them back to the design studio, thus using them to design our entire lace collection.

So in my efforts to really rock this Stella & Dot styling business of mine - I've stumbled across MORE of our fabulous jewelry pieces that are an affordable option to pricier designer pieces out there! Super exciting.

Until then....
Your Fashionably not-Fit Femme :)

sucker for monthly gifts....

The title is NOT to be confused with 'mother nature's' monthly gift...

So a few weeks back, Plum District (like a Groupon site for moms) had a deal for the WittleBee site. The 'mom' side of me got a little intrigued about this WittleBee site....

For $39.99 a month, you get a box full of clothes shipped to your house. The clothes are based on a style profile you fill out for your kid - age, gender, color, clothing necessity, weather, themes, etc. Their website states that there is over $100 retail value packed in every box - and for every box shipped, they donate a onesie to a child in need.
The deal was for a 2 month subscription at a discounted price, so I perused the site some more, to see if they had any sample boxes.

They did!
preppy themed box for a boy

diva themed for a girl

princess themed for a girl

sporty themed for a boy
 So after all that, I figured I'd give it a whirl!

It arrived today via USPS...

Beau was clearly excited....

And now for the contents....
nicely packed like the sample boxes...
DR.SEUSS!!! it says Dr. Seuss on the bootie area too :)

Osh Kosh B'Gosh cuords in black & Tea romper

I like the clothes....but I think I'm going to adjust the style preferences. I'm not crazy about the cotton pants, I think that fits the "sporty" catgeory that I had I'm going to change that to "hipster" (you can select 2 in this category, my other choice is "preppy").
Molly Sims posted about the site, it includes a $15 off code. You can also save by using this link to register, if you're interested.