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'weighing' in

I wrote a post AWHILE ago in regards to fad diets & I did mention a popular "weight loss" company. At the time I was not dogging this company, I was more or less pointing out that some people are very misguided when it comes to nutrition - and I offered up the example of those 100 calorie snack packs.

Today, I came across THIS POST written by a lady who was a "weight loss consultant" for another weight loss company.

It's an apology letter and it's definitely worth the read if you have the time.

The moral of the story, and I quote her:
Just eat food. Eat real food, be active, and live your life. Forget all the diet and weight loss nonsense. It's really just that. Nonsense. 
And now - without bombarding you with my are some pretty images :)

 Make smart decisions ;)


A dear friend turned me on to this fabulous program - MomSanity

It is all encompassing (obviously geared towards moms) but they cover workouts, nutrition, and your faith. I absolutely ADORE the concept.

MomSanity is comprised of 3 beauties: Debbie Wilkins, Kate Horney, and Emily Saunders. Read more on them here:

What I love is that they have CREDENTIALS! They actually know about & were educated on, the topics that they discuss.

Debbie's Bio: Having children did a number on my body and eating a teenage boy’s diet wasn’t helping my jeans zip.  That’s where Emily came in, 2 years ago.  She taught  me about nutrition and exercise in a way that was so new and exciting and made sense!  I was on board!  I have done a 180 with what I put in my mouth and how I work out and it makes me feel so healthy and fit.  I am so thankful God had such high standards for me.  I am now a certified Metabolic Effect (ME) Personal Trainer and a certified ME Group Instructor.  Check out my Fitting in Fitness and Nutrition blog for more information.

Kate's Bio: In addition to being a wife and new mom, I’m also a Metabolic Effect Fat Loss Coach, an Entrepreneur and a Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise Physiology.

Emily's Bio: She is a Metabolic Effect Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness trainer with a passion for helping others attain and SUSTAIN the fat loss lifestyle.  She holds a BS in Business from Wake Forest University and loves finding new and creative ways to share the fat loss lifestyle with others.  Emily is excited to share her journey with other new and not so new Moms trying to achieve true balance. As a reformed “cardio queen” she enjoys sharing quick and effective workouts with Moms who struggle to “do it all”.
Aren't they SO cute?!?
From the left: Emily, Kate, & Debbie

I've been tracking their program for a few weeks now - I think it's awesome.
They refer to it as "Momsanity Sisterhood".

There's much more you can read about with this program, but here's what stuck out on their blog:
Our goal for the Momsanity Sisterhood is to create a unique place where Moms can struggle and grow together while putting God first and balancing family, personal goals and a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  

They go on to explain:
We will give you the content and the tools that you need for success like Mom-focused-quick-and-effective-do-anywhere-workouts with a Coach in your ear encouraging you along the way, nutrition information that you can use to create your own personalized plan and goals, weekly recipesbi-weekly videos focusing on changing old habits and/or establishing new healthier ones, a monthly Bible verse that we will memorize together, a prayer calendar that will help all of us prioritize our time with the Lord, and an exclusive Facebook page where you can tell all, ask all, cry the blues, celebrate small victories, share your prayer requests and praises and much much more with your adopted sisters by your side. 

 If you're looking for accountability & a lifestyle change - check them out! Even if this is not up your alley, I do encourage you to really investigate the author of that new fad diet book or the "trainer" of that new workout regimen. Stay educated on who these people are & be conscientious of their credentials. If they are an MD of Gynecology telling you how to eat, you might want to look elsewhere ;)

re-programming you

I previously mentioned that I read the Compound Effect as my summer read this summer.

I really feel like this book gives more insight to our 'instant gratification' / 'gotta have it now' society.

Darren Hardy reiterates that making small changes over time will "compound" and have a good / bad effect on every facet of your life. I really think that if more people took the slow & steady mindset, and made small changes to their daily life they would be FAR MORE likely to stick with a healthy lifestyle.

Think about it, how many times have you started a new workout or new diet and gave up after a week, 2 weeks, or a month? Why did you give up? Were the results not coming quick enough?

Here's the thing....time is not going to stop for you. If a year is going to pass, why not keep working at a goal for a year & then see where you stand?

If you want to get those rock hard abs, it's not going to happen in a week! I love following the body building competitors online. They constantly post "transformation" pictures, and never once has the caption read "after 1 week I went from flab to abs!". No it's been months & months on end.

So here's my challenge to you: find one thing about your daily routine that you can tweak to produce positive change a year from now. 

Don't set yourself up for failure! Don't say "I'm going to cut out ALL CARBS". That is RHONJ crazy! Your body will end up craving carbs and the moment you indulge and eat bread, you'll get depressed & totally abandon your new "diet".

Rather than abandoning a necessary fuel source (carbohydrates), why not take out from your daily routine, that brownie after lunch, or that bowl of cereal at 8pm? It's small changes like that, that will produce long term changes.

More on this to come because I am on SUCH a high right now :) and a soap box apparently!

getting back in the game

I've been asked a few times how to get back into running after a hiatus.

Well since I'm in the same are my thoughts:

#1: Start slow

Ugh I dread the thought of having to break in my running shoes again. This last hiatus left me with a killer blister after my first long run.

#2: Unless you're super human, or Chuck Norris, you're probably going to have to work back up to your endurance, mileage, & speed levels...don't get discouraged.

#3: Figure out your motivation - it will be what drives your runs

Other related questions....

I get bored so quickly now. I run past 5 houses & then I want to stop!

Are you utilizing an ipod or are trying to really soley on your thoughts to motivate you? I have to run with something...when left to my own thoughts I quit within 5 minutes.

Get music here that is paced to your minutes per mile.
Get workouts here that you can use to run with - they also have swimming, elliptical, and various others.
Get a workout buddy if you need the extra push & accountability.

What about losing these pounds that I've gained since taking a break from exercising?

Be aware of your calories in / calories out. If you're consuming more than you're burning...that will be the culprit of any weight gain.

When you weren't being active, chances are good you were still eating like you were.

If you're able to, record what you eat, the calories that you consume, and the calories that you expend. There should be a deficit....if you want to lose weight.

Most importantly, remember that the number on the scale is contingent upon numerous variables at any given point. Don't let your self worth, self image, or attitude rest heavily on the number the scale shows. 

If you focus on any number, focus on your body fat percentage. But use a reliable method to obtain your body fat body fat calipers.  

Have you ever taken a hiatus from your normal workouts? What were your strategies for returning?