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best by & best buy

Preface: remember how I mentioned I may have grown up in a household where expiration dates were noted, recognized, & observed??

So I registered my dad & I for the Miami Beach Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon 2 weeks ago.

At the time, RnR had advertised that the first 15 people to use promo code "MOJITO", got a tshirt and GU sampler pack in the mail!


Anyweezy, dad was all about sampling out the goods he did.

Then he noticed this:

hmmm, best by April 12, 2011? or maybe April 11, 2012?

Ha, what's the luck?

Dad's still alive & kickin', so it wasn't lethal :)

Ever have an experience with expired goods?
I once had a nasty encounter with expired milk. Still makes me gag thinking about it.

What pre/during/post race fuel do you use?
I'm excited to try out the GU gels on my long runs! I'm in the market for race fuel. Suggestions???

In other news.....

In the hopes of decluttering my life, I've found things I no longer wear/use & things that after purchased, I decided I will not wear/use. I'm planning to do a "virtual garage sale" :)

From my closet so far, brands that will be making an appearance: JOE's,
Hale' Bob, ECI, Coach, Steve Madden & True Religion. (Other brands will be added.) 

Everything is either gently used OR not used. No pit stained, white tank tops. And I'm not just limiting it to clothing.

If you're interested in the goods, & want a little "pre-sale" action, shoot me an!