it's like that scene from Space Balls....

You know the scene....the one where the alien pops out of the guy's belly in the diner & begins to sing "Hello my baby, hello my darling..." - - that is what I think of every time I feel the baby kick / punch / backflip in my belly.

I'm 25 weeks as of this week. I haven't officially moved into total maternity attire - but I'm beginning to sport a few pieces. I'm still able to wear my regular skinny jeans...they sit so darn low! (Thanks True Religion!) I picked up some maternity tops at Target...although most my tops I'm still able to wear since most are of the "flowy" style.

taken at Christmas - I was 22 weeks & Matteo was, well, full from eating
(top from Nordstrom, jeans are True Religion)

We decided on the name Beau for our little boy. It's funny (at times) to see people's response to the name. Some people immediately ask "as in B - O?" For which I adamently state "NO!".
Some people just go "oh cute"...making me wonder what they really think....unless they put that certain vocal undertone of excitement, you really just don't know.
And then there's been 1 who told me he just did not like the name. That's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion - but sometimes maybe it's best just kept to yourself?

I did a little blip on the baby's site about his name & the meanings behind them....around the 22 week mark.

My cravings have finally got a little more normal lately....and I'm actually craving predominantly healthy things: salads & veggies. Fruit is a hit or miss with me....although there was a week there that I was wanting an apple all day, every day. I said predominantly healthy....but I can not get enough french toast!!! LOVE IT! We hit up good ole Cracker Barrell this weekend...portions are large & money spent is small....needless to say, I was a happy preggo lady.

After Cracker we went to Babies R Us to register for some furniture we need for the nursery, along with looking at strollers, car seats, play yards, & high chairs. HOLY EXHAUSTING! We literally spent over 2 hours there. Insane. I left Matteo with the scanner for a little bit, since Beau had been using my bladder as a trampoline I had to find the potty in that ginormous store - - -anyways, I came back to find the man behind the bump in the diaper aisle getting all trigger happy with the scanner. Needless to say we are registered for an assortment of diapers & wipe styles. Ha :) Can't say he didn't contribute!

Matteo also found his next love: the glider rocker. I had made it a point to tell him awhile back that I thought one would be great for the nursery or somewhere in our house. Naturally he poo-poo'ed the idea....but then he finally sat in one while we were at Babies R Us & now wants one. In fact, he'd be happy if the only thing we got for the baby were the glider.


We'll see what the next few weeks hold!!!
Crazy times ahead, I'm sure!