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awakening the beast

My friend Shannon asked me awhile back to participate in a Stroller Roll 5K with her. At first I was like "UGH", because it was one of the Gasparilla races. I swore off ALL Gasparilla races a few years back.
Crowded does not even begin to describe how these races are. There are SOOOO many people. Plus the street that the race is on, is not conducive for stable running. I've been known to trip several times...

Regardless, what sold me on the race was that it:
A. explicitly said that this was NOT a race, and that anyone caught racing with their strolling would be tossed out. (in so many words)
B. not only does the adult pushing the stroller get a medal, but the baby does too!

Double the medals!? SCORE!

So BB and I participated with Shannon & her precious peanut.

What an experience.

Our time from our last 5K together, DOUBLED. Ha!

We encountered numerous pit stops to tie my shoes :) but also a pretty lengthy pit stop to soothe, hold, and then change a poopy diaper. Talk about obstacle course!

By the end of it, we CLEARLY deserved the medals.

BB was for more into chewing on his medal :)
(it was rubber)

I write all this to say. The beast in me has been awakened. I want more medals. Which means I have to participate in more races.

Half marathon training is back on.
it takes talent to be this pale.