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re-kickin' it with the training

First & foremost - THANK YOU for all the sweet comments & birthday wishes! Ralphie had a big smile on his face as he read all of them.
And thanks to Paula for pointing out that I failed to explain where the nickname "porkchop" came from :)
To sum it up: Ralphie used to be ridiculously thin - homeboy could eat ANYTHING & never gain an ounce. He lived off of french fries, Kraft singles (yes, he'd eat those like no one's business), Cheetos, & spoonfuls at a time of peanut butter. (Hmmmm...this may explain why I was a hefty-sak growing up - I thought I could eat all that too...)
So anyways, as it normally happens, once you reach a certain age all the health choices you made at a young age start to catch up with you. At around 20, this happened for Ralphie. And the cruel sister that I am, made it known to him by calling him "porkchop".

Don't judge me. He calls me an "idiot" in sign language.


On to other may have been the fact that we've been watching Mad Men lately, but I felt the need to rock a pencil skirt to church yesterday:

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Black via Ideeli
Cami: White House, Black Market (BEST CAMI EVER!)
Necklace: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom
Bangles: Tasha via Nordstrom

Shoes: Betsey Johnson via Rue La La

Do you watch Mad Men?
Matt & I just started watching the past seasons - we're pretty addicted.

This morning, I officially "re-kicked-off" half marathon training. New plan & new running time! I get to run in the mornings now since my work hours changed. No more evening runs - unless I hit the snooze button. 
Today: 4.2 miles, "easy pace"
Saturday I ran 8 miles at about an 11:30 pace.
I'm a speed demon, I know.
(please pick up on the sarcasm)