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the bachelorette: i spy stella & dot, finale

Well, the finale.....was it everything you hoped for?

First up was the snake necklace again.....sorry again for the unflattering picture....

....and for the fact that I screwed up :) this is not Stella & Dot :(

But I'm pretty sure that our version is $1000's cheaper :)

Then there is more crying, more bikinis, more beautiful beaches......

And then Drew gets the boot. Poor guy. 

During a quick span of the audience, I did spy one lady wearing the Geneve Lace earrings in Rose Gold

When Chris interviewed Sean & Catherine, then Jackie, Lindsey, & Leslie....
Jackie was wearing a side lying cross is the Stella & Dot version:

Did anyone else find that whole interview awkward? I mean Sean & Catherine were right there. I just felt awkward for everyone apparently!

On a side note, Lindsey was looking so great! I loved her dress & her hair looked phenomenal! 

On to the rest of the show!

I still can not stand Des' brother.....
But then Neil Lane showed up & made everything better with sparkles :)

Did anyone else love Des' earrings at the final rose ceremony? 
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, may I suggest the Deco Drops?

And then she said yes....who wouldn't say yes to a Neil Lane ring? Holler Baller.