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A dear friend turned me on to this fabulous program - MomSanity

It is all encompassing (obviously geared towards moms) but they cover workouts, nutrition, and your faith. I absolutely ADORE the concept.

MomSanity is comprised of 3 beauties: Debbie Wilkins, Kate Horney, and Emily Saunders. Read more on them here:

What I love is that they have CREDENTIALS! They actually know about & were educated on, the topics that they discuss.

Debbie's Bio: Having children did a number on my body and eating a teenage boy’s diet wasn’t helping my jeans zip.  That’s where Emily came in, 2 years ago.  She taught  me about nutrition and exercise in a way that was so new and exciting and made sense!  I was on board!  I have done a 180 with what I put in my mouth and how I work out and it makes me feel so healthy and fit.  I am so thankful God had such high standards for me.  I am now a certified Metabolic Effect (ME) Personal Trainer and a certified ME Group Instructor.  Check out my Fitting in Fitness and Nutrition blog for more information.

Kate's Bio: In addition to being a wife and new mom, I’m also a Metabolic Effect Fat Loss Coach, an Entrepreneur and a Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise Physiology.

Emily's Bio: She is a Metabolic Effect Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness trainer with a passion for helping others attain and SUSTAIN the fat loss lifestyle.  She holds a BS in Business from Wake Forest University and loves finding new and creative ways to share the fat loss lifestyle with others.  Emily is excited to share her journey with other new and not so new Moms trying to achieve true balance. As a reformed “cardio queen” she enjoys sharing quick and effective workouts with Moms who struggle to “do it all”.
Aren't they SO cute?!?
From the left: Emily, Kate, & Debbie

I've been tracking their program for a few weeks now - I think it's awesome.
They refer to it as "Momsanity Sisterhood".

There's much more you can read about with this program, but here's what stuck out on their blog:
Our goal for the Momsanity Sisterhood is to create a unique place where Moms can struggle and grow together while putting God first and balancing family, personal goals and a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  

They go on to explain:
We will give you the content and the tools that you need for success like Mom-focused-quick-and-effective-do-anywhere-workouts with a Coach in your ear encouraging you along the way, nutrition information that you can use to create your own personalized plan and goals, weekly recipesbi-weekly videos focusing on changing old habits and/or establishing new healthier ones, a monthly Bible verse that we will memorize together, a prayer calendar that will help all of us prioritize our time with the Lord, and an exclusive Facebook page where you can tell all, ask all, cry the blues, celebrate small victories, share your prayer requests and praises and much much more with your adopted sisters by your side. 

 If you're looking for accountability & a lifestyle change - check them out! Even if this is not up your alley, I do encourage you to really investigate the author of that new fad diet book or the "trainer" of that new workout regimen. Stay educated on who these people are & be conscientious of their credentials. If they are an MD of Gynecology telling you how to eat, you might want to look elsewhere ;)

so long designer bag, hello diaper bag

I'll be the first to admit, I'm a total snob about handbags. It's not my intention to be - for some reason, somewhere along the way (ahem, totally my dad's fault), I developed an affinity for designer bags.

I do read the Bag Snob regularly.

However, BB has put quite the whammy on my love of handbags. When it's just he & I on the town, it's A MILLION TIMES easier to just tote my wristlet in his diaper bag.

At the moment, this is his diaper bag:
Boxy Backpack by Petunia Pickle Bottom in Black Current

Go read up on it HERE but it's such a no hassle bag! I can wear it as a backpack, messenger, or over the shoulder. It has a built in changing pad, lots of pockets....just super easy to use. I took it on our trip to Vegas & it worked well.

(The changing mat REALLY comes in handy for those public restrooms that have NO DIAPER CHANGING station. Ugh so frustrating.)

So back to where I was headed originally....I've had to abandon my bags & now revert to just the diaper bag with my wristlet. Unless MattyB is also in tow, and then I can totally do up the handbag holding.

Stella & Dot recently launched some new totes....I'm not going to lie, I was totally skeptical of this new endeavor. Mainly because I have to order samples and I was totally cringing with having to purchase a tote that I despised only to promote it as something to buy to all my clients!

Alas, oh ye of little faith. Our design team made a believer out of me! Now I'm toying with the idea of changing BB's diaper bag to one of these! The prints are perfection for summer & they all have a "wipe clean" fabric. 

Here is the How Does She Do It tote...
the model is wearing it with the zipper portion
snapped down

look at that organization - even a water bottle pocket!
(There is also an outside zipper pocket)

Then there are these 2 behemoths....

The Getaway Weekender

Did you catch that!?!
It unzips to EXPAND to a taller tote!!!

La Totale 

More organization! I'm just apparently a sucker for this water bottle pocket!

Water bottle pockets - - the perfect idea for any bag! This means that virtually any tote can be used as a diaper bag, gym bag, marathon shopping day bag, etc!

Go check out all the prints!

What is your "go to" diaper bag/gym bag/tote bag!?

What do you think of the new Stella & Dot totes?

can life BE any less crazy?

Instagram is so much easier to do on a regular basis than blogging! Life has me crazy busy!

Half marathon training is done bi-weekly. Ha :) I was able to run 2 miles the other day with B in the jogger...until he got all fussy & had his fill.

My treadmill and I have not rekindled our love yet.

In more important news: Beau is turning 1 in 2 weeks.
Speaking of, Beau is pronounced "Bo".....not "Bew".

Little man & I have become more adjusted & settled into my work schedule. Working from home is not easy. I don't know who ever said it was, but they need to be punched.

I think that there is this misconception that moms working from home have all this extra time for grocery shopping, cleaning, social life, working out, etc. It's rather frustrating. I don't have the time during the day to put on deodorant, needless to say socialize! (Ha, good thing the half marathon training isn't in high gear with me not sporting deodorant!)

Regardless, consider this a public service announcement. If you're one to presume that a gal working from home, should have all the time in the world to have her home looking like a Pottery Barn ad, her kid looking like a Gymboree model, and herself looking like she walked straight off the runway.....please come back down to earth.

the one where there's a giveaway

Is this really my first post of 2013? Why, yes. Yes it is.

Blogging has by far taken a back seat in my life. I know many of you can relate!

I thought you should know, MattyB got me a ballet barre for Christmas. I love it. It really does make SUCH a difference in my Ballet Physique & Physique57 workouts.

I also treated myself to a new yoga mat. Courtesy of Target & Neiman Marcus' designer collaboration. It was a sale purchase....don't go getting all huffy. The Target by our house just doesn't ever sell real well on the "designer collaboration" items. I was able to get it on sale when all the Christmas goods got marked down.

So here's the deal. You all know that I'm stylin' & profilin' for Stella & Dot now.


We have new pieces debuting TODAY..JANUARY 11th!!!

To kick off this new spring collection, I thought I'd host a Stella & Dot giveaway!

One lucky reader will receive either a Friendship Tie or a Julep Bangle of their choosing!


Options are...


Color options:

How to enter, PLEASE leave a separate comment for each that you do:
  1. Follow this blog (2 entries
  2. Leave a comment below telling me which bracelet you would choose (1 entry)
  3. Go like my biz page on Facebook (5 entries) & leave a comment
  4. Tweet about the giveaway, including @fashionablyniki in your tweet (2 entries)
  5. Go check out Stella & Dot and tell me what pieces you like from our NEW LINE (1 entry per item)

Giveaway ends January 18th, winner drawn January 19th

a review of, & constant pursuit of, THE BALLET PHYSIQUE

I LOVE that feeling you get from a great workout. The wobbly, shaky, I think I'm going to fall over, feeling. Know what I mean?

I was sent The Ballet Physique dvd's to screen....and let me just say, love.them.

So here was my set up for my work outs....

Beau was ready, leg warmers & all :)

I want leg warmers for me. Minor side note.

Here's some info on The Ballet Physique:
The Ballet Physique DVD Collection is suitable for every fitness level and features two distinct routines. These full-body workouts are designed to melt fat, blast calories, define your midsection, and awaken muscles you never knew existed. The Ballet Physique’s ballet-trained and certified fitness instructors provide detailed cues and modifications that allow you to tailor each exercise to your level. The results will prove that you don't have to be a dancer to look like one.
The Ballet Physique method was created by nationally certified fitness instructor, dancer, and entrepreneur Kristen Zurek. She discovered barre fitness while living in New York City and later conceived the unique fitness regime, which fuses the barre fitness concept with the foundations of classical ballet. Zurek opened The Ballet Physique Fitness Studio in August 2010. It is the first independently-owned barre fitness studio in the Denver region.
“I created The Ballet Physique barre fitness method to prove that you can get the toned, lithe figure of a dancer without having to be one,” said Zurek. “We’ve seen many of our studio clients achieve beautifully lean and sculpted bodies and gain confidence, energy and grace through our workouts. I wanted to produce our DVD Collection for people who aren’t able to take our studio classes and provide everyone with affordable access to our unique and transforming workouts.”
There are 2 workouts:
·Signature Sculpt - a 60-minute dynamo workout that concentrates on toning the muscles using lighter weights, intense exercise sequences, and ballet-inspired positions. It's a program formulated to help develop a lean, graceful body.
·Amped Up - a 45-minute express class, focusing on building strength and boosting the metabolism through the use of heavier weights and fast-paced exercises. It's the perfect workout to maximize calorie burn when you're in a time crunch.

Signature Sculpt is led by Kristen Zurek, while Amped Up is led by Kristin Skordahl. Both ladies have dance experience....not just "hey, I went to Zumba once or twice"....or "yeah I did ballet when I was 2". Both have 18+ years experience in ballet.

Amped Up - 45-minute express class DVD, focusing on building strength and boosting your metabolism through the use of heavier weights and fast-paced exercises.

Signature Sculpt - 60-minute dynamo workout DVD that concentrates on toning your muscles using lighter weights, intense exercise sequences, and ballet-inspired positions.

I always am probably the MOST critical on instructors when it comes to cuing. There's nothing worse than being in a step aerobics class & the instructor cuing you 2 minutes after you were supposed to have begun your 'hammer curls, corner to corner'. (My scrutiny comes from my degree in Exercise Science, so yes, I can judge) :)

The cuing was spot on in these workouts. The way that the instructors transitioned from different muscle groups was seamless.

Here's a sampling (you can see more video samplings here):

Who doesn't want to have the body of a ballerina?

Here is the necessary equipment: light weights (I used 3lbs & 5lbs), a playground ball, a yoga mat, a cushion (something firmer than a pillow), and a ballet barre.

While I still do not have a ballet barre, I highly encourage you to purchase one. Yes, you can use a sturdy piece of furniture, but I kept finding myself compensating form due to lack of range of motion for some of the exercises.

Another suggestion, invest in yoga socks / shoes. (In Walmart terms, the "no skid" socks). The gals sport them in the workouts....theirs are pink & black....LOVE THEM. Mine are grey & black, and were included in a PopSugar Box one month. I would prefer the pink & black.....just saying.

I have always been a fan of barre workouts - I love the toning, and the fact that it's fast paced & uses body weight. If combined with a healthy diet, The Ballet Physique could really transform your body!

I took this from their FAQ page:
How do you compare to other barre programs? The difference lies in the fact that we are locally-owned and not a franchised studio, which means that we can adapt quickly to the needs of our clients and consistently provide outstanding service. It also allows our instructors the flexibility to vary their exercises, choreography and music so that no two classes are exactly alike. This being said, The Ballet Physique is rooted in the same Lotte Berk Method technique as many other barre workouts.

In my opinion, I did find this workout more on the advanced side versus the beginner. While there are modifications for the beginner, I do think they are more "advanced beginner". Ultimately, you will have to give the workout a few tries before just "giving up" and saying it's too difficult. It does require balance & stability - but hello! By improving upon your balance & stability, you're working your core muscles.

Here's some more info from their site:
Our classes have also been proven to dramatically improve core strength and posture by making correct alignment an integral part of each exercise. While a stronger set of core muscles will help you attain a ballerina's lifted appearance, it will also keep you safe from debilitating lower back injuries. Our program can even be made safe for those with existing back or joint injuries, because it is low-impact. The small, intense and precise movements featured in Ballet Physique classes are designed to build lean muscle and melt a significant amount of calories and fat in record time. Although immensely challenging, clients find that the time spent in class passes very quickly due to the nonstop pace, variety of exercises, motivating music, and passionate instructors. If you are worried about "not getting it," rest assured that our instructors will guide you through challenging movements with modifications specific to your needs.

Clients who perform the Ballet Physique program 3-4 times a week can begin seeing beautiful and noticeable changes in as little as one month. These will include: leaner thighs, shapely hamstrings, chiseled arms, a tighter waistline, and a firm, lifted seat.

Like any other workouts, you persevere and build up endurance. When I was running, I didn't just start out running 10 miles. It took what felt like FOREVER to build up to that. (Unlike Sarah who can run 40 miles and not break a sweat.)

If you're in the Littleton, Colorado area or surrounding area, you should pop in to the studio! Give the workout a test run!
Tell them I sent you. Here is their class schedule:

If you're like me, and not in their area....check out their DVDs.

DVD Collection - The DVD Collection includes both Signature Sculpt and Amped Up DVDs plus a complimentary Ballet Physique branded exercise ball.

For all readers of my blog, enter promo code FFF20 at checkout for 20% off the collection of dvds!!!! 

If you purchase the "collection" of dvds, you get the playground ball. It's PINK. I have a playground ball....but I want this one.

Remember though the promo code is only for the COLLECTION. It is only good until December 31st!

Perfect for those New Years Resolutions!

And Santa, take note: Ballet Physique socks & playground ball, please!

fitness & fashion thursday

While Kristen has been running around on Rob, I've been trying to get my ish together!

First thing is first....for all of you that are pregnant, will become pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant....take maternity leave! I know that this lady says she's not, but let me just say, "been there, done that, & suffered the repercussions!"

The first few weeks after having Beau (our 3 month old son), I was still on some what of an adrenaline high. Sleep was pretty non-existant, but I didn't care. I was totally enjoying the new life we were blessed with, and felt like since he's sleeping so much, I can do work. No.Big.Deal.

So that's what I did. I had Beau on a Saturday, went home from hospital on Monday, and Tuesday I resumed working. Yes, from my home, but nonetheless IT WAS WORK.

It was around or right before his 2 month mark that the reality of everything set in. When I say I had some dark days, I HAD SOME DARK DAYS. I know PPD is a serious subject with women, and I'm not sure that I definitely battled with it. I didn't miss being pregnant by any means, but I was very down in the dumps. I was a huge, explosive, ball of emotions. Anything & everything set me off and I would cry relentlessly. Thankfully my mom understood...MattyB on the other hand, tried to understand, but bless his heart normally was just on the receiving end of my outbursts & unexplainable crying.

Hormones. They make the world go round.

So after that brief explanation, here's the deal on fitness & fashion as it relates to Thursday :)

Fitness wise, I'm still hanging tough with my 90 day program. I'm presently on week 8 & the set of workouts that I'm presently doing are my favorite. It's weighted plyometrics, weighted cardio, and other strength training moves - - a BUTT-TON of planks! 1 more month to go. I will say, I've pretty much abandoned the diet portion. It was getting a little too difficult trying to plan out everything. Excuses, excuses.

Where I stand: I'm down 34 pounds from my highest poundage mark during pregnancy. So pretty much from the day I gave birth :)

Fashionably speaking...I'm fitting into more & more of my pre-pregnancy clothes! Hallelujah! I've also taken on a new little business adventure. So remember how I just told you that I was having some pretty gloomy days? I realized that taking time for ME was a NECESSITY. Yes, my workout time is "me" time - but honestly, it's never uninterrupted. So, I thought back & realized that one of the happiest times in my life was when I worked for this cute little boutique called "The Pink Cabana". (Sadly, they've since closed up shop)

It didn't make sense for me to go out & find a boutique to work for part time....hahaha, I barely have time to wash hair! But what did make sense was Stella & Dot. I'm now an independent stylist for them! It's my own little boutique....kinda :)

they have the BEST packaging. seriously.

I post regular pictures on my Facebook page & Twitter if you want to see more of the line! Like this one....

love their bracelets.
And celebrities love the line. I think you will too! Check it out.

Serenity Necklace

Bahari necklace & Serenity Stone earrings

You can shop my boutique at any time....but if you're interested in earning free jewelry - let me know! You can host a trunk show - a VIRTUAL one!

get it right, get it tight

I'm now beginning week 7 of my 12 week program. My goal was to give you these updates more regularly, but let's face it, between work, the baby, & everything else - I've had zero time to blog :)

With that said the program is going well....I just am not seeing fast enough results. (In my opinion). Why can't these results happen over night???

My total weight lost since the day I gave birth is now 34 pounds. Since I've started the program, I've lost 10 pounds. The workouts have been increasing in intensity, and every 2 weeks they change. It's a really neat program, and I'll do a FULL review (and give you the NAME of it) once my 12 weeks are done.

Even though the scale hasn't been my BFF - my clothes are definitely fitting MUCH better! Woop woop!

I still think it's ridiculous that I'm putting so much 'weight' into what that dang scale reflects :)

What do you think about the number on the scale? Do you agree that we as women tend to put too much emphasis on what it shows?

sucker for monthly gifts....

The title is NOT to be confused with 'mother nature's' monthly gift...

So a few weeks back, Plum District (like a Groupon site for moms) had a deal for the WittleBee site. The 'mom' side of me got a little intrigued about this WittleBee site....

For $39.99 a month, you get a box full of clothes shipped to your house. The clothes are based on a style profile you fill out for your kid - age, gender, color, clothing necessity, weather, themes, etc. Their website states that there is over $100 retail value packed in every box - and for every box shipped, they donate a onesie to a child in need.
The deal was for a 2 month subscription at a discounted price, so I perused the site some more, to see if they had any sample boxes.

They did!
preppy themed box for a boy

diva themed for a girl

princess themed for a girl

sporty themed for a boy
 So after all that, I figured I'd give it a whirl!

It arrived today via USPS...

Beau was clearly excited....

And now for the contents....
nicely packed like the sample boxes...
DR.SEUSS!!! it says Dr. Seuss on the bootie area too :)

Osh Kosh B'Gosh cuords in black & Tea romper

I like the clothes....but I think I'm going to adjust the style preferences. I'm not crazy about the cotton pants, I think that fits the "sporty" catgeory that I had I'm going to change that to "hipster" (you can select 2 in this category, my other choice is "preppy").
Molly Sims posted about the site, it includes a $15 off code. You can also save by using this link to register, if you're interested.

travelling with an infant

I know not everyone will find this the post helpful....BUT for every 10 of you that hate it, it may help 1. So with that are some tips for travelling with an infant from moi'.

MattyB & I just took a trip to Las Vegas (he for business, me for shoppingbusiness), and we brought along our 2 month old. PTL that my parents also went - my mom was such a HUGE help!

In preparing for this trip, I of course discussed things with BB's pediatrician, but I also googled like crazy trying to find tips & suggestions. Most everything I found was how easy the flight would be & how airlines do not charge for children travelling under 2 (as long as they sit on your lap). No one mentioned (not even the airline website) that you need to bring a copy of your child's birth certificate!

Ummmm, we made it on the plane without it - but noted for future reference!

So airline & flying tips, if that it is your mode of travel.....
  1. Bring your baby's birth certificate - they will ask for it!
  2. Going through security is NEVER the same at any 2 go ahead & disassemble your car seat from your stroller. Send it through the conveyor scanner - your stroller will be taken from you & walked through the body scanner (UNLESS it's compact enough to fold up & go through the conveyor). You get to carry your bambino through the people scanner.
  3. Since you can normally bring on to the plane (depending on airline) 1 carry on, & 1 personal item, I put my purse in my carry on & used BB's diaper bag as my personal item
  4. In his diaper bag, I made sure to put a change of clothes for him, plenty of formula, diapers, wipes, etc.
  5. Bring changing pads - that closet that they use as a bathroom on planes is hardly big enough for my butt....needless to say another person. Nevertheless, BB decided to dirty up his diaper (4 1/2 hour flight) I had to change him. I wanted him laying on something, rather than being tush to counter. 
  6. If your smart enough to use a baby carrier (a la Moby Wrap, etc) bring it! It will free up your hands. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to use mine.
  7. Bring a baby blanket or swaddle - not only can it get cold, but I also felt like it was an extra barrier against nasty germs
  8. Gate check your stroller & infant car seat - unless you bring your baby carrier. Check your luggage, but by gate checking your stroller & car seat you can keep it with you until you board the plane. As soon as you land, it's then unloaded & brought to you - no having to find baggage claim with an infant in your arms.
  9. We flew SouthWest - they do not assign seats, but they do have boarding groups (based on when you check in). Luckily, they let families (with children under 4) board after physically disabled, elderly, and group "A". So you still have a shot of a decent seat.
Baby gear I brought.....besides the obvious clothes, diapers, wipes, bibs, etc.

Baby Trend jogging stroller & infant car seat (with built on canopy - I did bring an extra canopy for added protection)
i included a close up of the handle area b.c that hook "the mommy hook" was GREAT for hanging shopping bags!!!

A Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack diaper bag. This bag has an outside zippered pocket that unfolds to a changing pad. It can be worn as a backpack, but also has 1 long strap to hang on you or stroller.

Since our guy is on Enfamil formula....I brought 2 cans of formula, formula pouches, and formula ready-to-feed nursettes. The nursettes were PERFECT for travelling & being away from the hotel room all day! The pouches are great, if you remember to bring a bottle of water to prepare the bottle :)
the nursettes are 2fl oz, the pouches make 4fl oz

The Germ-X wipes are great, as are the Pacifier Wipes. I brought disposable changing pads as well - call me a germophobe, but the changing stations in restrooms gross me out. And the green thing is a dispenser for "doggy poop bags". (Literally, I think that's what they are - but I got the Arm & Hammer ones that you can find in the baby section of Target....they smell so good!) Besides being used for disposing dirty diapers, they are also great for storing dirty onesies after a massive explosion.

On a side note, I went into a few restrooms that did NOT have a changing station! Be prepared for the absolute worst.

Other fun facts....

I opted to travel with a crossbody purse - kept my hands free & it was small enough to pack in my carry on.
Rebecca Minkoff from Nordstrom
Looking for elevators can get frustrating when you're not already accustomed to doing so. Waiting for an elevator, only to have 1 person walk off of it is SUPER annoying. Especially when the escalator is close by. Why, why, why????

Always put your napkin in your lap when eating out & holding your infant. Besides being the proper thing to also protects YOU from the massive explosions that sometimes creep out of the diaper.

And last, but certainly not least....if you're able to ship out necessities ahead of time DO IT! We shipped out diapers, formula, & wipes a few days before we scheduled to arrive. It was SO nice to not have the extra weight in our luggage & carry ons. Since we were in Vegas for 6 days, we used most of our supplies, so packing it in our carry ons & luggage was not an issue.

eat, poop, sleep. life is good.

Today's blog title brought to you by: my son, Beau

So, if you can't already tell, I had the baby. He arrived April 14th...11 days before his ETA, which was so great. I wasn't "one of those" that just adored being pregnant. Please don't judge.

I'll spare you the details, but the delivery was nothing like I imagined. Then again, I'm not really sure what I was thinking it would be like?

Life with a newborn is crazy. Sleep is something unheard of.....and the discovery of how much I can get done on few hours of sleep has been a little mind blowing. As the little man approaches his 2 month mark, I'm finally feeling more like "ME".

I saw the following on Facebook this morning, and I had to share....

This is just what I needed to see today.

I implemented the "get my body back" program a little over a week ago. I want to be transparent with those interested, because a lot of what I have been told & read, I feel like wasn't the "truth". I appreciate the fact that Kelly Ripa has no problem sharing about her weight gain during pregnancy and the fact that it took her a year to get it all off.

I'll be the first to tell you to have realistic being 'real' I'd like to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 1 year; but I'm making it a goal to be as close to it as possible when my son turns 6 months old. That's a little over 4 months away. Realistic? I have no clue.

I will say that I think as women, we do put too much emphasis on the number that the scale shows. I'm guilty of that....clearly, I'm discussing losing weight.

Perhaps it would be better to say, "I'd like to fit in my favorite pair of jeans again".

In being transparent with you, here's where I stand:
I gained 50 pounds with this pregnancy
4 days after giving birth I had lost 20 pounds (hello water weight! my son only weighed 6lbs, 15oz)
For my 6 week check up, I had lost another 5 pounds
Last week I resumed working out and lost another 5
Grand total so far: 30 pounds lost, and I'm nearly 8 weeks post partum

Like I said, I don't know what's realistic. Every BODY is different. Maybe in being transparent with you, I can help someone achieve their health goal.

I leave you with this....a little something that has been making smile....

my little man & I, on my 1st Mother's Day