tuesday's fashion....and an important sale!

Florida weather is totally cray-cray. Yesterday is chilly & windy, in the 70's in my neck of the woods. Today it's rainy & windy & OH SO HUMID, and in the 80's....but by Thanksgiving, it will be in the 40's!!!!



So today, I'm trying out a Florida winter look ;) actually, I really just wanted to wear a scarf.

(The top is from PINK. I'm seriously addicted to their clothing line.)

Bracelets: Renegade, Phoebe, Moxie, & Nikita
all by Stella & Dot

Also, you do not want to miss this! Sale items are reduced an additional 25% off!!! Holler baller!

These are a few of the items you can get at a ridiculously low price....

The Dakota necklace $79 $35.55

(this price is ridiculous!!! And there is a matching necklace!!!)

Olivia Bib necklace $118 $66.38

Seriously, go browse through the sale. It's a "don't wanna miss" kind of sale ;) There are a few charms on there too!

spottin' style in a glossy

I had 2 seconds on the potty the other day to breeze through the December issue of InStyle....TMI? sorry.

I spotted our Zora necklace!!! Woohoo!!! How many social selling companies do you know that are featured in magazines!? 

Are you a mom? When do you find time to get your reading done? 

i spy....the revenge edition

I don't get to watch my most loved tv shows live. Do you? I normally have to time it around laundry day :) hence a week late post about last week's Revenge style spotting!!

Our beloved Emily Thorne rocking the Rebel Pendant! How fitting :)

Available in GOLD



flash sale - don't miss it

I know I've said it before - but I LOVE when Stella & Dot does this!


Yesterday, there was an album posted to their Facebook page, about this "Fan Favorites" sale.
Three pictures of items were posted, and the picture with the most "LIKES" was then selected as the most favorite, earning it a 60% discount!

So now, the results are LIVE.

normally $158
now $63.20
60% off

normally $39
now $19.50
50% off

normally $39
now $23.40
40% off

Be sure to ACT FAST. This sale only lasts for 48 hours.
Seriously, how many people can you check off your gifting list with this sale? Great gifts!!!

celebrating the big 3 oh

On the 8th of November I started a new decade. My thirties. Based on that day, they are off to a great start!

Although, if you ever hear the term "Code Green" in Target....beware. It means "child is stuck in a shopping cart". At least that was the case for me on my birthday. Bitty Beau decided he wanted to see if his arm fit through the seat railings. It definitely did...and then didn't want to be pulled out. After a crowd of employees gathered around us, and after the attention of all nearby shoppers was gained, the toddler's arm was safely pulled out of the rails. "Happy Birthday"!

I had previously told MattyB that I did NOT want to celebrate my birthday. I have been in such a funk over the idea of turning thirty, no thanks to some drama that's also looming over our lives.

Regardless, luckily for me, Matthew did not listen & took great effort in planning a spectacular evening!

We started the evening (Beau free) with dinner at Iavarones. I've never been there, but had heard so many great things. Who doesn't love Italian eateries by the mob?

The food, drinks, & ambiance were great!

Flirtini Martini....thought I'd try something new (ya know, had to steer clear of my normal Cosmo...)

The company wasn't so bad either ;)

I was eye balling their Tiramisu for dessert, but MattyB said we had to split because we had dessert plans elsewhere.

I coerced him to spill his guts - and my hunch was correct - we had a reservation at the Melting Pot!!! Yummo!!!

So upon arriving to The Melting Pot, Matthew gives his name, and then "bless his heart" the hostess spills the beans about "oh the rest of your party is here!".

Sure enough, he had arranged for my girlfriends to all be there to celebrate :)

Apparently we couldn't all look at the right camera, at the same time. 

For not having wanted to celebrate this birthday, I am so thankful that Matthew planned this all. It was such a fun evening!

Now here's to hoping this decade is the BEST yet!

the big 3 oh

Today is the day I turn 30. Yikes!

When did this happen? Am I now 'officially' an adult? Part of me still feels like that scared, shy 16 year old. 

Regardless, here's 30 reasons why I think my thirties will totally trump my twenties.....

1. No more school - as much as I LOVED learning (yes, totally a nerd over here) - I detested the whole process. Absolutely, an unnecessary stress. 

2. I am in better shape than I was in my twenties....with the exception of age 20, 25, & 28. 

3. I am married to the love of my life - no more of the Rachel & Ross saga!

4. Carrying over the 'marriage' thing - we are past the first 5 years of marriage! (That first year was awful!)

5. The fear of childbirth has been overcome! Now it's on to the "forgetting" part. 

6. Did I mention I have the cutest toddler ever? :)  

7. I have a job I like, that pays the bills, & allows me to work from home. 

9. I get to work from home to spend time with this little man. 

10. We no longer have a dog. Sorry, sounds heartless, but that dog was a ton more work than a child. It's okay for you to not to agree

11. I've learned the importance of TRUE relationships....the ones where it's a 2 way street, you give & take, they give & take....and it's heartfelt. 

12. I've learned how some people will just not like you - they feel justified in their mind - and that's okay....but I've learned the importance of standing up for myself & not allowing them to treat me like dirt. 

13. Shorter hair is MUCH better for me.

14. Realizing that all those non-existent spring breaks or summer vacations were worth my while. 

15. I take more pictures. Instagram & Drop Box are my must haves!!! 

16. I spend much more time in growing my relationship with Christ. (Check out Beth Moore if you're looking for some amazing studies!!!)

17. Finding that amazing mascara that is only $7.99 a tube versus the $25 / $30 per tube price I was paying! 

18. I have some awesome friendships.

19. It's now totally "okay" for me to be in bed by 9pm. I'm old, right!?!?!

20. I understand the whole "leading by example" thing.

21. I've learned that "comparison is the thief of joy"

22. This will be the decade that I finally compete in a race farther than a 5K (that virtual 10K I competed in doesn't count)

23. It's now socially acceptable for me to go to Target in yoga pants, a ball cap, and not a stitch of makeup on, with my toddler in tow. 

24. I'm thismuch closer to retiring. 

25. This will be the decade that I get to travel to Hawaii (if I say it, I have to do it, right!?)

26. I no longer have to pretend that I like shopping at Forever 21....or H&M. Sorry, but I don't. 

27. I'm heading in to this decade with more confidence than I have ever possessed before. (Not in a "conceited" or "I'm better than you, mentality"....but in a "I know who I am" mindset.)

28. I've realized how important my parents are to me, and how blessed I am that their marriage has survived all these years.

29. My perspective on life & what's important is more where it should be....and my focus isn't glued to stressing over things I can not change.

30. While I am not wanting to celebrate this birthday, because frankly, let's face it - I don't want to be old....I am excited over what is to come. It's all about perspective, right?