the one where i needed a new cami

Tuesdays & Thursdays are my days to "dress up". I use that term verrryyyy loosely, so please keep an open mind.

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, are my days to work from home, spend time with BittyBeau & pretend to do the whole "home making" thing.

So this is a "what I wore, Tuesday" post!

Pay attention to the awesome photography by MattyB. You couldn't pay for pictures this good.

I much prefer this picture - softer lighting, more flattering....but MattyB said
we needed "better lighting" than our dimly lit home theatre....

So a photo opp by the filing cabinets & under fluorescent was clearly the better choice.
(hope you picked up on the sarcasm)

Well hello peek-a-boo back!
Clearly, I need a new black camisole.
Does ANYONE make a swoop back one???
Seriously, if you have a source, help a sister out.
Outfit details:
Jeans: True Religion via Nordstrom
Flats: Tieks
Watch: Michael Kors via Nordstrom
Tree Of Life Pendant via Stella & Dot
DIY Charm necklace: (Stella & Dot)
Locket (mine's not available)

Love my Tieks!!!
Arm Candy all Stella & Dot:

My charm necklace is now one of my most favorite necklaces ever! I love the sentimental meaning behind it. Plus it really showcases how Stella & Dot pairs so nicely with brands you already know & love!

the bachelorette: i spy stella & dot, july 29th episode


What did you think about Brooks' exit??? All the hype this season over this particular episode - was it everything you hoped for!?!? :)

Well let's get down to it....since Des was sporting more bikinis this episode, I spotted more of Stella & Dot's delicate pieces - with the exception of one of the interviews.

So I'm not entirely 100% on this one, but this necklace appears to be the Rebel Pendant

If it's not the Rebel Pendant then it should be :)

Flashing back to Drew's hometown date....

I blogged all about this beauty in my last it here.

This tiny little delicate made 2 appearances.....

(sorry for the less than flattering pic!)

It's the Sidewinder

And finally, more of the interview of her wearing the Tempest

A great rocker glam piece for fall :)

what i wore....THURSDAY

I hope your Thursday has been well. Mine has been....t.i.r.i.n.g

BittyBeau had an allergy test done yesterday, which means he had blood drawn. It was so difficult! Telling your 15 month old to sit still while you pretty much lock him down with your arms while he sits in your lap is not easy! Poor little man was terrified.

Which led to a horrendous evening in our household. He did not want to be by himself at all. I think he was traumatized. So needless to say he slept in our bed - not his crib. So 2 cute little feet were in my rib cage or back at any given time during the night. Except when he was 1000 degrees and wanting to cuddle. Such a sweet sweaty child :)

All for 2 viles of blood which will hopefully bring clarity to his eczema!

So today - I'm operating on about 4 hours of sleep. (I know that's probably a TON of sleep for you...)
Which means I'm sporting some really awesome bags under my eyes!

My outfit today is brought to you courtesy of Nordstrom Rack, Buckle, Tory Burch, and Stella & Dot.

I am really more elated by my necklace & my sweater!

the brand of my cardigan is "Charlotte"
and judging by the fact i can not find it anywhere online - i'm thinking it's 5 seasons old

back :)
ignore the super plain bathroom shot....

This necklace can be worn several ways!!!! It's called the Sanibel Pendant :)

long with green quartz

long with smoky glass

short with smoky glass

short with green quartz

Here's some design info for you....
You'll just flip over this reversible pendant. Wear long or doubled with removable S-hook. Decisions, decisions.
  • Available in gold and silver.
  • Gold with smooth dyed quartz shimmers on one side. Smoky facted glass on the other.
  • Silver with semi-precious labradorite shimmers on one side. Aqua faceted glass on the other. 
  • 34.5" long. Necklace length can be extended with our Bold Chain Extender.
  • Wear long or wear the chain doubled with removeable s hook.
  • Gold or silver plating.
  • Lead and nickel safe.
So there is a removable "s" hook - which is the key to shortening it. You can play around with the length when you shorten just depends where you clasp it.

Isn't it cool????
It's an insane amount of bang for your buck!

the bachelorette: i spy stella & dot, july 15th episode

Home town date time! What did you all think?

Here are the Stella & Dot pieces I spotted on Des.

On Zak's hometown date & the sno-cone fun, Des rocked a cute motorcycle jacket with the On the Mark necklace in silver.

On Drew's hometown date....

Here she is rocking the Sanibel Pendant!

wondering why Des' necklace looks longer? That 'S' hook is removable!

On Chris' hometown date....
Wearing the Valor Pendant & explaining Chris' dad seeing her better side
On Brooks' hometown date....
The Tempest Necklace....a personal fave :)

And then Nate returned....
Talking with her weirdo, DB brother....does anyone like that guy??? 
Here she is rocking the Wesley Pendant.

Until next week, go check out all the new fab finds on Stella & Dot!!!

POPSUGAR must have box - July 2013

Womp. Womp.

Totally NOT digging this month's box!!! MattyB had actually told me to STOP the subscription last month.

Guess who forgot to cancel?


So here you go. A recap....

I tried!

I actually LOVE rose gold....
this chain though, not so much....

It's heavy - but it still feels kinda chincy!

it did come in this handy little bag....

It is not on Bauble Bar's website.....soooo I'm thinking it was old, unsold inventory.
Womp Womp.
I did find a butt ton of listings on Ebay though - probably other unhappy peeps like me peddling their PopSugar pieces.

Net Value: $0

Next up....

NOT excited about the color. 
Anyone want it?
I found on NCLA's site that it's $16.00

"As if!"


I found some information on their website about it's benefits....
it's listed at $20.00 for the "travel size".
It's on the BirchBox site for $42!

I guess I'll try it - nearing my 30's I need to hide all my "fine lines & wrinkles"....


Um, huh?

An ice cube tray!? 

Yeah, for all those nights that MattyB comes home from work asking for a scotch on the rocks.

Hi, Don Draper, they sent me your ice cube tray.

Dying for one? They are on Amazon & come in assortment of colors.

Value: $8.50



I much prefer coffee.

Apparently, it's a BEST SELLER & retails for $6.25

I guess I'll brew some up while I wait for my king size ice cubes to freeze.

These actually look really yummy!

On the website, it retails for $23.96 for a box of 4 bags, including shipping. 

While I was browsing their site, I did come across the cinnamon sugar flavor.

HannahMax, can we swap? Ginger Peach tea for cinnamon sugar?

If you haven't already noticed I'm totally not happy with July's box. There was nothing for the "entertainment" category. 

Tell me about your monthly subscriptions! Do they extend past magazines?

Waste of money or total bang for your buck?

the bachelorette, i spy stella & dot, episode july 8th

So was anyone else surprised to see some of the girls from Sean's season??? Is this a new thing the producers are doing? And did anyone else feel awkward when Des asked Catherine "how are things with Sean?"!?

Um, awkward.

I was super let down this week. I thought something BIG happened last night. But no. Nothing. The dumb preview from last week was a lie. 

Kinda like when Chris always says "and stay tuned for the most dramatic rose ceremony YET!"


And that's my recap. Now on to the spottings....

Well, the first thing I noticed was Catherine's necklace.....

So as anyone would do, I paused the show & zoomed in :)

I'm nearly positive this one of our charm necklaces!

Unless The Possessionista proves me wrong.....

The second & final spotting was Des on her date with Brooks....

Not a great picture at all - but MattyB & I tried our best with pausing :)

Now do you see the pop of orange in there?

Yeah, that's the Olivia Bib necklace!

Or so it appears :)

Are you enjoying The Bachelorette this season?