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blogger really annoys me sometimes

Please note...I had some pictures to add to this post, but naturally that dark cloud that looms over my head (a la Eeyore), has caused Blogger to not function properly. Sorry!

Wow. It's flippin' June 1st!

Which also means, hunker down it's officially hurricane season.

I don't know about y'all, but I feel like all the workouts I did over Memorial Day weekend, were totally "un-done" by what I ate.

Friday - no run, 57 minute Physique 57 workout - followed up by some
Bang Bang Shrimp @ Bonefish Grill! (along with a side salad & some seared tuna - Matty & I always order Bang Bang Shrimp as our appetizer)
Saturday - 9 miles, followed up by pizza night with MattyB
Sunday - 57 minute Physique 57 workout before church - then lunch with Matty's mom, brudder, & brudder's g/f (yellow rice, black beans, Cole's garlic bread & key lime pie for dessert), then dinner with Matty's aunts, cousin, & grandma - PIZZA AGAIN.
Monday - 5 mile run, followed up by a cookout with my fam...I ate 2 hot dogs, I NEVER eat hot dogs; along with countless whole grain tostitos. And that night? Oh yes, we indulged in leftover yellow rice & black beans...and key lime pie!

So I've come to the conclusion that I have no self control, half marathon training makes me eat like a man, and I have no right to whine about my jiggly thighs.

Yesterday I tried to start correcting the error of my ways with a 3 mile run & then Physique 57's thigh & seat booster. Along with restricting my salt intake & foods with added sugar...increased the fiber as well ;) 

When you splurge on food, do you over do it? Or are you disciplined enough to control your self?
Clearly I over did it. Normally I'm pretty disciplined, but I felt like I had just been released from fat camp & wanted to indulge in everything.

I'm definitely not stressed about how I ate this past weekend...but I do want to get back on track to how I normally eat.

What is your normal reaction following an indulgent weekend?
My immediate reaction is to weigh myself....however this time, I don't plan on stepping on that scale for 1 week.

Feel free to comment on how you overate this past weekend :)