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POPSUGAR must have box - July 2013

Womp. Womp.

Totally NOT digging this month's box!!! MattyB had actually told me to STOP the subscription last month.

Guess who forgot to cancel?


So here you go. A recap....

I tried!

I actually LOVE rose gold....
this chain though, not so much....

It's heavy - but it still feels kinda chincy!

it did come in this handy little bag....

It is not on Bauble Bar's website.....soooo I'm thinking it was old, unsold inventory.
Womp Womp.
I did find a butt ton of listings on Ebay though - probably other unhappy peeps like me peddling their PopSugar pieces.

Net Value: $0

Next up....

NOT excited about the color. 
Anyone want it?
I found on NCLA's site that it's $16.00

"As if!"


I found some information on their website about it's benefits....
it's listed at $20.00 for the "travel size".
It's on the BirchBox site for $42!

I guess I'll try it - nearing my 30's I need to hide all my "fine lines & wrinkles"....


Um, huh?

An ice cube tray!? 

Yeah, for all those nights that MattyB comes home from work asking for a scotch on the rocks.

Hi, Don Draper, they sent me your ice cube tray.

Dying for one? They are on Amazon & come in assortment of colors.

Value: $8.50



I much prefer coffee.

Apparently, it's a BEST SELLER & retails for $6.25

I guess I'll brew some up while I wait for my king size ice cubes to freeze.

These actually look really yummy!

On the website, it retails for $23.96 for a box of 4 bags, including shipping. 

While I was browsing their site, I did come across the cinnamon sugar flavor.

HannahMax, can we swap? Ginger Peach tea for cinnamon sugar?

If you haven't already noticed I'm totally not happy with July's box. There was nothing for the "entertainment" category. 

Tell me about your monthly subscriptions! Do they extend past magazines?

Waste of money or total bang for your buck?