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Ha, did you sing that title? No, go back & sing it!

Here's a fun pic of Matteo & I with the birthday girl last night! We had such a great time celebrating with the family!

Thanks Aunt Suz for sending me home with the guac! I'm TEARING IT UP right now as I blog...I'm addicted.

My Saturday was another early morning. I have a love / hate with early mornings. I always feel so accomplished by noon for getting up early, but the waking up part just KILLS me. Especially when Matty & Dexter are sawing logs next to me.

Well, I met my girls Emily & Nickie at 7am for our Nordstrom Spring Trend Show! We were greeted at the entrance by Nordstrom personnel who gave us our cute little tote bags with goodies inside. The first part was a "beauty bash" where we were able to have coffee and light refreshments, while we waited to be let in to the store where the show would take place. It got crowded real quick!

There were giveaways during this time as well...and even though the lady was using a microphone to announce the winners...other ladies still felt the need to push in front of us. Um, rude.

Since Nickie was the one in flats, I gave her the pep talk of "take no prisoners". Run like in a race, & use that Gucci bag to pummel anyone who tries to push in front of you....(since seating was first come, first serve). 

Nickie was ready to fight!

So finally the countdown began, the barricade was removed, and every woman in Tampa rushed to the escelator. I had to remind myself NOT to be unkind and trip people or kick them in the shins with my wedges...but it kinda reminded me of my last 5K. There were walkers in front of me who just needed to move. Walkers to the back please!

We made it to our seats and had a little photo shoot....

Yes, anything "free" does excite me this much.

My horrible attempt at getting the stage

The show was really energetic, and I really enjoyed the styling choices. However, most of my focus was on the clothing...but with this show, we're supposed to be more focused on the cosmetic side of things. I was more interested in this girl's shoes:
Horribly blurry, sorry...the model just would not cooperate with my shutter speed

And then this fun number came out & I immediately wanted the entire outfit. Very Sex & the City, in my opinion...
Sparkles & feathers?! Yes, please!

Don't misunderstand, I did pay attention some to the cosmetics ~ but to be honest, I felt like the demographic was a bit more mature this year. However, MAC kept it really playful with this cutie:

We learned in years prior to leave the fashion show a few minutes before the end in order to hit up the cosmetic counters downstairs before they are BOMBARDED and sold out.

It eventually got insanely crowded...

I should mention that I DO NOT deal well in crowds. Hords of people, standing in one spot, shoulder to shoulder, not moving, kinda stresses me out a bit. I wasn't entirely unfriendly to every other shopper, but I definitely gave out several looks of "what the heck are you doing?" with a side of "get out of my way!".

Luckily, I was able to purchase everything on my list before the products sold out. (Yes, I had a list ~ I made it during the show; and yes, things sell's INSANE).

Here's my purchases:
CHANEL polishes, Mimosa & Blue Satin
Yes, that's a yellow shade on the left, & I can't wait to wear it.
Well, actually, it's still on my thumb ~ I demo'ed it while waiting for a sales associate. Then I demo'ed a gold that's on my index finger, and the Blue Satin on my middle finger (which I showed that last one off as much as possible....KIDDING!)

My MAC goodies! I'm a MAC girl.
Skin Brightening Serum (a primer but with more skin nourishing ingredients), tinted moisturizer, bright pink lip glass, and Sheen Supreme lipstick (which they have been sold out of every time I've tried to buy)

Once we all got our goodies & found Emily, after she got distracted and wandered off to purses (that's why we're friends)...we packed it up and headed out for a gorgeous afternoon, basking in the sun!

this is why it's called the sunshine state
pretty, huh? (no I wasn't talking about my feet, but I'm totally diggin' my current polish choice!)

Emily tried copying my picture, but got photo bombed big time
rude dude needs to understand photo taking don't walk in front of active photo op's

Nickie & I enjoying the Pina Colada popsicles that Emily's hubby, CaseFace Casey brought us! Holler!
He even chillaxed with us for a bit!

Cutie Emily

Presently, I'm bathing in aloe due to mis-use of the spray sunscreen. There were horrible winds when I was trying to apply it & now, thanks Banana Boat, I have splotches & streaks of white & red. (Hey, if I change my polish & use my new Blue Satin polish I'd be VERY patriotic!) 

I'm thinking a turtleneck will be required for the next 3 days to hide the white streak that runs from my the shoulder of my left arm, to my wriist. I'm dreading Matty's reaction when he sees me....especially if it's anything like Casey's...which was "HA HA HA!", followed by "that wasn't a joking laugh!"

How was your Saturday?!?

A little bit of this & that

My CEP compression sleeves arrived yesterday so I was really wanting to try them out today...
Ignore my grandma knees...

I had to look up their instructional make sure I put them on correctly. They were feeling not so "compressive" (hmmm, not sure if that's a word ~ but it works!)
My "why aren't they feeling 'compressive'?" face

And I wanted to try out my new garb that I got with the Nike giftcard from FitSugar...

Look who figured out how to use the camera timer!

At this point Matteo was yelling out "dork!" & clearly I figured out how to use the timer, but not properly since it went off as I was walking up to it...

I ran 5 miles ~ focused more on my speed & throwing in a hill ~ rather than on distance. I wanted to maintain 8:45 at least....but was closer to 9:15. I have IronGirl coming up & I'm still not 100% sure that this insane bridge is not part of the race anymore ~ hence why I wanted a hill in today's run.

Back to the compression sleeves...I really liked them. I am actually stretching as I blog so I still have them on & they really feel great. I was really worried at first that I had purchased the wrong size since they didn't feel as tight as I expected....but once I started running, I really felt them. I guess my calves turn into man calves as I start running. pain during, especially out of my left calf...didn't feel my strain at all!

In other news: Check out this strawberry!
It was HIS idea to take the picture....

AND ~ we finally have our front entry way like 90% done!!!!


Ta da!

Replacing that rug is the only thing left to do! I've had no luck in finding one that I like AND that Matt approves of. We got the bench & the mirror online...the signs, the table, and the lamp post are from Bealls Home Outlet...and the coat rack, planter fillers, and lamp shade are from Ross ~ which we went there last night.

Matt's so stylish! (Note the shoes!!! His new Sperry's!)

Happy Saturday! Off to a cook out!