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blame cris, not orville

Yesterday's workout: P57's thigh & seat booster followed by a 4.5 mile jog, with 1 mile at 4% incline. Still trying to figure out my limits with the lower back pain.

Well Matty surprised me the other day, after his grocery shopping trip & he came home with this....

I was super thrilled!

So 2 nights ago, we decided to try it out.

Has anyone else tried this yet???

We didn't like it. It tasted weird! Coming from someone that LOVES popcorn, especially for dinner, something was off about it.

I love my husband, but the man will eat anything ~ milk past the date on the carton, leftovers from 2 weeks ago, pizza that was left out all catch my drift. (Granted I could have just grown up in a household where you throw leftovers away after a day, you don't drink the milk if it's the day of the stamped date, etc.)

So for Matty to not like this popcorn...something was up.

We never put so many descriptive words in the same sentence as popcorn - - tangy, stings the tongue a bit, & weird were the most used.

Maybe we just had a bad batch? I don't know. I'm going to give it some time though before I go trying another bag of it.

I did write in to the company though...trying to find out if there was perhaps a "bad batch". They were quick to respond & rectify the situation ~ so for now, until I take another "pop" at the bowl, I stick to the 100 cal bags.

If worse comes to worse, I'll blame Cris Angel.