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hippity hoppity


and enough with that color...

We woke up earlier than normal on our Sunday in order to get to church by 8:30am. We had nursery duty....which Matt was ECSTATIC about :)

Actually we worked with 2 year olds & it was pretty entertaining. Especially when one little tyke came in with his pants on backwards! The highlight was when he attempted to put his hands in his awkward stance but he managed!

What are your Easter plans? Do you have any family traditions?

I love Easter. Not only because I'm a Christian, but because I'm a kid at heart. Mom always, always, always had Easter baskets for us growing up. In fact, she didn't STOP with the Easter baskets, until last year :( It was a harsh reality when she handed me my basket with my goodies...and then said "keep it".

What was an even HARSHER reality was that Matteo did not recognize Easter as a "gift giving" holiday (boo!), so that was a learning experience for me when we got married. 

Who doesn't like waking up on Easter, rushing to the kitchen to get their Easter basket, and then getting dolled up for church??
I was spoiled. I know.


In honor of Easter.....

When I was 14 or 15 (I was so traumatized I forgot the year), we went to our annual Easter Brunch at The Tampa Club.
Located on the 42nd floor of the B.o.A. building, it has the most amazing view of the downtown Tampa area.
My parents have been members there since we moved to Tampa.

Regardless...we used to attend their annual Easter Brunch. The club used to really go all out for the holiday - Easter bunny, baskets for kids, enormous decorations, etc. They still do all of that...except for the enormous decorations. And I'm pretty sure I'm the reason why.

There's this elaborate staircase as soon as you enter the bottom level of the club:
As we were leaving one year, I decided to "strut" my stuff down the stairs. Looking back, I don't know why one earth I thought I should strut my stuff because I was wearing this floral dress, that hit at my ankles (I refuse to call it a maxi because the word "maxi" evokes cuteness in my head) ~ and to make matters worse, the pattern was something reminiscent of drapery in my great grandmother's home. Regardless, I spotted a boy & felt the need to strut.

I made it all the way to the 5th to last step and BAM!
I slid down the remaining steps on my bottom...and took out a 6 foot plastic bunny that was standing at the base of the steps. That bunny FLEW across the floor...and naturally, EVERYONE noticed.

I guess on a positive note, me & my awkward self were able to get a cute boy to notice me!

Never again have I seen that plastic bunny there.

And on that fun note, we're off to spend some time with my Granny! (She HATES being called that).