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12 years....

In some cases, talking about the past is not healthy for you, nor your audience. In other cases, it could be a time for growth and reflection.

I haven't done this before - but think back to September 11, 2001.
Where were you - when you got the horrible, gut wrenching, news of the attack on the twin towers?
How did you feel? 
What were your first thoughts?

I was in my first semester at USF - on my way to Pre-Calculus (ha, what a joke!). At the time I didn't listen to the radio in the car, I would just pop in a cd - - I detested talk radio.

I pull on campus, park, walk 5 miles to the building (in the snow, and get to my classroom. There was some commotion in the building next door - I didn't think anything of it. Our scheduled class time comes & goes, and the professor never showed up. So those of us sitting there like tools got up & followed the commotion.

The building next door had a group of people standing around watching the live news cast of what was going on in NYC. My tummy sank, and I thought I was going to puke.

I tried calling my parents. I don't remember where my mom was, but my dad was en route to Daytona Beach, FL to handle some business. The cell phone towers were jammed so I was not able to make any calls. By this point I had made it back to my car - clearly all classes were cancelled for the day.

On the car ride home, I turned on the radio. At the very point of turning it on, an interview was taking place with someone that had been in one of the towers. They explained how terrible the sight was....especially seeing handicap people stuck, with nowhere to go and no one helping them. I lost it.

You can ready why HERE but ultimately, I have a younger brother who is physically disabled.

So in utter distress, after not being able to reach my parents, I called his middle school and told them I was coming by to pick him up. They tried reassuring me that he was fine....but I was not having it. I drove to his school and signed him out for the day. 

When we finally got home from my emotional outburst and impulsive act, my mom was there. This is where everything starts getting fuzzy again, but I remember falling to the floor and sobbing as I explained to her my reasoning for signing him out....all the people left to die because no one helped them & they were not physically capable of helping themselves.

It's odd the memories that stick with you. This day was a huge one for me, for you, and for our nation. I think it's okay to recall where we were, what we felt, what we saw. I don't think that this is a case where we should "forget the past & move on". I want Beau to know exactly what Matt & I encountered that day. We lived history.

To those of you that have a birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Or if you're celebrating another momentous occasion, I do not mean to take away from it :)