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100th PB class

If you've been reading the blog lately, or following me on Instagram, you know I'm an avid Pure, I hit the mother load.

I hit the 100 class mark!

When I purchased the Pure Barre Groupon back in September of 2014, while pregnant with Brooks....getting my pre-baby body back was on the forefront of my mind. (Seriously, what is wrong with me!? Why wouldn't I be wondering about the getting baby out part, or lack of sleep, etc....). I had dabbled with barre workouts before...even have a barre at my house; but there was a certain allure to physically attending a barre class, rather than working out to dvd's at home.

Once the baby arrived in October, I had some time to re-evaluate my purchase. I tried working out at home...especially since I have all the tools I need....but it wasn't as successful as I had hoped. I had been through this before, so I thought that working off the baby weight from the second baby would be a walk in the park. I didn't stop to consider that I would now have TWO children to tend with: a toddler & a newborn. So in December, I figured I would use this Groupon that was almost near expiration & see what the big difference is between dvd's at home & attending a class.

I will never forget my first class. I rocked an oversized tee from Victoria's Secret PINK and some yoga pants....trying to mask the 2 month post baby belly. I went in with a mixture of fear & confidence....knowing the moves were not totally unfamiliar, yet having so much doubt in myself that I could bounce back to prebaby size, needless to say even do this workout in a studio with people watching. From the moment class started until class ended, I was dripping in sweat, cursing my thighs, and yet wanting MORE. It was the week of Christmas, so the classes were not full since most people were travelling / gearing up for the holidays. (Not that the 5:30am class is ever jam packed.) I went 3 times that week and knew I had developed an addiction to something other than shopping.

My husband didn't understand at first when I told him how I wanted to jump in with a membership when my Groupon expired. He has always supported my fitness endeavors....especially when I would run ridiculous amounts on my treadmill & be the worst grump if I didn't hit my mileage for the week. And even buying me my own barre for home use 2 years ago when I first fell in love with barre workouts. But this endeavor he didn't understand since I "have what I need at home to workout". While I do have the equipment I don't have the push, the drive, or the escape that the studio provides. (MattyB fully supports me & my health, in case you are wondering. You can read about his support HERE when he took the Bring On the Men class!)

The 5:30am class has been an absolute joy these past 7 months. The encouragement, push, & kudos during class are what I need at this point in my life. I need to leave my house for a workout in order to get it done! I love my boys, but the time away allows me 55 minutes to focus on just me. No distractions, no phones, no demanding toddlers, just me. No, I don't enjoy waking up at 4:40am. There is nothing cute about 4:40am...I have never been a morning person! But I do it for the love of the workout & how it jump starts my it's the only time of day that works for my family & I without disruptions. (Unless Brooks is wanting to party at 2am....then it becomes a matter of dragging myself to class!).

So today was a HUGE mile marker in my Pure Barre journey. I completed 100 classes and go to sign THE bar. The bar that I see every time I'm at the studio...with the sign "100 club".

As my husband would say: "So what does that mean???"

It means I got to sign THE bar:

It means I have lift, toned, & burned 100 times.....and lived to tell about it.

It means I have lost 11 pounds since I started in December.

It means I have lost 13 inches combined from my waist, hips, & chest.

It means I can hold a plank for 90 seconds.

It means I now have this elite gear to add to my workout wardrobe:

It means I have developed some awesome friendships with some ladies I would have otherwise not met. 

It means that I have come to realize I need to be healthy in order to raise healthy boys. 

It means I have developed an obsession for barre gear (sticky socks, leggings, and cute tops saying something like "see you at the barre").

It means that I have overcome lots of self doubt & tried something new.

It means I have realized the number on the scale is not how strong I am, how good of a mother / wife I am, or what to base my value on. 

To anyone on the fence about trying out Pure Barre, do it!
Be sure to check out my intro post to Pure Barre!

LTB! On to 250!

fashion & fitness friday!

Happy holiday weekend FRIDAY!!!! Can I get a WOOP, WOOP!?
So stinkin' excited for the weekend to be here.

For the fashion aspect of today's post....I have been living in my barre gear lately. Like dirtball, head to work, straight after class (even though I go home first to get the boys). So a few "staple" pieces to at least make me look presentable:

1. Zella sweater - - > this sweater is SOOO lightweight. Just gives you that coverage to make you feel like you aren't showing everything. Plus it has thumbholes. Thumbholes just make any outfit complete ;)

2. On the Mark necklace - - I live in this necklace....literally. I wear it with everything. I think it's a mixture of how cute it is but also the meaning of the arrow. It's always a great reminder to see when I look in the mirror at barre class.

3. LTB bracelet

(Shoot me an email if you want more info on this bracelet!)

For the fitness aspect of today's post...I was recently asked to share more on my fitness regimen by Petro over at ETB Fit.
ETB is just starting up....I invite you to go check out the philosophy behind the brand HERE.

What foods do you eat pre-workout?
Well, when I've been "good" & prepped my meals, I normally 'eat on the go'. I have a 15 minute drive to my Pure Barre studio at the ungodly hour of 5am. Since I sleep until the very last minute, I have to have food that is literally grab.and.go! So my 3 go to items are: hard boiled eggs, almond butter quinoa bars, & english muffin with almond butter. I am normally famished come the middle of class, so even if I'm not "hungry", I normally force myself to eat something during my drive.

What do you listen to during your workout?
Whatever the Pure Barre mix is for the day!!! If I'm lucky to get a workout in at home with my animals kiddos, I normally am not able to wear I listen to them playing, or screaming, or crying.....

How do you switch up certain routines daily / weekly to stay motivated?
Motivation has not been an issue for me lately. The variety of Pure Barre workouts has been amazing. It's entirely different from when I ran 24/7....and did the occasional Physique 57 workout or Ballet Physique. The camaraderie at the studio, encouragement by the instructors & just the FUN of the workouts, keeps me so motivated & interested in the workouts. Plus no 2 workouts are exactly the same. Even if I went every day Sunday through Saturday, not one of the 55 minute sessions would be the exact same. Variety is the spice of life ;)

What do you eat or do after your workout to make sure you got the most out of your workout?
I recently discovered the importance of this!!! I am so happy to share :) So as soon as I get home, I make a PWO shake. I am totally addicted to the CLICK brand's Caramel one. So yummy!!! I just put 12 oz of water in my shaker, 2 scoops of the mix & shake, shake, SHAKE! I used to mix it with Almond Milk, but I prefer the water. I also recently started using BCAA's. I haven't quite found a favorite though....the ones I have tried are wayyyyyy sweet, so what should take me minutes to drink, takes me an hour :/ I'm currently using THIS brand.
So I drink my protein shake while I'm making my breakfast. I am a creature of habit, my breakfast is always 2 eggs & lots of spinach! I can go through 2 cartons of bulk spinach in a week, easy. Along with an 18 pack of eggs. MattyB on the other hand, thinks it's ridiculous :)
I also take my multivitamin.....which I loathe taking this is huge. I was introduced to the FitMiss brand by the fab Kate Horney - so I take their vitamins. FitMiss also has their own protein shakes....I use their Chocolate flavor one to annihilate my sweet tooth. It's awesome for making a brownie batter shake & a chocolate mug cake.

Something to have to enjoy your workout. If you don't enjoy it, you won't stay motivated....especially if you are not seeing any "results". Speaking of results....stop letting the scale determine those results! Take your measurements....notice how your clothes fit....and even pat yourself on the back if you made the choice to NOT have a coke today. It's small changes over time that make lasting results! There is no quick fix. It's hard work & determination!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my progress check in. But here you go if you missed it ;)

I would love to hear from you! Share your Friday-YAY with me! Results? Workouts? Cute new outfit? Spill your guts in the comments!

'weighing' in

I wrote a post AWHILE ago in regards to fad diets & I did mention a popular "weight loss" company. At the time I was not dogging this company, I was more or less pointing out that some people are very misguided when it comes to nutrition - and I offered up the example of those 100 calorie snack packs.

Today, I came across THIS POST written by a lady who was a "weight loss consultant" for another weight loss company.

It's an apology letter and it's definitely worth the read if you have the time.

The moral of the story, and I quote her:
Just eat food. Eat real food, be active, and live your life. Forget all the diet and weight loss nonsense. It's really just that. Nonsense. 
And now - without bombarding you with my are some pretty images :)

 Make smart decisions ;)

fashion & fitness friday!

It's been a bit longer than a hot second that I've done this kind of post!

First things first - fashion.

My ensemble for this Fabulous Friday:

Top: Daytrip via Buckle
Cropped jeans: Miss Me via Buckle
Shoes: Naughty Monkey via Buckle
Necklace: Dot Bloom via Stella & Dot

I've been doing an obscene amount of shopping at Nordstrom & Buckle as of late. Nordstrom will always be my true love, but Buckle was this hidden nugget that I just recently found courtesy of the bestest Erin. I would always just walk by the store front, judging it, & assuming that they would never have anything I like. 


Don't you just love it when you're proven wrong? 

Tell me, I know you can relate! Have you ever judged a store only come to find out that you actually REALLY REALLY like it? 

In other news, I've reversed my cardio & weight training. Meaning, I'm now devoting 3 days a week to weights & 2 to cardio. 

I'm kind of liking it.

Weight days consist of circuit training with a heavy weights. I go through 5 exercises doing 10 to 12 sets, then repeat the circuit 3 times. I do my abs on these days as well. (You know, that set of muscles buried deep under layers of insulation?)

Cardio has been mainly HIIT. Sprints on the treadmill mixed with walks, all done at an incline of 8% or 10%.

Making an escape from the FL to head to the west coast today!!! Super excited!!!

What are your plans this weekend!?

fashion & fitness friday

TGIF - for real. What a week!

What's on your fitness agenda for today!?
The little man & I will be logging a few miles on the jogging strolling. Our weirdo weather here in Florida has dropped to a tolerable temperature where going outside doesn't result in an immediate sweat fest.

Have you taken the time to look into barre fitness classes or dvds? You really should. It's a fusion of dance (duh, ballet) & pilates. I love it. It is one of those workouts that constantly leaves me "shakey" to the point I feel like I'll fall over. Love that feeling.

Go read about Physique57 & The Ballet Physique. Search your area for Pure Barre or Xtend Barre classes.

While you're clicking around, have you entered my Stella & Dot giveaway!? Today is the LAST DAY to enter!!! Get on it :)

So what fashion trends of 2013 are you going to try!?

As said by Glamour's the top wearable trends for spring! I DARE you to try something new :)

1. Bermuda Shorts

2. Black & White

want to throw in some accessory options?
Stella & Dot Fiona Earrings

Stella & Dot Heiress Hoops in Hematite

see ALL options HERE

3. Peekaboo

4. Statement Sunglasses

5. Bold Stripes

6. Luxe Leather

7. Beautiful Beading

so, if you would rather not wear beaded can incorporate this trend by wearing beaded accessories! flats, bag, headband, or jewelry!

look at this gorgeous piece!
Stella & Dot Avalon Fringe

8. Short Suits

modest length short, of course! do not combine this look with the "peekaboo" trend....your butt cheek should not be playing peekaboo with the hem line. just sayin'....

9. Sporty Dresses

with the neckline of these dresses, you should TOTALLY combine with a "pop of color"

like this necklace....
Stella & Dot's Spring Awakening

10. Flats & Low Heels

Spill your beans! Which trend will you try!? Which trend will you avoid the plague!?

a review of, & constant pursuit of, THE BALLET PHYSIQUE

I LOVE that feeling you get from a great workout. The wobbly, shaky, I think I'm going to fall over, feeling. Know what I mean?

I was sent The Ballet Physique dvd's to screen....and let me just say, love.them.

So here was my set up for my work outs....

Beau was ready, leg warmers & all :)

I want leg warmers for me. Minor side note.

Here's some info on The Ballet Physique:
The Ballet Physique DVD Collection is suitable for every fitness level and features two distinct routines. These full-body workouts are designed to melt fat, blast calories, define your midsection, and awaken muscles you never knew existed. The Ballet Physique’s ballet-trained and certified fitness instructors provide detailed cues and modifications that allow you to tailor each exercise to your level. The results will prove that you don't have to be a dancer to look like one.
The Ballet Physique method was created by nationally certified fitness instructor, dancer, and entrepreneur Kristen Zurek. She discovered barre fitness while living in New York City and later conceived the unique fitness regime, which fuses the barre fitness concept with the foundations of classical ballet. Zurek opened The Ballet Physique Fitness Studio in August 2010. It is the first independently-owned barre fitness studio in the Denver region.
“I created The Ballet Physique barre fitness method to prove that you can get the toned, lithe figure of a dancer without having to be one,” said Zurek. “We’ve seen many of our studio clients achieve beautifully lean and sculpted bodies and gain confidence, energy and grace through our workouts. I wanted to produce our DVD Collection for people who aren’t able to take our studio classes and provide everyone with affordable access to our unique and transforming workouts.”
There are 2 workouts:
·Signature Sculpt - a 60-minute dynamo workout that concentrates on toning the muscles using lighter weights, intense exercise sequences, and ballet-inspired positions. It's a program formulated to help develop a lean, graceful body.
·Amped Up - a 45-minute express class, focusing on building strength and boosting the metabolism through the use of heavier weights and fast-paced exercises. It's the perfect workout to maximize calorie burn when you're in a time crunch.

Signature Sculpt is led by Kristen Zurek, while Amped Up is led by Kristin Skordahl. Both ladies have dance experience....not just "hey, I went to Zumba once or twice"....or "yeah I did ballet when I was 2". Both have 18+ years experience in ballet.

Amped Up - 45-minute express class DVD, focusing on building strength and boosting your metabolism through the use of heavier weights and fast-paced exercises.

Signature Sculpt - 60-minute dynamo workout DVD that concentrates on toning your muscles using lighter weights, intense exercise sequences, and ballet-inspired positions.

I always am probably the MOST critical on instructors when it comes to cuing. There's nothing worse than being in a step aerobics class & the instructor cuing you 2 minutes after you were supposed to have begun your 'hammer curls, corner to corner'. (My scrutiny comes from my degree in Exercise Science, so yes, I can judge) :)

The cuing was spot on in these workouts. The way that the instructors transitioned from different muscle groups was seamless.

Here's a sampling (you can see more video samplings here):

Who doesn't want to have the body of a ballerina?

Here is the necessary equipment: light weights (I used 3lbs & 5lbs), a playground ball, a yoga mat, a cushion (something firmer than a pillow), and a ballet barre.

While I still do not have a ballet barre, I highly encourage you to purchase one. Yes, you can use a sturdy piece of furniture, but I kept finding myself compensating form due to lack of range of motion for some of the exercises.

Another suggestion, invest in yoga socks / shoes. (In Walmart terms, the "no skid" socks). The gals sport them in the workouts....theirs are pink & black....LOVE THEM. Mine are grey & black, and were included in a PopSugar Box one month. I would prefer the pink & black.....just saying.

I have always been a fan of barre workouts - I love the toning, and the fact that it's fast paced & uses body weight. If combined with a healthy diet, The Ballet Physique could really transform your body!

I took this from their FAQ page:
How do you compare to other barre programs? The difference lies in the fact that we are locally-owned and not a franchised studio, which means that we can adapt quickly to the needs of our clients and consistently provide outstanding service. It also allows our instructors the flexibility to vary their exercises, choreography and music so that no two classes are exactly alike. This being said, The Ballet Physique is rooted in the same Lotte Berk Method technique as many other barre workouts.

In my opinion, I did find this workout more on the advanced side versus the beginner. While there are modifications for the beginner, I do think they are more "advanced beginner". Ultimately, you will have to give the workout a few tries before just "giving up" and saying it's too difficult. It does require balance & stability - but hello! By improving upon your balance & stability, you're working your core muscles.

Here's some more info from their site:
Our classes have also been proven to dramatically improve core strength and posture by making correct alignment an integral part of each exercise. While a stronger set of core muscles will help you attain a ballerina's lifted appearance, it will also keep you safe from debilitating lower back injuries. Our program can even be made safe for those with existing back or joint injuries, because it is low-impact. The small, intense and precise movements featured in Ballet Physique classes are designed to build lean muscle and melt a significant amount of calories and fat in record time. Although immensely challenging, clients find that the time spent in class passes very quickly due to the nonstop pace, variety of exercises, motivating music, and passionate instructors. If you are worried about "not getting it," rest assured that our instructors will guide you through challenging movements with modifications specific to your needs.

Clients who perform the Ballet Physique program 3-4 times a week can begin seeing beautiful and noticeable changes in as little as one month. These will include: leaner thighs, shapely hamstrings, chiseled arms, a tighter waistline, and a firm, lifted seat.

Like any other workouts, you persevere and build up endurance. When I was running, I didn't just start out running 10 miles. It took what felt like FOREVER to build up to that. (Unlike Sarah who can run 40 miles and not break a sweat.)

If you're in the Littleton, Colorado area or surrounding area, you should pop in to the studio! Give the workout a test run!
Tell them I sent you. Here is their class schedule:

If you're like me, and not in their area....check out their DVDs.

DVD Collection - The DVD Collection includes both Signature Sculpt and Amped Up DVDs plus a complimentary Ballet Physique branded exercise ball.

For all readers of my blog, enter promo code FFF20 at checkout for 20% off the collection of dvds!!!! 

If you purchase the "collection" of dvds, you get the playground ball. It's PINK. I have a playground ball....but I want this one.

Remember though the promo code is only for the COLLECTION. It is only good until December 31st!

Perfect for those New Years Resolutions!

And Santa, take note: Ballet Physique socks & playground ball, please!

fitness & fashion friday

So many exciting things going on right now - that I can't quite share yet....BUT it's causing me to clean up this:
online purchases ship to work, duh....shopaholic?
apparently i collect boxes....hoarder?

On to the fitness & fashion!

Workout Recaps:
Monday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 57 minute workout
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 30 minute workout; 3.6 mile run (10:06, 12:02. 13:32)
my run totally blew. crappy run day. womp, womp
Thursday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 57 minute workout; 2.05 mile run (9:33, 10:28)
when I reached 1 mile, the plan was to go to 4 miles, but my mind won & I didn't

We'll see what today & tomorrow bring as far as mileage goes. Training plan part deux for the half marathons starts over the upcoming mileage right now just is not cutting it.

If you're in the market for new dresses....
Ideeli is having an ECI sale today!
Here's an ECI top I bought at their last sale:

And an ECI dress that I love...
yes, i cropped my friend out - she's cuter than me - didn't want y'all to lose focus
Ideeli is also having other sales today that include: Kenneth Cole, baby kicks, sneakers, watches, & bebe shoes.

And be sure to enter my iTRAIN giveaway!!!!


If you're not already familiar with iTRAIN, you will be after reading this post!
Taken from their website:
iTRAIN is the brainchild of cofounders Grace Lazenby, a fitness expert with 15 years in the Hollywood training industry, and Sebastian Reant, an entertainment industry executive who is the company's technology and music guru.
"One of the biggest fitness hurdles is boredom.." - Grace Lazenby 
Grace & Sebastian set out to create a fitness tool that would provide personalized training with an eclectic mix of music at an affordable price to everyone, everywhere. What resulted is iTRAIN, a web-based fitness program easily downloaded to any MP3 player.
I first discovered iTRAIN 5 years ago, while reading Blueprint magazine (a Martha Stewart publication that has since been cancelled). I can remember reading the magazine while on a flight & how excited I was to get home & look up this company! I quickly purchased workouts, & began my relationship with iTRAIN's instructors. (Of course, they never knew me nor saw me, which is good because I definitely talked back to the workouts!)

iTrain breaks up their workout offerings into categories & has such a user friendly website to locate them all. All the workouts are under the "WORKOUT PROGRAMS" page & from there they are broken down into categories based on type of exercise. They offer over 200 workouts!

Each workout is cued by one of their highly trained instructors, who encourage you throughout.

    Cardio trainers for cycle, row, arc trainer, treadmill, and elliptical
The cardio category is broken down into workouts based on equipment:
  • iTread - treadmill
  • iCycle - bike
  • iClimb - elliptical
  • iRow - rowing machine
  • iClimb for the arc trainer

    ballet & strength instructors
The sculpt & strength category is broken down into workouts based on preference, circuits, body parts, or full body:
  • iSculpt - utilizes lighter weights (3lb to 5lb)
  • iBallet - incorporates ballet movements
  • iStrength
The stretch category is broken down into 2 categories:
  • iStretch combination - mix of yoga, pilates & dance conditioning
  • iStretch yoga

My favorites are the cardio workouts, specifically the iTread & iClimb. Each of the cardio workouts begin with instructions on the different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), so you pick which cues to follow. For instance, with the iTread, Grace informs you the different speeds if you are a walker, jogger, or runner, and what your target mileage is for that particular workout.

The iTRAIN website lets you hear a sampling of the workouts before you purchase. Once you decide to purchase a workout - it will ALWAYS be available to you through the iTRAIN website under "MY DOWNLOADS".

iTRAIN offers albums where you get several different workouts, for one price, all tailored to one specific goal. They have an album for golfers, post natal, weight loss, cross train, & triathalon, which includes swim workouts! There's also an offering for teens - hiphop & boxing workouts! Nothing like getting the family active! AND there's a whole page dedicated to routines that are again, tailored to YOUR goal! How cool is that!?

And for you visual learners....they do offer video downloads :)

The best thing about all of this? iTRAIN is affordable. They offer 4 different payment options ranging from a year subscription to a la carte, where you pay as you go. iTRAIN also has a referral program where you earn credits based on the amount of referrals you send out. Plus the friends you refer will receive a 20% discount on their first purchase.

With iTRAIN you can take your trainer with you literally, everywhere you go. Vacation exercise slumps are no longer a problem!

Go check out!

It's GIVEAWAY time!!!!

Sebastian is offering a $25 gift certificate to give away to one of you good for use on any of the iTrain products! 

This giveaway will have 2 winners...
1 person will win the gift certificate & another will win 1 of my iTRAIN workouts from my library collection.

(The giveaway will run from today until Wednesday, 8/3/11)
Please leave a separate comment for each that you do:
  • Become a follower of this blog, or let me know that you already follow
  • Tell me which of the iTRAIN workouts you are most looking forward to trying
  • Tell me what your current health & fitness goals are or if you've recently reached a health & fitness goal
  • Like iTRAIN on Facebook & tell them FashionablyFitFemme sent you
  • Tweet about this giveaway @FashFitFemme is having an amazing @iTrainFitness giveaway...
  • Blog about this giveaway
The winner will be announced Thursday, 8/4/11!!!!

Sebastian was nice enough to offer a promo code to ALL of you to use which is good for 1 FREE download! At checkout, enter promocode FITFEMME

Any questions? Email me.

fashion & fitness saturday

Happy Saturday, y'all!

How were your workouts this week?!?
I ran only 3 days this week & totalled 11.81 miles.
I did Physique57 workouts Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & today.

Do you track your workouts & what you eat?
I have been using to track my workouts & my calorie consumption. If you don't already have a method of tracking it, I totally recommend this website. It's ridiculously, user-friendly!

What I like most is how I can keep track of my calories in/out, and how many I have left each day. At the end of the day, when you finish your entries, you are able to see how you did.

Calories are like a credit card. If you "over spend" you're left in debt. You want to consume less calories than you expend, if your goal is weight loss. On the other hand, you also need to make sure you're consuming an adequate amount of calories based on your activity level.


Last night, Matty & I went out for my friend Betsy's birthday dinner. We went to Capital Grille for dinner.
Matty wanted a steak...naturally, since it's a "steakhouse". I opted for tuna.

I was super excited for a nice evening with good company....but I was also super excited to wear my new True Religion jeans that I got from the Nordstrom anniversary sale!
crystal button pockets

Jeans: True Religion via Nordstrom
Top: ECI via Ideeli
Shoes: Naughty Monkey via Nordstrom
Bag: Louis Vuitton

close up of Naughty Monkey's Rock the Heel

Cara Couture bangles from Nordstrom