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we got no wifi, no cell reception & our pets heads keep falling off...

Okay ~ so I may have altered that Dumb & Dumber quote a bit to suit our North Carolina vacation. We landed back in hot FLA a few hours ago.

NC weather: 60 in the morning & never above 70 in the afternoons

My goal was to blog & such up in the mountains, but that was an utter fail. No wifi.

So, expect a few more blog posts about NC. It's a beautiful state if you didn't already know. We did some fun things & I can't wait to share them with you!

To be honest I didn't know how the trip would go since this was all I saw for the first 2 hours of our trip...
"working" = spider solitaire
Matthew had to finish up work things before we jet setted off.

We left Tampa Wednesday afternoon, flew to Hotlanta to catch a puddle jumper up to Asheville.

Here are some fun facts:
#1 TIA has legit free WiFi
#2 Hotlanta has "free WiFi"...said WiFi only lets you go to Atlanta approved sites like the library & museum & university. Not blogger & facebook & Nordstrom. Rude!
#3 if you are catching a connecting flight in Atlanta, chances are good you will land in concourse A or D, and your connecting flight will be 10 minutes after you land in either concourse D or A. At least that's what happened to us. Oh, and the fast people mover tram was SHUT DOWN. Needless to say, I got my run in that day. Atlanta airport ain't got nothing on me.
#4 TSA security checkpoints require you present both your boarding pass AND your ID in order to proceed through....please don't ask the TSA rep if you have to show your ID, since your husband's ID is already
#5 don't wear an obscene amount of crystals on your top the days you fly....the security body scanners don't respond well to them & it ultimately results in you getting a pat down....not that I learned the hard way or anything.
#6 no matter how many times i've flown over my 27(ish) years of life, 2 things still freak the bejeebers out of me: the opening speech the flight attendants make regarding how to exit if an emergency arises & turbulence. oh & if said flight attendants mess up during their speech & misintruct regarding the exits...but then chuckle & say "oh, don't worry, we'll get this figured out" makes it 10 times worse.

Alas though, no matter how many work things Mattpew did, the pat downs, the lack of true FREE was worth it once we reached our destination...