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Disclosure: This is a Fashionista events opportunity

spring fashionista!!!!

It's that time again! 
The Spring Fashionista Giveaway!

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You know I'm a stylist for Stella & Dot - - and I.LOVE.IT! Fashion & fun all bottled into 1 job. Holla!

Our spring line was KILLER, and we just released a preview for summer.

The line is totally addicting. The styles are irresistible & one lucky winner is getting these Stella & Dot goodies:
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I am such a lover of pink & find it one of the most hottest shades for spring & summer. 

I recently posted about a new found love for headbands, so I'm bringing you the best of the best.

KRZA by Krystle Dawn has provided a totally cute headband AND 2 hair ties to our prize pack!

Hair ties print & quantity not pictured. Picture is for example of hair tie only.

Last but certainly not least, the winner will also receive a $25 gift certificate to shop the oh so chic boutique, Ruby Claire Boutique!

I am totally loving this top from Ruby Claire.....can I get an "amen"?!?

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

LEGAL Stuff: 18 years of age or older to enter. US Only! Read Instructions carefully because rules vary from contest to contest. Make sure to provide a correct email address so we can reach you if you win. You have 48 hours to respond once contacted. Still Blonde after all these YEARS , Modly Chic, Spring Fashionista Events Giveaway or the Spring Fashionista Events Giveaway bloggers are not responsible for sponsors/bloggers that do not fulfill their prizes or for any product failure or harm caused thereby. If product is damaged during shipping, there is no returns / exchanges. In most cases, shipping of prizes is the responsibility of the the sponsors who will be sending prizes to you directly. Your prize should arrive within 30 days, let us know if it doesn’t and we will TRY TO HELP OUT! The writer of this giveaway received a sample for this review. Compensation was not provided. Opinions expressed are the blog’s own. This Giveaway is not affiliated with, associated with or promoted by Facebook. Happy Entering!

cake my day - - a sweet giveaway!

I had the opportunity to review Sweetworks' book, Cake My Day before it's BIG release March 15th.

You know Sweetworks....the fab company that brings you Sixlets & Nerds!!

Well this book gives you STEP BY STEP instructions on building cakes that look like a million bucks. Seriously. It's full of tips & tricks to help YOU construct a masterpiece. Totally awesome for you go-getters that are motivated to whip up your own masterpieces, but are tired of the Pinterest fails ;) don't worry, we've all been there.

So I attempted one of their cakes that is beautifully illustrated in their book. You'll have to get the book to figure out which one I've replicated ;)

For now though, you be the judge. Mom & I created these cuties using candy Sweetworks' provided.

The set up on the kitchen table....

Starting the construction....

Considering that it was NOT naptime for my toddler was running around & my 5 month old was fussy, PLUS I was working from home....we did pretty darn good on these!

You don't know what the inspiration until you have the book to see, for all you know we were replicating a whale cake :)

"Seriously mom, I want cake!"

So now it's YOUR TURN!
25 bloggers have been chosen to giveaway a candy package & a digital copy of the book! ($50 value) Enter to WIN!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Go checkout the other participating blogs.....

what do you do with a short do?

Catchy title, eh?

I discovered Krystle of KRZA via Instagram. And instantly fell in LOVE with her stylish headbands.

Especially with my new found Pure Barre love, my hair is too short for an up-do which has made me turn to the love of headbands.

And I LOVE them.

Krystle was sweet enough to send me a headband to review - her adorable side tie knot in a totally fun metallic stripe.

MattyB was driving when I was snapping this - and I highly recommend NOT
taking selfies with your husband present. He commentated the 
ENTIRE process. Seriously?

I love this headband! It was comfortable for ALL day wear and it never once slipped off!!! Normally headbands slide off my head.

Go check out her other styles:
And comment with your top picks!

My Spring Fashionista giveaway is right around the corner...hint hint ;)

disney enchanted 10K

I posted about the Disney expo HERE & mentioned how many amazing runs little training I did.

I mean seriously. What the Hades was I thinking?
I have however, been killing it at Pure Barre ;)

And I was running this with my old school running partner, Brittany. We did several races together, back in our "younger" days (ahem, skinnier days) :) We had never done a 10K together....but both of us new that:
A. our time would not be phenomenal
B. we have fun no matter what we are doing

So race start was at 5:30am. Nothing new to me, waking up at the butt crack of dawn. Pure Barre class is at 5:30am, oh & I still have that mini human sleeping in our bedroom that occasionally likes to party between 1am & 4am.

Wake up alarm was at 4:15am....I set MattyB's phone as well. (This was a weekend getaway without the munchkins & I truly thought I was going to over sleep!)

Brittany & I had laid out our costumes the evening before. We went with the villains.....rather than the princess'.

Maleficent (ME)

Ursula (Brittany)

We grabbed our mini Luna bars (hey, thanks goodie bags!) & headed to the start at Epcot.

There were SOOO many people! And it was freezing. But hey, we had our tutus on & were so ready to get this over with.

For whatever reason, Brittany's skirt was all static-y
I mean seriously, get off me!

Lots of people to race past!

Haha, I mean lots of people to race pass us

Fireworks start, and we're off!

Side note, I was NOT thrilled that the first 3 miles of the race were outside of the park :( I mean, I seriously think I would have rathered lap Epcot twice than run outside the park. They did try to provide course entertainment....

Haha, running & snapping a picture. 
That's Anna & Elsa on the overpass that we ran under, singing & making it snow.

Each mile marker had a character sign and / or actual characters. 
No, it did not take me 41 minutes to run a mile.
It was actually 11:35

There was about a 10 minute gap between each corral release. Or so it seemed. I was corral B, and until about mile 3, we kept hearing the fireworks go off & more corrals released. 

Mile 3 let us in to the park - - Norway / China to be exact.

The lines for the characters were RIDICULOUS!
We did a lot of this awkward posing with the character in the background!

So we did a lot of run / walk.
Brittany called it "slogging" :)

We FINALLY finished. 
My legs were LEAD around mile 3. 
While Pure Barre helps endurance, it did not help condition me for running. 
Lol, only running could do that. 

At least we didn't die. 
At least we finished.

And we got the medal.

Time to EAT!