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what do you do with a short do?

Catchy title, eh?

I discovered Krystle of KRZA via Instagram. And instantly fell in LOVE with her stylish headbands.

Especially with my new found Pure Barre love, my hair is too short for an up-do which has made me turn to the love of headbands.

And I LOVE them.

Krystle was sweet enough to send me a headband to review - her adorable side tie knot in a totally fun metallic stripe.

MattyB was driving when I was snapping this - and I highly recommend NOT
taking selfies with your husband present. He commentated the 
ENTIRE process. Seriously?

I love this headband! It was comfortable for ALL day wear and it never once slipped off!!! Normally headbands slide off my head.

Go check out her other styles:
And comment with your top picks!

My Spring Fashionista giveaway is right around the corner...hint hint ;)

tuck it, tuck it real good

I have been an avid supporter of barre workouts for years. I have done both Physique 57 and Ballet Physique workouts at my home, using my beloved ballet barre that my husband got for me. Normally, I would have no problem sticking with these lovely workouts - but I need the accountability.

At this point in my life, now being mom of 2, I need that extra push for myself. I found myself not prioritizing my workout time. So when Living Social posted a deal for 10 classes at a local barre studio, I was all over that like white on rice. (Ahem, brown on be healthier.)

Enter my new found love for Pure Barre.

I just attended my 8th class. I started just under 1 month ago, and I have lost 1 inch off of my waist, hips, & chest. Incentive to continue? I think so! (Once I tailor my nutrition, I foresee more changes coming!)

The teachers at the studio I attend are awesome. Sometimes the music does get a little loud and it's hard to decipher the when that happens I pretty much resort to "tucking" or "lifting"....haha! When in doubt, tuck!

Here is some random information regarding attending a class near you....

No you do not have to have had ballet training to take a class!
Yes, you use the ballet barre, but there are no plies or arabesques. Just a lot of lifting, tucking, & BURNING! Burning = muscle that is GOOD!

Go with the lighter weights!
Don't fool yourself....just because they say they weigh 2 pounds, they will feel like 50 pounds by about half way through the arms section. GO LIGHT! If it's your first class, skip the extra weight altogether! (Your teacher may even recommend this.) Barre workouts are all about fatiguing the muscles, and then stretching them immediately. 

You HAVE to wear sticky socks.
You may think they are optional, but they aren't. The studio mandates it. You will be glad for that regulation, both for hygiene & stability. I found this cute company that makes the cutest sticky socks....TOESOX go check 'em out!

You will not look like a dancer after 1 class, 5 classes, 10 classes, etc.
If you're trying to transform in to the beautiful ballerina, well you're setting yourself up for a huge letdown. Not that you won't change your physique, but most dancers train for 8 hours a day - - it's their full time job. Instead focus on shaving off a few inches off of your waistline. Pay attention to how your clothes start your need for Spanx may not be a "need" anymore. And tailor your eating habits to compliment your new found workout regimen.

You are not going to nail the form on day 1.
Like anything else, the form with barre workouts takes lots of practice. This may not apply to everyone, but for the majority it will. I have seen some avid "barre-ers" where I go....lean & long ladies, who are still being corrected on form during class. Face it, when your thighs are twitching & you're supposed to be lifting 'up an inch & down an inch' - - remembering to keep your shoulders down and pelvis tucked is not at the forefront of your mind. Oh yes, your legs will twitch.

The burning sensation is normal.
Unlike most of life's situations, this burning sensation is welcome & an indication that you're burning off calories!

Don't wear shorts.....
Ain't nobody wanna see that.

As with any workout program, results vary from individual to individual. Optimal results are seen with combining a healthy & nutritious diet. By diet I mean eating habits.....a lifestyle change.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box - August Edition.....

After last month's box, I was not looking forward to this one - - - well, actually, it's their birthday - so part of me had a little hope that this month's box would be a little better.

So here is the August MUST HAVE box

IT WAS!!!!

There was a special gift in this edition....
Okay so I was not totally excited about this necklace.
Call me a snob but I'm partial to my brand.
Want this necklace???
EMAIL ME. It's yours.
I was pretty excited about this!!!!

It's STACKABLE and comes with utensils!!!!
And it's BPA FREE.
Pretty cool.
I'm neutral on this smells good though!
And I do like having body wash small enough to travel with

According to their website, it retails for $11.99
I also got a promo code to use on an order with them.
I am loving all their little phrases:
Because cleanliness is next to flirtiness
A little daring. A lot vivacious.
I may just give them a go :)
Okay, I was SOOOO ecstatic over this:

My beloved MAYDESIGNS!!!!
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I adore May Books.

This is a cute little non dated agenda!
And that little "hooray" card - - - yeah it's a promo code valid for $5 to $500 of product on their site!
A MayDesigns Book will run you a minimum of $15 depending on personalization.

If they are any thing like those Victoria Secret secret rewards though...I have only ever gotten $10.
Even the one season that I stockpiled and had like 12 of those cards.
Karma hates me.
So here's another thing I'm neutral on....this apple bowl.
I mean it's cute, but I'm not sure what they were thinking I'd use it for?

The bowl is part of a larger gift set that retails for $149 on Lunares' site.
It's going to be one expensive little paper clip holder on my desk.
Unless Beau was in school - and then I'd gift it to a teacher :)
Next up.... 
Have you ever tried their products?
I have used one of their rice face scrubs before.

This was super confusing. The card says I was supposed to get the precleanse and the special cleansing gel.
I only got the gel :/
An ode to the NatureBox... 
A code for 50% off your first box, and a bag of dried granny smith apples... 
In the midst of trying to find the retail value for these apples, I found the NatureBox blog.
I may have to try this recipe!!!

Head over & try out the subscription - I'd love to hear what YOU think!

ohmyword my hamstrings!

Yesterday's workout have left me all kinds of sore. To say I'm awkward moving, is an understatement.


I broke out the kettlebells and dusted off the Jillian Michaels dvd....

About half way through the workout, I really thought about increasing the weight & using my 10 pound kettlebell because the 5 pounds felt way too easy.

Here's a sampling....

It was a lot of swinging and a butt ton of squats.

I would definitely recommend Jillian's kettlebell workout. It was a great weighted cardio. The circuits are not difficult. The cueing is great - the moves are easy to understand.

She is constantly reminding beginners to not let go of the kettlebell during the swings - I could only imagine if MattyB came home to find the TV totally smashed because I threw the kettlebell at it.

You go through the circuits twice before moving on. Not a lot of abdominal movements, but you are engaging your core through the entire workout.

Around the last circuit I finally started feeling the burn. So after the cool down, I went ahead & did my chest & back circuit, since I was not totally sore. (Plus I like maximizing B's nap time!!!!)

This morning however, totally different story. My hamstrings & quads are killing me!!!

But I love it. It's a pleasant reminder of all the work I did.

Do you agree with the "no pain, no gain" philosophy?

a review of, & constant pursuit of, THE BALLET PHYSIQUE

I LOVE that feeling you get from a great workout. The wobbly, shaky, I think I'm going to fall over, feeling. Know what I mean?

I was sent The Ballet Physique dvd's to screen....and let me just say, love.them.

So here was my set up for my work outs....

Beau was ready, leg warmers & all :)

I want leg warmers for me. Minor side note.

Here's some info on The Ballet Physique:
The Ballet Physique DVD Collection is suitable for every fitness level and features two distinct routines. These full-body workouts are designed to melt fat, blast calories, define your midsection, and awaken muscles you never knew existed. The Ballet Physique’s ballet-trained and certified fitness instructors provide detailed cues and modifications that allow you to tailor each exercise to your level. The results will prove that you don't have to be a dancer to look like one.
The Ballet Physique method was created by nationally certified fitness instructor, dancer, and entrepreneur Kristen Zurek. She discovered barre fitness while living in New York City and later conceived the unique fitness regime, which fuses the barre fitness concept with the foundations of classical ballet. Zurek opened The Ballet Physique Fitness Studio in August 2010. It is the first independently-owned barre fitness studio in the Denver region.
“I created The Ballet Physique barre fitness method to prove that you can get the toned, lithe figure of a dancer without having to be one,” said Zurek. “We’ve seen many of our studio clients achieve beautifully lean and sculpted bodies and gain confidence, energy and grace through our workouts. I wanted to produce our DVD Collection for people who aren’t able to take our studio classes and provide everyone with affordable access to our unique and transforming workouts.”
There are 2 workouts:
·Signature Sculpt - a 60-minute dynamo workout that concentrates on toning the muscles using lighter weights, intense exercise sequences, and ballet-inspired positions. It's a program formulated to help develop a lean, graceful body.
·Amped Up - a 45-minute express class, focusing on building strength and boosting the metabolism through the use of heavier weights and fast-paced exercises. It's the perfect workout to maximize calorie burn when you're in a time crunch.

Signature Sculpt is led by Kristen Zurek, while Amped Up is led by Kristin Skordahl. Both ladies have dance experience....not just "hey, I went to Zumba once or twice"....or "yeah I did ballet when I was 2". Both have 18+ years experience in ballet.

Amped Up - 45-minute express class DVD, focusing on building strength and boosting your metabolism through the use of heavier weights and fast-paced exercises.

Signature Sculpt - 60-minute dynamo workout DVD that concentrates on toning your muscles using lighter weights, intense exercise sequences, and ballet-inspired positions.

I always am probably the MOST critical on instructors when it comes to cuing. There's nothing worse than being in a step aerobics class & the instructor cuing you 2 minutes after you were supposed to have begun your 'hammer curls, corner to corner'. (My scrutiny comes from my degree in Exercise Science, so yes, I can judge) :)

The cuing was spot on in these workouts. The way that the instructors transitioned from different muscle groups was seamless.

Here's a sampling (you can see more video samplings here):

Who doesn't want to have the body of a ballerina?

Here is the necessary equipment: light weights (I used 3lbs & 5lbs), a playground ball, a yoga mat, a cushion (something firmer than a pillow), and a ballet barre.

While I still do not have a ballet barre, I highly encourage you to purchase one. Yes, you can use a sturdy piece of furniture, but I kept finding myself compensating form due to lack of range of motion for some of the exercises.

Another suggestion, invest in yoga socks / shoes. (In Walmart terms, the "no skid" socks). The gals sport them in the workouts....theirs are pink & black....LOVE THEM. Mine are grey & black, and were included in a PopSugar Box one month. I would prefer the pink & black.....just saying.

I have always been a fan of barre workouts - I love the toning, and the fact that it's fast paced & uses body weight. If combined with a healthy diet, The Ballet Physique could really transform your body!

I took this from their FAQ page:
How do you compare to other barre programs? The difference lies in the fact that we are locally-owned and not a franchised studio, which means that we can adapt quickly to the needs of our clients and consistently provide outstanding service. It also allows our instructors the flexibility to vary their exercises, choreography and music so that no two classes are exactly alike. This being said, The Ballet Physique is rooted in the same Lotte Berk Method technique as many other barre workouts.

In my opinion, I did find this workout more on the advanced side versus the beginner. While there are modifications for the beginner, I do think they are more "advanced beginner". Ultimately, you will have to give the workout a few tries before just "giving up" and saying it's too difficult. It does require balance & stability - but hello! By improving upon your balance & stability, you're working your core muscles.

Here's some more info from their site:
Our classes have also been proven to dramatically improve core strength and posture by making correct alignment an integral part of each exercise. While a stronger set of core muscles will help you attain a ballerina's lifted appearance, it will also keep you safe from debilitating lower back injuries. Our program can even be made safe for those with existing back or joint injuries, because it is low-impact. The small, intense and precise movements featured in Ballet Physique classes are designed to build lean muscle and melt a significant amount of calories and fat in record time. Although immensely challenging, clients find that the time spent in class passes very quickly due to the nonstop pace, variety of exercises, motivating music, and passionate instructors. If you are worried about "not getting it," rest assured that our instructors will guide you through challenging movements with modifications specific to your needs.

Clients who perform the Ballet Physique program 3-4 times a week can begin seeing beautiful and noticeable changes in as little as one month. These will include: leaner thighs, shapely hamstrings, chiseled arms, a tighter waistline, and a firm, lifted seat.

Like any other workouts, you persevere and build up endurance. When I was running, I didn't just start out running 10 miles. It took what felt like FOREVER to build up to that. (Unlike Sarah who can run 40 miles and not break a sweat.)

If you're in the Littleton, Colorado area or surrounding area, you should pop in to the studio! Give the workout a test run!
Tell them I sent you. Here is their class schedule:

If you're like me, and not in their area....check out their DVDs.

DVD Collection - The DVD Collection includes both Signature Sculpt and Amped Up DVDs plus a complimentary Ballet Physique branded exercise ball.

For all readers of my blog, enter promo code FFF20 at checkout for 20% off the collection of dvds!!!! 

If you purchase the "collection" of dvds, you get the playground ball. It's PINK. I have a playground ball....but I want this one.

Remember though the promo code is only for the COLLECTION. It is only good until December 31st!

Perfect for those New Years Resolutions!

And Santa, take note: Ballet Physique socks & playground ball, please!

blame cris, not orville

Yesterday's workout: P57's thigh & seat booster followed by a 4.5 mile jog, with 1 mile at 4% incline. Still trying to figure out my limits with the lower back pain.

Well Matty surprised me the other day, after his grocery shopping trip & he came home with this....

I was super thrilled!

So 2 nights ago, we decided to try it out.

Has anyone else tried this yet???

We didn't like it. It tasted weird! Coming from someone that LOVES popcorn, especially for dinner, something was off about it.

I love my husband, but the man will eat anything ~ milk past the date on the carton, leftovers from 2 weeks ago, pizza that was left out all catch my drift. (Granted I could have just grown up in a household where you throw leftovers away after a day, you don't drink the milk if it's the day of the stamped date, etc.)

So for Matty to not like this popcorn...something was up.

We never put so many descriptive words in the same sentence as popcorn - - tangy, stings the tongue a bit, & weird were the most used.

Maybe we just had a bad batch? I don't know. I'm going to give it some time though before I go trying another bag of it.

I did write in to the company though...trying to find out if there was perhaps a "bad batch". They were quick to respond & rectify the situation ~ so for now, until I take another "pop" at the bowl, I stick to the 100 cal bags.

If worse comes to worse, I'll blame Cris Angel.

Physique 57 - a 30 day review

I was a bit apprehensive in beginning the Physique 57 program...only because it's in the "barre method" category. I had attempted barre method before, but since I had never taken ballet, was at a disadvantage in the past. The previous instructors would cue wth "first position", "plie'", "arabesque", etc., which was a foreign language to me. I figured that as long as it felt awkward, I was probably doing it correct.

So while the Physique 57 program is a barre method program, in no way did I feel like I was at a disadvantage for not having the basic knowledge of ballet. (Now, gracefulness & balance...that's a different story.)

Physique 57 website describes the program as this:
The Physique 57® technique is a focused and proven cardiovascular program of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches designed to rapidly transform your body.  Our interval training sets use your own body weight for resistance and combined with dynamic exercise sprints, muscle groups are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue and then stretched for relief.  We call this process Interval Overload which includes muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves and fluid stretches to create a long and lean, supple body.
Their website also boasts that you can see results in as little as 8 workouts.

A little company history:

Physique 57® co-founder Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi is a dance enthusiast, Columbia MBA and former Wall Street professional.  In 2005, upon the sudden closing of The Lotte Berk Method, a highly respected fitness studio offering the eponymous technique created in the 1950s by a former accomplished ballet dancer, Jennifer realized that she and legions of devout Lotte Berk followers needed a new home. Teaming up with Tanya Becker, one of the foremost instructors of The Lotte Berk Method for over a decade, Physique 57® was born—a modern take on Lotte Berk's fitness revelation, paired with world class business management techniques.
The DVD volumes:

It was advised that I follow a regimen of completing the booster once a week, the 57 minute workout 2-3 times a week, and the express workout once a week; as well as alternating between the 2 volumes each week

Physique 57 also highly recommends that if you are doing other forms of workouts besides the P57, that you complete the P57 workout FIRST.

That is SO correct.

I learned that on my second day. I ran before P57. I thought I'd be in the clear since it was just a "booster" workout, but I was wrong.

You'll also find a little celebrity endorsement...

What you will need:
  1. A chair, or other *waist high* sturdy surface to lean against. (Unless you have a barre.)
  2. Yoga mat
  3. Pillow or a really thick exercise mat (Used in some of the workouts to cushion your lower back.)
  4. Playground ball (included, unless you buy individual DVD)
  5. Two sets of dumbbells, 3lb & 5lb / 5lb & 8lb

Here are how my weeks looked during my 30 days:

Week #1: Volume 1
Monday - express workout, followed by 5 mile run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - run 6 miles then arm/abs booster
Thursday - express workout, followed by 4 mile run (
Friday - 57minute full workout
Saturday - 9 mile run
Thoughts: well for one, I messed up & did the express workout twice, and only managed 1 of the full 57 minute workout. So far so good! I'm really enjoying the system! The instructors aren't annoying.

Week #2: Volume 2
Sunday - Vol 1 - 57 minute workout
Monday - 5 mile run
Tuesday - 3 mile run, P57 thigh & seat booster
Wednesday - Vol 2 - 57 minute workout, followed by 4 mile tempo run
Thursday - rest day
Friday - P57 57 minute workout, followed by 4 mile run
Saturday - P57 30 minute express workout,  followed by 5 mile run
Thoughts: I kicked off the week with volume 1's 57 minute workout & then switched to volume 2 for the balance of the week. Since the training plan didn't have me running "hard" this week, I was able to do the P57 after a run!

Week #3: Volume 1
Sunday - rest day
Monday - 5 miles, abs & arms booster
Tuesday - Saturday: total bust, unable to workout b/c of car wreck

Week #4: Volume 1
Sunday - still not working out
Monday - 4 mile jog
Tuesday - P57 30 minute express dvd; abs & arms booster
Wednesday - 4 mile jog
Thursday - P57 classic 57 minute workout
Friday - 8 mile jog
Even though I've only been doing the modified moves for the abs sections, I can still definitely feel "the burn". I wish I had a ballet barre...the chair is not the same.

 My thoughts on the program:

I honestly, really enjoyed Physique 57. The trainers really didn't bother me, I never felt like chucking the tv remote at them :) I thought the cueing was spectacular and their instructing was spot on.

I'm not gonna lie though, it was a bit intimidating how flexible not only the instructors, but also the participants in the background, were. I'm pretty sure my groin muscles laughed out loud when I attempted the "anatomically correct split" that we were cued to do during the stretches. 

The modifications that are given during the abdominals are still challenging. I opted for those during my 4th week while recovering from the car wreck.  

The workouts are fast paced, which I really like. There is never any 'dead time'. In fact, I had to pause the dvd a few times just to have a few extra seconds to get a sip of water & align myself for the next section.

Some things that may be helpful:

  • If you sweat like a beast (like me), do this workout in yoga pants. There are some moves that require you to place the playground ball behind your knee. (Knee is bent, ball is held in place between knee & hamstring). Seriously, the ball would slip & slide because of the "back of knee" sweat.
  • Make sure you have a super thick mat or "sturdy" pillow. In some moves you have to position this mat behind your lower back. The instructors also suggest a thick blanket or towel...but those didn't work for me. What did work was a foam posturepedic style pillow.
  • Physique57 posts monthly challenges on their Facebook page. Once you have a good grasp on the workouts, try out some of their challenges!
  • The instructors & participants use a ballet barre. By the end of the 4th week I was wanting a ballet barre. A bar stool & chair (yes I tried both), were becoming more of a headache to use. The stool swivelled & the chair slid; plus the backs on both didn't provide enough support for me to position my arms the same as the instructors.
  • Shaking & burning is a good thing. If it starts to get too unbearable, take a second & relax the muscle group...but then jump right back in!

So have I noticed any physical changes?

Heck yes. I'm kind of bummed though, because while I did go into this thinking that there would be some changes...I didn't think it would be enough to need "before & after" pictures. Wish I had taken at least one of my tooshie, because it has definitely "firmed & lifted" :) I would have loved to see the change.

If you do this program (or any other for that matter), I encourage you to either take before & after pictures or take your measurements (chest, waist, arms, thigh, hips).

What now?

I plan on still using the Physique57 dvd's. It's a really great system if you're up for the challenge of using predominantly your body weight, and if you like the idea of overloading muscles.

If I'm ever in the LA or NYC areas, I would love to pop in to their studio for a class. I'm that much a fan!

after the 90 days

P90X is DUNZO!!!! I'm really, really, really glad to be done with it. 
So this post is totally my opinion and my thoughts on the P90X system.

As with any other workout have to make the time for it. Since this was a dvd based program, it was ultimately up to me & the hubs to pick when we would do the workouts. I prefer morning workouts ~ but with our work schedules being entirely different, evenings were our prime opportunity to do P90X. It's been second nature to me to arrange my workouts week to week, based on plans & such. For Matt, and I'm sure many others, it's not second nature & especially since Matt isn't a "planner", it started to become more of an inconvenience for him.

P90X was developed on the structure of muscle confusion. Meaning, our muscles begin to adapt to the fitness regimens we do, so P90X is 3 phases, with 7 different workouts. Each phase lasts for 4 weeks (3 weeks of intense circuit training, 1 week of recovery).

The strength workouts included:
Chest & Back
Back & Legs
Shoulders & Arms
Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders
Legs & Biceps

The cardio workouts included:
Kenpo X (variation of kickboxing)
Cardio X (combination of Kenpo X, Plyometrics, Yoga, & Core Synergistics)

Also included:
Core Synergistics
Ab Ripper X
Yoga X

I loathed the days when we had to do Chest & Back ~ it was predominantly pull ups & I suck at them. (Who likes doing something they are not good at?!?) I grew really bored with Plyo & Kenpo by day did Matt, so on those days we subbed in Cardio X. Cardio X is one disc I will still continue to incorporate with my workouts. (I also am a huge fan of the Core Synergistics disc ~ that's another keeper!)

Ab Ripper X is a 16 minute abdominal circuit...which, it's really a great workout, but after completing a hard strength circuit, it was sometimes really difficult to find the extra energy to complete the abs. We decided to change it up a bit on some of the days & do Ab Ripper first as opposed to last.

I love working out my legs & I really looked forward to those days! Plus I got to wear my super cute Femme Fitale gloves. (Matt was super jealous he didn't have a pair.)

We never did Yoga X together...we attempted it once, but then Matt ended up yelling at the TV & then started to critique my poses, which really irked me, so I shut it off. We did Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown instead...haha :) Yoga X is an hour & a half....Yoga Meltdown is 40 minutes. Plus the Meltdown is faster paced...which in turn means if you're a newbie to yoga, you probably won't like it. The cueing isn't that great, so it's better to go into this dvd knowing the basics. Yoga X is too repetitive for's a true yoga class. You build off of each move & work up to the most complex of them.

I wasn't 100% on board with the nutrition plan. If you need a jumping off point to clean up your diet, it's not a bad start; but neither Matt, nor myself, followed it. I figured out where we should be at as far as caloric intake based on our goals. We increased our veggie & fruit consumption, and I was finally able to get Matt onboard with whole wheat options.

If you're looking for a nutritional program to follow, check out Cynthia Sass' CINCH eating plan. (I studied under her at USF) She's a registered dietician ~ not a random celebrity ~ telling you how to eat.

Matt only did the P90X workouts, whereas I still ran.
So a typical evening for me was:
Run 4:30 to 5:30
P90X strength or cardio 6 to 7 / 7:30
Ab Ripper (on strength days) 7 to 7:20 or 7:30 to 7:50

So pretty much by 8:30, my grandma tendencies kicked in & I was out cold.

Okay so now for my critiques:

I wish we had the Bowflex quick change dumbbells...

It got really cumbersome changing weights throughout the workouts ~ plus, there were times I needed heavier weights / lighter weights...but was limited by what we owned. These would have been an amazing option.
I felt like this system is truly geared towards men. The women 9 times out 10 had on a sports bra & teeny shorts ~ and that's not me speaking out of jealousy, because the women did have amazing bodies. The men on the other hand, always had on shirts & basketball style shorts or pants. I think it only fair that the men take off their shirts. Ha!

Tony Horton got really annoying ~ and I feel horrible critiquing that ~ but it's true. His sayings became normal "speak" in our house & to our other friends that were also on the program. 'Bring It' & 'I love it, but I hate it' are now forever etched into our vernacular. Luckily the dvd's come with the option of just music, or just music & that helped...a bit.

To sum it up:
I enjoyed working out with Matt ~ that's what I liked the most. I did see changes in my endurance & strength capabilities ~ which is great. I think that anyone interested in this system should definitely try it out, but get a workout partner. It will make it that much more interesting, plus you'll be more likely to "stick with it".

I really enjoy incorporating dvd's and experiencing other trainers' techniques. I think it's a great way to stay not only active, but also to stay up to date on current fitness trends. If I don't agree with something in the health & fitness realm, I need to have firm information as to why. Ignorance is not bliss. Hence why, I try out various workouts. I haven't decided what system I'm going to try out next...there are a few that I'm torn between:

Tracy Anderson ~ I've read some pretty amazing reviews about her techniques
Physique57 ~ again, amazing reviews, and I really like how ecclectic it is
Insanity ~ another Beach Body workout; just looks super intense

More details to come!