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queen mum, i swear i'm a princess!

Wednesday PM - got in another 3 mile run
Total mileage for Wednesday = 6

So are you planning to watch the Royal Wedding?? Or are you utterly over the hype?

I saw on Yahoo! headlines, an article on how Kate is NOT tossing her bouquet. (Which probably means the DJ won't be playing "Single Ladies"...)
It was pretty interesting to read the reasoning behind it:

British royal protocol dictates that instead of being hurled skyward and giving one lucky and sure-handed girl a superstitious shove toward marriage, Kate's bouquet will come to a far more solemn rest.
As she heads back down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, having completed her nuptials to become either Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales or another title of the queen's choosing, she will take a moment to lay her floral creation at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, a historic grave embedded into the church floor in 1920 to commemorate anonymous soldiers killed at war.......
....The tomb, carrying the body of an unidentified soldier brought home from the first World War, is a revered site in British military history. It became etched into royal tradition in 1923 thanks to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who would later be known as the queen mother....
Did you toss the bouquet at your wedding? If you're not married, what do you normally do during the bouquet toss - knock out the competition with your elbows...or make a mad dash to the potty to avoid the custom?

I chose NOT to throw my bouquet. Instead Matt & I thought we'd honor the longest married couple that attended our wedding. So the DJ coordinated the whole thing, and we were able to pass off the bouquet and the garter.

Back to the article:

...But what of the flowers that will be laid there? There has been some mystery regarding the creation....
Whatever form it takes, it is virtually certain that it will contain the royal staple of myrtle, known as the herb of love. Queen Victoria planted a myrtle bush at one of her residences, Osborne House, in the 1840s, and every royal wedding bouquet since has contained a sprig taken from the same plant.

What flowers did you use in your wedding? Or what flowers do you plan to use / would like to use?
Princess Diana used it in her bouquet as well...


I love calla lillies, so my bouquet was the fuschia version & I asked the florist to attach crystals around the rims. My MOH's carried white callas with one fuschia, and the bridesmaids carried all white bouquets.

                                                              You kinda get the idea - not the best close up

I'm actually really into the royal wedding stuff...only because of my grandfather on my mom's side. He was from England (Yeovil to be exact), and I used to always bug him about our family - I was pretty indignant that we were in fact royalty. Grandpa was the comedian in our family. He looked like Dick Van Dyke & could move like Charlie Chaplin.

He passed away in August of 2001, months after seeing me graduate from highschool. We were very close & it may just be that anything tied to England kinda makes me feel like he's still here.

babies v. weddings

Last week was a horribly, stressful week. I finished Friday off with a half day at work...then headed home to "de-stress" by working out.

Friday's workout: legs & back circuit, abs, 3 miles

Then Matthew & I met up with our fab friends Emily & Casey for a tastey meal at Seasons 52! As our waiter informed us, "Seasons 52 prides themselves on the fact that each meal is 475 calories or less". I'm pretty sure I worked out in order to eat that evening. It was delicious!

I needed to get a longer run in this today was the day. Ran 7 miles this morning...first half was at a faster pace than the last half.

Then we headed to Bville for a wedding!

Last year was the "year of weddings"...

Wedding #1
Brittany's wedding...bridesmaid in this one...we picked our attire (just had to stick with chocolate brown)
 so I went with Marc Jacobs dress, Steve Madden shoes
(Ideeli purchase)

Wedding #2
Mindy's wedding...I wore a Walter dress, Betsey Johnson belt
(a Bluefly purchase)

 Wedding #3
Amanda & Tom's wedding (Tom was in ours)...I wore a Betsey Johnson dress & jewelry
(a Rue La La purchase)

Wedding #4 
Betsy's wedding celebration (her wedding was in the Bahamas)....Betsey Johnson dress (how appropriate)

Wedding #5
Erin's wedding...bridesmaid in this one...she picked our dresses, we picked our shoes

our "prom" pose...

Wedding #6
Ashley's wedding...I wore an ECI dress (an Ideeli purchase)
Our infamous "married couples" picture...we did this at every wedding, it's now a tradition

And then I had 2 friends that had babies in 2010.

This year though....babies are beating weddings. I have several friends/family members that are expecting, bringing the score to:
Babies: 5
Weddings: 2

One wedding was Susannah & Philip's outdoor wedding. We had super crummy weather this past week (fitting for my horrible week) I was getting nervous for her. But hallelujah, the rain quit yesterday, and today was aboslutely PERFECT Florida weather!

We missed out on a pic with the gorgeous bride & groom...
but here's Matteo & I

It was a little windy...pardon my unruly & uncooperative hair.
Hale Bob dress
(Rue La La purchase)

The ceremony was so pretty, except for these furry, ugly caterpillars that were literally raining down from trees. Huge distraction for me...especially since one bounced off of our friend's head & onto my dress. And then somehow Matthew got some random smutz on his trousers...yours truly had to get it off for him. There was no tasteful way to do was just not in a good place on his rear, and there wasn't a bathroom to escape to. It's the random things in life...